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The xDEATHx Squadron
Posted - 2005.09.05 14:21:00 - [91]

PC Gamer did a 7 day trial back in May last year and as id just moved and got the net again, i decided to give it a whirl. Played ever since

Magnum VII
Posted - 2005.09.05 15:36:00 - [92]

I always liked Sci-Fi and wished it could be an online game, but I read the review from game spot and others and thought they could not be wrong by that much and so did not play until now.

I finally took it upon my self to try EVE and it was none of the bad things game spot said at all.

An awesome game. From now on I will always test things out for my self and take reviews with a grain of salt. Also the 14 day free trail with out asking for a credit card helped the issue.

Rage and Terror
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2005.09.05 15:38:00 - [93]

My friend told me about it, when we were playing Freelancer. He plays WoW now unfortunetely.Rolling Eyes

Vader Crane
Rage and Terror
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2005.09.05 16:27:00 - [94]

tried the beta

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2005.09.05 16:31:00 - [95]

I first heard about Eve when it was in late Beta stages. A friend of mine and I were huge fans of Microsoft's Freelancer. I said, someone should make an MMORPG in space. He said, They did! Few months later I bought an account, played for 7 months, then had to quit because of money issues and being laid off. Now Ive been back for 5 months on a whole new character, and loving every minute.

Posted - 2005.09.05 17:33:00 - [96]

A buddy from work told me about Eve, so I tryed it out and got hooked for 2years. Haven't played in almost a year though.

X0-1 Industries
Posted - 2005.09.05 18:04:00 - [97]

Edited by: Thyro on 05/09/2005 18:04:59
EVE used to be a good game!

EVE is no more a good game!

EVE is on the edge to be on the shelf

Good hopes for EVE are fading!

3 years ago EVE was appetizing game on games magazine!

Fast for today... EVE has a nice box to be on a shelf for one day (if not ditch to the bin or sold)

Posted - 2005.09.05 18:11:00 - [98]

Edited by: Tsual on 05/09/2005 18:12:20
Stumbled across it on the eu JG board, and was fascinated by the backstory and the ship classes as well as the possible outlook they offered on agents at that time
(beta and that interview with the one gets a network of agents and this, still hope to see something like that in a future update)

Posted - 2005.09.05 18:33:00 - [99]

Got eve mixed up with another game you could play online and offline, can't remember the name of it. Due to not knowing the name I looked at the box and screenies to which my brain said "this is that game you were looking for, y'know, that online/offline explorey space-m'jig"

It wasn't said game, but i'm still here 2 years after.

Shiner BockBeer
Go Go Gadget ForumPostingAlt
Posted - 2005.09.05 21:27:00 - [100]

I first heard about Eve in a thread on the Relicnews (Homeworld) forums. The thread also mentioned O.R.B which I played a demo of and wasn't impressed.

But I applied for the Eve Beta, got in at Beta 4 and been playing ever since.

New Horizons
Posted - 2005.09.05 22:19:00 - [101]

I was drunk, I thought it was a game about virtual sex :)

Posted - 2005.09.05 22:46:00 - [102]

I played E&B from Beta until they turned it off. Bunch my guild mates were going to Eve and another bunch to Star Wars. I enjoy the spaceship aspect of these games so I decided to play Eve. It's been 19 months now. I have two accounts and enjoy the game. I still do miss much of E&B like walking and dancing in the space stations, the disco, and the shops, flying down on the planets and kill weird monsters and being killed.

Eve has some great stuff going for it but still I long for some of the stuff E&B had Eve could actully take some pointers from it. Very Happy

Kaasta Karrde
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2005.09.05 22:56:00 - [103]

Err someone posted the Nightfreeze scam story at a forum I frequent so I decided to take a look at the game.

Shayla Sh'inlux
Eve Space Exploration Guild
Posted - 2005.09.05 22:59:00 - [104]

I had a friend playing it and the game didn't really interest me. Looked like a ton of buttons and too many chat windows.

However, I had this huge vacation and I was getting bored as hell, so I told him to get me a buddy trial just for the heck of it so I had at least something to do during the last week of that vacation.

And here I am, 13 months later...

Kaell Meynn
Posted - 2005.09.05 23:01:00 - [105]

Friend in another game (non-pay to play MORPG for which I deved) told me about free 30 day trial, and free download, without requiring credit card. So I figured hell, if they aren't even going to ask for a CC number, I might as well try it, nothing to lose, they aren't trying to TRICK me into forgetting to cancel like so many other lame schemes do, and they weren't making me PAY for a game and THEN ALSO PAY for monthly fee like many other lame schemes do. So I tried it, and I liked it, and I have been playing ever since.

Posted - 2005.09.05 23:19:00 - [106]

I was working at 711 at the time. A new employee joined our company and wouldn't shut up bout it. "EVE this, EVE that." Damn annoying.

I decided to check out the game and secretly signed up. I got hit by the learning curve sledge hammer of death, then I had to come out of the closet and get some help from my workmate.

Magnum VII
Posted - 2005.09.06 03:40:00 - [107]

Originally by: Thyro
Edited by: Thyro on 05/09/2005 18:04:59
EVE used to be a good game!

EVE is no more a good game!

EVE is on the edge to be on the shelf

Good hopes for EVE are fading!

3 years ago EVE was appetizing game on games magazine!

Fast for today... EVE has a nice box to be on a shelf for one day (if not ditch to the bin or sold)

Thatís to bad you feel that way, Iím glad Iím enjoying EVE though.Very Happy

Posted - 2005.09.06 04:15:00 - [108]

Back in the day I signd up to a bunch of free betas.. free games, yay.

Anyways, CCP sent me an e-mail to join. I played for a while, lost my ship and well.. I was impressed with the game but it all seemed a bit harsh. I had a million other games to play anyways and had built up quite a character in earth and beyond.

Fast forward a year and I'm bored out of my mind, nothing to do. I get an E-Mail from CCP again saying "All old beta testers get 20 free days!" I thought "what the hell, I remember the music being good" and signed up.. The game still had lots of problems at the time but generally, it was pretty fun. Since then CCP has impressed me time and time again with their constant and undivided attention towards their game and what they want it to be, every time I think it's getting old they come out with something to make it alive again. I've taken a good number of breaks since I started playing again a year and a half ago but I've not uninstalled the game once.

Famine Aligher'ri
V i L e
Posted - 2005.09.06 05:46:00 - [109]

Very cool btw Error. How they still treat ya and so on. Why I still play to be honest.

I was browsing on and saw the screenshots and got hooked a year or so ago. Looked very cool and it was free to download/try. So why not? I played a lot of other PvP games like DAOC ect. Switched from there sucky balancing attempts to play Eve were it seems people think.

Unfortuanly I'm pretty bored. I pirate and I try to PvP when I can. It's just not as intresting when you're solo I guess. But I don't think I will leave or un-install eve. The community here is too good to just leave. Never have I once talked to a GM or Dev of any other MMORPG till I came here.

SK Rooster
No Trademark
Posted - 2005.09.06 06:15:00 - [110]

after reading that i was hooked. been playing ever since :)

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