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Emperor Muhaddib
Posted - 2003.07.26 03:31:00 - [1]

I'm working my way upwards, and am soon going to buy my very own, very first Cruiser. To begin with I'll be mining some Omber, hopefully Laughing, and I wonder what'd be the most effective setup for a nOOb Caldari.

I got both the reg miner skills as well as the probe ones.

So what u figure I should aim for? The Osprey?Question BTW I'm chuffin along with a Bantam atm, which is a reasonable ship. Should I dish out on another frigate first??? Confused

Posted - 2003.07.26 05:22:00 - [2]

The cold reality is that other races have better mining frigates and cruisers. If you're not a one race-only person, you should be checking out the Probe (Minmatar) or the Imicus (Gallente). These ships not only have more cargo space but drone space as well, the Probe having the advantage in cargo space and speed, the Imicus in drone space.

Instead of a cruiser, your immediate step, if not acquiring a better mining frigate, would be a good affordable industrial. Badgers are adequete, but the hot industrial to get are the Amarr Bestowers.

For a mining cruiser, the best Caldari one would be the Osprey, which is a good well rounded starting cruiser. Some people mine with Moas (you can fit four mining lasers and a few mining drones), but for about one third of the cost, the Gallente Exeqeror can do the mining job better. If you're not a one race only person, it would be the Exeqeror that would be the best pick for an affordable entry level mining cruiser.

Emperor Muhaddib
Posted - 2003.07.29 19:07:00 - [3]


as long as u train the galante skills ,then the vexor seems to bee a bether mining shipp ??
it got ferly good cargo space and got 5 hp low and got drone cap 1200??
CoolVery HappyShocked

Agent Shield
Posted - 2003.07.29 21:17:00 - [4]

Since you are Caldari, and you wanted tips on that race, I will say that I like my MOA. I think they are cheap on the market now.

I can put 4 mining lasers on it with 3 drones in the bay as well as a scanner for the ore fields.

When I had earlier ships, Osprey & Blackbird; I don't remember mining as much as I have lately with this ship. Plus, after you finish mining, you can always go back to 0.0 and fight pirates with the same ship.

Posted - 2003.07.30 00:44:00 - [5]

I would prefer the Vexor over the Exequror as a mining ship, having more space and drone bays, but even the Exequror can outmine a Moa (Exequror can have four mining lasers and 800 drone space.) And it's cheap too, in some space it can be had around 2.5 mil on the average, or sometimes in the 2.5-2 mil range (Moa still hovering around the 6 mil mark on the average.) However, there are Vexors now hitting around the 3 mil mark, or averaging around 3.5 mil.

If you already use an industrial for pickup, the difference between the Vexor and the Exequror is not that well marked, as you would need extensive drone skills to fully take advantage of the Vexor's extensive drone space.

Basically I do feel that Gallente ships have the edge in mining. In the frigate level, the Gallente Imicus is one of the two best ships for mining, the other being the Minmatar Probe. Between the Imicus and the Probe, you're choosing more drone space over cargo and speed.


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