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McKae Industries and Research
Posted - 2005.08.25 15:55:00 - [1]

Edited by: Kenn on 25/08/2005 15:56:53
I read up on the Dreadnaughts and how Jump Drives are going to work.
I would like a to make a suggestion. Currently Jump Drives require
a second pilot to take a guide ship into a system and broadcast a
beacon that the jumping ship can use to enter the system. The ranges
of the jump capability were not made clear at the time. The
ship doing the broad casting would be extremely noticeable and
vulnerable to attack thus making such jumps for attacking purposes
difficult with out a large fleet to back it up.Where Dreadnaughts
are concerned andthe game balance is invloved I am arguing neither
for or against it. The Dreadnaught was designed with a
purpose in mind and so I will leave that issue alone.
It is the Jump drive I am concerned with only.

The problem with the current set up is it takes away from the concept
of a jump drive. Many here are Sci Fi Fans who have read a lot of
the genre and Jump Drives were these devices that could take a
traveler to far off distant places in a flash or the very least in
a fraction of the "normal" travel time. Depending on the story there
were or weren't limits on the distances. In game terms it takes away
from the excitement as a player to jump to starsystems not previously
visited. It also torpedos the benefit of the drives themselves which
is to have independance from the star gates. To go to that system wayy
out in 0.0 space you need to send a pilot there first to broadcast and
then you can jump. You would be better off just flying the whole fleet
down to begin with (which you would have to do for an attack anyway).

I have spent hours traveling from Empire to 0.0 space and back. Jump
Drives could have been a solution to that. Many of us trained this
skill in hopes to use it and now feel cheated by what appears to be
arbitrary rules for game balance. I read many of the comments and
there are strong arguements for both sides.I would liketo offer this
idea to open jump drive travel to all players and not just ones
piloting a dreadnaught or a warship thus limiting a potentially exciting

A Jump Drive should be a module like a Micro Warp Drive(MWD)rated for the
different classes of ship sizes.

A jump initiated should have a power up time creating a very noticeable
vortex in the initial system and the destination system and when completed
the ship can jump.

Each system has a deignated location(s) where the vortex will appear
and only a limited number of ships can jump at a time. A guide
ship would bypass those rules. Guide ships could form the vortex anywhere
and any number if there are an equal number of guide ships to form them.

This vortex can easily be disrupted by EMP weapons of a caliber
corresponding to the ship size generating the vortex. If an invader wants
to ensure the jump is not disrupted then a guide ship is used to create the
beacon and the original system of rules would take place. Otherwise the vortex
is disrupted and the jump has to be reinitiated. Also The vortex can act as
a guidance conduit for enemy missiles making the ship trying to jump very
vulnerable to attack (thus making it more desireable to use the guide ship which
could help reduce this).

Now a pilot flying a ship for explorational purposes (like a Vexor or a Thorax
for instance)can inititiate a jump to some system in the middle of nowhere (and
maybe be attacked doing it)and explore, trade, mine, or hunt rats. It would also
put a whole new twist on trading and the economic side of the game as well (not
to mention bounty hunting!). I think this is a more flexible solution that opens
Jump Drives up to more players with out giving everyone an "Ubership" in the
process. Since the skill was made available with no clue as to how the game
mechanics would turn out it would only be fair to make it available to those
of us who went out of our way to train it early on in hopes of getting some
use out of it.

I am interested in your opinions on this. (Keep it nice okay?)Cool

Posted - 2005.08.25 19:07:00 - [2]

The way its been done so far leaves the road open for Adv. Jump Drive Operation in the future. Advancd JDs that don't require a ship on the receiving end. That may be how we get into Jove space.

It all fits in w/ the the way CCP does things. I think we're good so far.

McKae Industries and Research
Posted - 2005.08.26 06:56:00 - [3]

That would make sense of course. Thanks and I hope you are right.

Very Happy

Roving Guns Inc.
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2005.08.27 22:31:00 - [4]

also, if you remember patch notes, dev chats, an dev blogs from awhile back, dreadnuaghts and JDs where supposed to be released severly pre-nerfed, so that they wherent too overpowered, im sure some things will be chaning... im just glad JDs and dreads didnt come out equiped with nerfbats Very Happy

PIE Inc.
Posted - 2005.08.28 09:55:00 - [5]

Don't you think this infinite jump thingy would be just a little imballanced?

Oh, and as it seems a field generator makes a ship untargettable tooShocked I wonder how many industrial ships will have one of those for protection...


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