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Snyper Kitten
SpearMint Rhino GentleMen's Club
Posted - 2005.08.20 07:19:00 - [31]

was looking at some ummm...cheerleading sites and stumbled on eves main page

Automated Industries
Posted - 2005.08.20 08:07:00 - [32]

PCG (UK) review... my pc couldn't handel planetside at the time so I bought eve.

Vincent Rainbow
Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2005.08.20 08:10:00 - [33]

recommended it by a guy that was also playing Freelancer while I was

Phantom Squad
Atlas Alliance
Posted - 2005.08.20 08:17:00 - [34]

Ah, Freelancer. I tried to get back into the game after starting EVE... just couldn't. EVE spoiled me.

James Don
Swedish Aerospace Inc
Posted - 2005.08.20 08:25:00 - [35]

An Article in PC Gamer back in JAN, I used to play Freelancer and loved it and EVE just seemed like Freelancer x1000

The Drekla Consortium
Posted - 2005.08.20 08:46:00 - [36]

Originally by: Noriath
Eve is acctually the first thing I ever found out about through a web-banner. I normaly don't even give them a second look, but the pretty spaceships drew me in. Very Happy

same here I NEVER click on ads but clicking on that one was my best mistake everEmbarassed

I saw the ad on

Douglas McCracken
Posted - 2005.08.20 08:47:00 - [37]

Got sucked in by a rl friend..

Aegis Starship Enterprises
Posted - 2005.08.20 10:35:00 - [38]

I saw an artical about it in Edge when it was still in beta. Was gobsmacked and applied to be a beta tester :D

I still play it cus I can't help myself

Posted - 2005.08.20 11:02:00 - [39]

Edited by: Uggster on 20/08/2005 11:02:56
A mate of mine scribbled the web address on the back of a *** packet and gave it to my brother to bring overseas to me with the message...

"'s what Elite always wanted to be..."

The rest is history.

EDIT : F A G Packet, for those that are everything 'cept american

Posted - 2005.08.20 11:10:00 - [40]

seen it on a shelf in US, in a box, when i was playing EnB, was looking for something that had more depth then EnB, bought it, didnt like the complexity, nor the seemingly emptyness after the Tut missions, but returned a couple months later to give it another try, and have been here little over 1.5 yrs, cant see anything on the horizon, that will take its place

Hans Roaming
Body Count Inc.
Mercenary Coalition
Posted - 2005.08.20 11:13:00 - [41]

There was an article on Slashdot about a guy who pulled off a big battleship BPO scam, read that and spoke to a RL gaming mate at work about Eve. As I was addicted to Elite and Eve seemed all that and more then I just had to get it. Got a bit bored midway through being in an empire 'bear corp, so I moved out of that corp and am now enjoying being in a 0.0 based alliance with a mix of NPC hunting (True Sansha spawns 4tw) and PVP.

I think there are two stages to the game in Eve, the empire way of life and then you go out into 0.0 and the world of alliances and that is when the real game kicks in as there is quite frankly nothing like it.

Posted - 2005.08.20 11:19:00 - [42]

I was playing Homeworld 2...Realised even though it was fun it wasnt exactly what I wanted. Picked up Pc Gamer and was reading through it....realised EvE was on the demo disc.
I thought 'Hmmm might as well give it a go' thinking that id give it a week or so and probably move on like i usually do. How wrong could I be!

Joined a corp within a month and never looked back...lets hope its around for a long time as I cant ever see it being beaten for many yrs to come.

People come and go and there will always be someone unhappy about something but in my book its the only game YOU can choose what you do and how you do it. It can be as challenging or as easy as YOU want it to be. No one says you have to do this or that.

If the changes that are implemented dont suit you...try something else. That way you discover different aspects of the game you might never have tried before.

Fink Operations
Posted - 2005.08.20 11:23:00 - [43]

Heard about EVE beta in EnB. Have been playing ever since.

Freelancer Union
Posted - 2005.08.20 11:26:00 - [44]

I heard about a free beta, signed up, got in, got hooked.

Posted - 2005.08.20 11:27:00 - [45]

Through buddies. They told me Eve had free pvp so I signed up.

Posted - 2005.08.20 11:28:00 - [46]

I was playing freelancer just after it came out. I liked the game but there was alot of features that i wished was in it. What do you do when you want to express such feelings...go to the website and ***** ofc.
I got to the freelancer forums and sure enough top of the page a 18 page thread with a title along the lines of "Things you wish were in freelancer". Page one concisted of the usual moaning and whining but about half way down page two there was a link "CLICK ME your prayers are answered" it said. The rest of the page and the following 16 pages consisted of "OMG" "holy crap" "I NEED that game" "when is it out?". Ever curious I clicked the link to find out what all the fuss was about. It lead to the eve beta site...

Suffice to say I signed up right away. Decided that my 56K modem wasnt going to be able to play this fantastic game so moved from the mountains of scotland to family in london just to get a better connection. The day i got cable my beta app came through.. \o/

Rest is history :)

Rana Ash
Electus Matari
Posted - 2005.08.20 11:46:00 - [47]

Saw the box in a store, sighed deeply as my old puter had no chance of handeling the client. I sighed many more times as i visited the site, read about it in magazines.
Then old puter decided to get wierd in it's old age, bought new puter. The week after it was assembeld, i got the box on discount and the rest is history..

Princeps Corp
BricK sQuAD.
Posted - 2005.08.20 12:04:00 - [48]

Read a very small article in Micromania (1/8 page or so) that talked about a new sci mmog being developed. Went to the website and downloaded the small video that featured 3 Tristan. 27th December 2001. Razz

Broski Enterprises
-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2005.08.20 12:22:00 - [49]

I heard about it from another game I played while EVE was in Beta called Subspace, someone on there pointed me to this little gem and I signed up for the beta right away. Joined my first corp called Merchants Alliance with Dark Matter as CEO and was hooked from then on =P There's just no other game out there like EVE, and this game is everything I wanted in an MMORPG (well, except for a more involving storyline but that's for another thread).


Interstellar Services Department
Posted - 2005.08.20 12:30:00 - [50]

I used to play a game on my Amiga .. a loooong time ago called Elite, and later on the sequel Elite II : Frontier.

Well long after my Amiga had been stashed away in the attic, I discovered EVE Online, which after some research turned out to be influenced by the two games I mentioned above, I fell in love straight away.

YARRRR!! Yaarrr!! YARRRR!!

woodman az
United Space Aillance USA
Posted - 2005.08.20 15:02:00 - [51]

I too played Earth and Beyond, it was my frist on MMORG.

Heard about EVE but didn't like the clone and PVP thing. But after the sunset announcment and the trial offer from EVE I gave it a shot. Been here ever since with 2 accounts. POOKA is my alt.

Wish we could walk around stations like we did in Earth and Beyond.

Miss fishing in Cooper and the Fish Bowl Lottos.

Endlos Null
Posted - 2005.08.20 16:04:00 - [52]

I read the PC Gamer UK article on EVE and WoW and thought it brought up a lot of good points on a MMORPG game. In WoW, what are my accomplishments? Nothing but hitting lvl 60 and going to the next high level area to treadmill some more. But in EVE, instead of epic armor sets, there's epic stories. I love the idea of a world of almost absolute freedom, where I can be who I want to be and the world takes notice.

And then I read the article about the Guiding Hand Social Club and Ubiqua Seraph and I was just in awe. This can't happen in any other MMORPG because they don't have the same freedoms as EVE has. I didn't join this game to exploit bad behavior, but the possibility that stories such as this can exist is simply a blessing. The realization of the fact that EVE is a real Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game brought me to the vast universe of EVE.

Emeline Cabernet
Kongsberg Vaapenfabrikk Amarr branch.
Posted - 2005.08.20 17:10:00 - [53]

Gamespy trail account.

Posted - 2005.08.20 17:16:00 - [54]

Played EnB, hated it.

Some months later, Lazareth Link, who i'd previously known as VCell (Splinter Cell community) told me to play on MSN so i could be his slave. 7 days later i was paying, been ingame without a break now for 13 months.

Contractual Contraints
Posted - 2005.08.20 17:24:00 - [55]

Edited by: Shafty on 20/08/2005 17:31:46
Those KIA nerds used to play HalfLife and would often bore everyone to tears with EVE stories, HL started getting boring so i tried eve as it was only 10 in the shops. Ive not played much else since.

King Frieza
Posted - 2005.08.20 18:32:00 - [56]

King Frieza was lucky enough to earn winnings in a wtf art competition on IGN.
He got "Got milk" Eve T-Shirt and 100 days worth of gaming time.

MaiLina KaTar
Posted - 2005.08.20 18:35:00 - [57]

I came to Eve way before it went into beta. Back then I was playing Mankind, which was basically the first space based MMOG.

Mankind was great but after some time it just went down the drain because of the developers not doing what was necessary and the technical nature of the game, which made cheating all too easy.

So when I quit Mankind I searched for a new space based game to keep me entertained (I always loved games revolving around space... dunny why really) and that's when I stumbled across the Eve website. A few looks at the first screenies then woke my interest and after reading a bit more I basically got hooked, started whoring the forums and stayed here eversince.

Of course I applied for beta, got in at phase 3 and started my retail account shortly after release.

What's keeping me hooked to the game? Well, I guess it's just the complexity of the game and the nice community around it.
Eve is basically the only game I play nowadays because evrything else just doesn't suit me anymore.

It's just cool.

The Ratfink
Posted - 2005.08.20 19:05:00 - [58]

Eve had a better resolution than life

Einheriar Ulrich
Vengeance of the Fallen
Posted - 2005.08.20 19:05:00 - [59]

Woke up one day, and found myself strapped in a is historyShocked

Eye of God
Posted - 2005.08.20 19:20:00 - [60]

Heard about EVE when I was beta testing EnB. Was totally into EnB, and swore I'd never ever play EVE. I even remember going onto the EVE beta forums back then and flaming some EnB-haters Embarassed

But, then EnB came out, and I realized that, oops, I'd already gotten a JW to lvl 150, and a PE to 132, and already killed just about everything killable, and didn't want to wait months for a new patch. Brought my new PE up to lvl 50 and then quit.

Played PlanetSide for a while, but really needed an MMO to play occasionally (sometimes you feel like just playing a relaxing game). I tried SWG and it just sucked. Then my bro checked back up on EVE and reminded me about it. I'd just broken up with my girlfriend of just over a year and needed something to sorta bury myself in, and the rest is history. Very Happy February somethingorother 2004 I started playing.

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