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Posted - 2005.11.12 18:48:00 - [151]

i keeep getting a error saying

Application has generated and exception that could not be handled
process id=0xb70(2928), Thread id=0xe18 (3608)

click ok to erminate the application
click cancel to debug the application
can someone help me?

Jonny 101
Posted - 2005.11.12 19:16:00 - [152]

/tear comes to eye

Thanks Kristine for the greatest eve app ever (tm) Very Happy

Jenna Malone
W-hat LLC
Posted - 2005.11.14 11:20:00 - [153]

Since Java seems to be losing a nut every time I try to use a Java application, I'm wondering if there's still development going on this tool.

Fat Raptor Industries
Fat Raptor Ltd
Posted - 2005.11.21 18:19:00 - [154]

imo the best third party program for eve online

many thanks and i love you

J Constantine
United Space Power Corps
Dead On Arrival Alliance
Posted - 2005.12.10 17:16:00 - [155]

Awesome tool Kristine didn't know you where a developer Very Happy

Congrats mate. Keep up zee good work you crazy Kiwi Razz

Serious Masta
Posted - 2005.12.17 16:44:00 - [156]

realy nice tool!

but now, u have to update to RMR =)

good luck!

Posted - 2006.08.22 21:10:00 - [157]

how do i save the XML data? i dont understand?

Nikolai Ourumnov
Posted - 2006.09.20 14:20:00 - [158]

Originally by: OffTheFloor
how do i save the XML data? i dont understand?

Kristine- I too am having trouble with this. I even tried to copy one xml file into the character forlder and replace it's info with char info. (Didn't work)

Nikolai Ourumnov
Posted - 2006.09.20 14:26:00 - [159]

Edited by: Nikolai Ourumnov on 20/09/2006 14:26:40

Hey guys I found the answer to using the XML!!!! it was posted earlier sry i should have looked Rolling Eyes

Originally by: Shadowsword
Originally by: Tityana
Just deiscovered the ship fitter! can anyone tell me more about and more imprtantly... how do i load my character sheet!!! Cheers big ears! Twisted EvilughQuestion

When you go on your character page, there's a link called "XML data". Right click on it and select "save to", then paste it in the character directory, and after that you can load it up with the program.

From the little I saw, that's an awesome program, IMHO only two things lack to make it perfect:
Damage and DPS indications, and influence of energy vampires in the cap calculations.

Miklos Iskander
Posted - 2007.05.26 17:39:00 - [160]

This is such a great program! I am psyched that speed info is in the works. I did notice that it looks like some of the ships are not in there (at least in the version I have). Will we be able to fit those Hyperions some time soon Very Happy?

Winter Nuclear
Posted - 2007.05.26 17:45:00 - [161]

Uber necro.

Dude, you shoudln't be using this program anymore, i'ts too old and lacks lots of new/updated stuff.
Get QuickFit, it's loads better.

Miklos Iskander
Posted - 2007.05.26 17:47:00 - [162]

really? I was having issues with quickfit. maybe it was an older version...

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