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Malevolent Intervention
Posted - 2005.08.20 19:43:00 - [61]

I have a friend I used to play another game with, and when he left I couldn't live without him so I followed him here Surprised

No idea why I subscribed though, probably because it was a valid way of getting out of doing my university work _

My Tallest
Posted - 2005.08.20 19:48:00 - [62]

Was browsing the internet and somehow discoverd the Eve-Online website. This was before the betas had even started i think. Looked at some screens and i fell in love. This was the MMORPG i wanted to play. After a while i kinda forgot all about Eve, and somewhere in the middle of 2003 i signed up for my first MMORPG ever. I was SO exited when i got my box, and just drooled as i installed it, reading the manual and the things on the box.
Made my first char, so impressed by the charmaking-thingy, and when i was first launched into space... i almost fainted. Did the very short tutorial there was those days, and i was all in the game.

I regret that ive had so many pauses. First i played a couple of months, then quit. Started again in 2004, dragging Xoria Krint in to the game (he will probaly thank me for life for showing him how great this game is :D) and we played alot. But then again after a few months I had another paus cause I was moving to another vity (studies). And somewhere in 2005 i went back to Eve (damn, its like a drug, cant just quit :P) and now i have promised myself that i should not take anohter paus! Atleast keep on training.

Posted - 2005.08.20 19:48:00 - [63]

^ That was me ^

Lord Artemis
Dark Seraph
Order of the Black Cross
Posted - 2005.08.20 19:56:00 - [64]

Was playing Starcraft like a crack addict for 7 years. Embarassed Never found anything that could keep my attention for a few days. A friend told me about this game and when I looked at it and he got thru explaining the basics (4 hours later) I thought damn too complicated. A month or two later I noticed he was more interested in the game than a 14 yr old is looking at their first boob, I decided to give it a shot. Going from Starcraft (I was one of the top ranked players and part of ~Die clan) to Eve was a HUGE change. Impressed by the graphics, overwhelmed by the things you had to learn and remember it became a challenge I had to meet. I'm still trying to figure it out. Razz

The retail box was being sold in the U.S. at this time in very few stores (Fry's Electronics only place at the time in San Diego, at least I checked all the areas I usually look for games). Now it can't be found except online.

I stay for the ever dangling carrots of skils and content. Very Happy The game has so much pontential and cannot truly be compared to any other game out there.

Naval Protection Corp
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2005.08.20 19:57:00 - [65]

on the news there was an item about an UFO identified later as a giant bat, due to curiosity i started searching the web for it`s landing site

discovering ccp`s website, my eye fell on a title named "eve-online" and decided to have a look
after reading the faq i though "omg i need to have this ****!!!" and saw the date of release Confused

with not much hope i decided to file for beta and perhaps 2 months later, on a cloudy cold morning i saw what many would have dreamt to see... an invitation to join beta!

checking the site and getting the client asap i found myself right in alpha Shocked

stuck till now, all cause of the giant bat flying over iceland Shocked

Marcus Aurelius
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2005.08.20 20:31:00 - [66]

I have abolutely no recollection of what made me start Eve tbh.

Can't have read cause i dont read game mags. Prolly not seen any commercials since there arent any, or werent back then.

So, no clue.
Fact is, i'm playing for two years plus now and made more then 5K posts on these forums according to some dude that says he can see my postcount.

So something must have tipped me off :/

Posted - 2005.08.20 20:48:00 - [67]

Saw it in a computershop here.. ( Dynabyte in the netherlands ). Still playing after 25-26 months Cool

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2005.08.20 21:51:00 - [68]

I got into it because my RL mate, vargrh, kept going on about it.

Yes, IRL I am mates with a YARRRR!!

Siri Danae
Xone Trading Corp.
Posted - 2005.08.20 22:36:00 - [69]

Came into EnB about 5 months before sunset. Long enough to get really into it, just barely getting tired of it. I intended to play to the end, but the servers emptied after the announcement... in the next two days, after a period of anger, frustration and sorrow, the three servers had each dropped from their average 30% full to 5%. The difference was incredibly noticable. The only way to describe it to an EVE player is that its like flying from Pator to Jita and never seeing anyone. The economy in EnB was a barter system, and the skilled crafters were some of the first to leave, crashing that too.

EVE invited us all in for the trial, very nicely too, but I was very, very skeptical. The games, while parallel in concept, were 180 degrees different in execution. I spent 20 minutes trying WASD, Arrows and mouse trying to maneuver my ship before I realized I just couldn't. I gave the game 30 minutes and then uninstalled it.

A year later I got EnB out of my system, tried it again. I had tried a few more MMOs in the meantime and realized the excitement of EVE wasn't in the arcade-style piloting, but in actually progressing in new and exciting ways. Been here for almost 6 months now.

I sometimes miss true ninja-mining in a JE, mine and cloak, mine and cloak, mine and run, but not as much. Now I've got a Dominix. :)

Dred 'Morte
New European Regiment
Posted - 2005.08.20 22:42:00 - [70]

I was playing Freelancer Multiplayer and this dude talks about leaving the game and going to play EVE, he said a few things like playing some cash evry month n stuff. a few days later i googled about it. Found this EVE and read a lot of reviews and saw screenshots. But i couldnt afford to buy game so i forgot about it... later near Xmas, same year, i checked eve online again and saw that i could download the game and pay only 25$, how cool! Safer and cheaper than mailing the box from the UK! So i bought the game and a few days later my cousin did as well.

PLayed for 4 months with a character called Ahlaia, deleted it, and been playing with Dred since then 1.5years of eve already!

principle of motion
Posted - 2005.08.20 22:48:00 - [71]

I got an eve mail saying to come back and try the game lol says I tried it in beta, now strehcing my mind back I think I did sign up for the beta but it would'nt run on my computer so I forgot all about it, but anyway joined and the rest is history, also because of the mail you'll find a higer than normal players in my age range as many were real beta testers that came back at that time.

Dr Happy
Posted - 2005.08.20 22:55:00 - [72]

I was playing homeworld in and we started a conversatino on where all the elite players went poeple mentuino they're sspednign all there time in eve and probly wont get bored with it so I thought I'd check the game out

been playing off and on ever sesne

Posted - 2005.08.20 23:23:00 - [73]

Another MMORPG game, Darkspace, had just been revised and players were comparing it to Eve because of all the mining they were doing to earn money for their ships so I decided to check Eve out.
On another note concerning the defunct Earth and Beyond and Eve. Eve is eeriely similiar at first glance but it is everything EnB should have been imo, but without the lag, lack of PvP and the annoying 'Tada' O'!

Gretchen Dawntreader
Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2005.08.20 23:25:00 - [74]

my WoW guild made a new website that was covered with EVE ads. I should log into WoW one of these days...

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2005.08.20 23:53:00 - [75]

have tried mankind at realease was a disaster
played Space Empire iv (not a mmo) and i found it fabulous, after being stuck in mmo and wanted to find a mmo that would turn like space empiRe IV and eve was the one i saw in an article, and after i've read the latest 'in development' and futur feature i definitly think i was right :D

Constellation Guard
Posted - 2005.08.21 05:27:00 - [76]

i never heard of eve, and still have never seen an ad for the game;)
during first week of american release i caught a friend playing this at his computer at work.
i was going to ask him an important tech question but... "omg what the heck is that?" he showed my how the ships fly around, then he opened the map... thousands and thousands of starsystems... omgomgomg. had 2 accounts the next day;)
tried a couple other mmorpg's since then but cancelled them. nothing beats the single-universe, player controlled/effected dynamic universe that eve has.
over 2 years later and still love it.

Posted - 2005.08.21 06:16:00 - [77]

After playing shoot em up games and strategic stuff for years i did a search for space and simulation. I mean with all this new technology there has to be some sort of space simulator around right?

This happened last day in Beta. I played Beta for 2 hours before it shut down(or something). I then had to wait untill it was sold in the Netherlands and i drove 60km to a shop for it. Once i was connected i played 3 days got 5 mill isk made and then got rolledback. So everything i had dissapeared as i didn't excist pre-rollback-date.

But since then i've come a long way.

Mned Graydroggen
Mercurialis Inc.
Wildly Inappropriate.
Posted - 2005.08.21 10:13:00 - [78]

Had an Icelandic friend over and we where enjoying our memories of the old commodore 64 days playing Elite, when he told me some buddies of his in Iceland where working on and Elite MK II. He send me the link to their website. All text at the time with some small vids of I believe it was a Vexor flying around.

I was stunned by the beauty of the graphics and the storylines presented. Followed the webby for a while, and then when my comp allowed I entered for Beta, got accepted and haven't left the game since apart from some rl vacation times.

The Laird
Posted - 2005.08.21 11:22:00 - [79]

Put quite simply - my husband! He played it and talked me into having a go. Been here almost a year now and loving it! There are so many similarities between this and Star Wars - too cool!Laughing

Free Trade Zone.
Posted - 2005.08.21 11:23:00 - [80]

i heard about eve about 6 motnths (from my nephew) before i started playing i was beta testing another game and when beta was over i decided after 3 years of playing that game i needed a change.

I came to eve for a break from playing the other MMORPG ( which shall remain nameless) and like it so much i decided to stay.

I am now addicted to it i think it is the best understated game on the market at this time.

Long may the world of eve grow and grow and prosper.

Posted - 2005.08.21 12:22:00 - [81]

A friend named drutort got me into eve near the last stages of beta. I played it and have been here ever since.

Kinda funny drutort was in fa and we ended up goin in a takin over. Havent talked to drutort in quite some time.

Always welcome where I am dru, thanx for showin me the game as well man.

so i would say then "word of mouth"

Robb Kiver
Rkiver Inc
Posted - 2005.09.05 11:14:00 - [82]

Pc Gamer issue 152 and the Guiding Hand Social Club are what made me want to join. The fact that you could actually do something like that, and still be within the rules of the game showed how free form Eve is. It was a must have. I got it a month ago and never looked back.

I had to switch from a trial account to a full account as I bought the CD version, and the staff moved it with no problems. Everyone has been helpful in every way. Be it the rookie channel in game, or on the forums, I raise a glass to the gamers and staff. You are an example to MMO games everywhere.

The Ashen Lion Syndicate
Posted - 2005.09.05 11:19:00 - [83]

I was farting around with everquest (shudder) when my flat mate showed me eve so i bought the game in town but had to update it cos it was exodus release day! lol

Then joined a corp called British Empire on the first day and the rest is a long exciting history!

Raem Civrie
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2005.09.05 11:22:00 - [84]

Interview with TBeck back in 1998, in PCWorld Iceland

Marcus Aurelius
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2005.09.05 11:44:00 - [85]

I dont recall, heard abotu eve first in like january 2003 or something and subbed in may

Nelix Trist
Posted - 2005.09.05 12:22:00 - [86]

hi, i heared about eve from my uncle this was almosts 2 and a half years ago after i told him i loved playing, "Priviter, The Darkening" (sorry about the spelling never been my strong point) he told me about eve and let me have a charector on his account, a few days later i got a job in the local supermarket and created my own subscription (through my mum) and well been playing since 2 months after relise :D

Adonis 4174
Posted - 2005.09.05 12:33:00 - [87]

A friend was endlessly dissing this dumb game his flatmate kept playing. I got curious.

The Collective
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2005.09.05 12:52:00 - [88]

Edited by: pardux on 05/09/2005 12:52:32
Originally by: Krulla
I originally heard about EvE from a friend, back when it was still in development (late 2002?).

I heard from the Beta that the game was kind of boring, someone said all you could do was mine, so I didnt bother with it come release.

However, back in April last year, offered it's members a free 14 day trial.. two of my friends tried it out, so I figured, what the heck, why not.

Almost a year and a half later, I'm still here, and playing as much as I ever did. Rolling Eyes

So much for eve being boring.

Razzthat one got alot of icelandic players, including me \o/
(they should do the trial thingie again on hugi.isSmile)

Monkey nut
PioneerX Productions
Posted - 2005.09.05 12:59:00 - [89]

I was playing racing games but got bored of going round and round and round in circles. Remebered Elite from my Amiga days, googled to see if a new Elite game was out and found EVE. After reading up a bit, handed over my card number (no trial). :D

Nero Scuro
Jejaikaro Corporation
Posted - 2005.09.05 13:28:00 - [90]

Read an 'catch-up' review of it in PC Gamer. Looked sweet, so I ended up playing it (although in retrospect, EVE is great for absolutely NONE of the reasons that article addressed).

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