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Phantom Squad
Atlas Alliance
Posted - 2005.08.19 22:48:00 - [1]

I forget exactly how I stumbled upon EVE... might've been a link on another forum I frequent. It was back when it was in development, though, and I followed it for a while before I forgot about it.

I was also around when they were recruiting for Beta players, but I didn't have a good enough computer back then...

Forgot about the game again, until July 2004, when I was finally able to play it. First impression: wow... overwhelming. Like Freelancer except a whole lot bigger. I loved the game at first. It was just so huge and expansive. There was so much room for... everything in the game. So much hope and potential. I was a newb then, thought that 100K ISK was a HUGE sum of money... joined a player corp, helped out a bit with mining ops, etc... then it got a little repetitive.

Got a little bored with the game after a while. All I really did was mine to make money. My interest lagged, until I decided to drop by the forums... Then I saw the alliance map, and the political drama that was the player run empires of the game. And then I really realized why this game was amazing. Haven't looked back since. Well... maybe twice, both times, again, because of mining. But no longer!

So... the question is, how did you hear about EVE and why you play it now?

Hentogaira Technical Community College
Posted - 2005.08.19 22:53:00 - [2]

I actually heard about it while while playing EnB. I signed up twice and ended up with 2 beta accounts, however my on-board vid card couldn't run it so I didn't get to play. After EnB sunset, I went out and bough FF XI, it needed a better card so I bought one. I played FF XI for about 2 days before I canceled my account. Had a new card so I gave Eve a shot and here I am still.

Brotherhood of The Saltire
EVE Animal Control
Posted - 2005.08.19 22:58:00 - [3]

word of mouth and seeing it on a freinds machine...

Phantom Squad
Atlas Alliance
Posted - 2005.08.19 22:59:00 - [4]

Haha, that's almost exactly how it happened for me too. Bought FFXI first, had to upgrade my computer... results: FFXI no longer here; still playing EVE.

Johnathan Roark
The Graduates
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2005.08.19 23:08:00 - [5]

Saw the box on the shelf, looked up the website address, read about TTI and VA war in the north and desided it would be my first MMO. Still here two years later

Posted - 2005.08.19 23:11:00 - [6]

Through a friend.
I was playing DAoC and it was Beta season.
A friend of mine through DAoC named Hazie, referred me to this amazing game. I signed up for beta, sure enough, I get access during the last weeks of it.
We mine like rabbits and produce our first ruptures, etc etc. I fell in love with the game instantly. Quit after 1st month because everyone I knew disbanded, left to DAoC + FFXI after that. Gave those up and i'm here full time now, even more addicted.


Black Omega Security
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2005.08.19 23:14:00 - [7]

Was really bored... I played EVE during beta and followed it on and off. I saw the Exodus trailer... thought it looked cool so I decided to give it another try.

Danton Marcellus
Nebula Rasa Holdings
Posted - 2005.08.20 00:26:00 - [8]

Heard about titans from a friend of a friend, pestered the SWG boards at the time with hairbrained ideas. Got banned from the SWG boards, vowed never to play the game and remembered the titan...

Posted - 2005.08.20 00:34:00 - [9]

Saw the 'Teddybears Picnic' vid last Christmas. Bought it next day. Smile

Mr Popov
Tribal Liberation Force
Posted - 2005.08.20 00:44:00 - [10] website (terrible EVE coverage) but followed the link to the website. Been playing since release

Situation: Normal
Posted - 2005.08.20 00:51:00 - [11]

For me, it was a friend who introduced me to the game. I'd never heard of it before then, either. It was kind of like one of those "best kept secret" deals.

Diabolus Ex Machina
Posted - 2005.08.20 00:53:00 - [12]

I used to play Earth and Beyond until they announced they were closing it down. I was Spathi on Andromeda, L150 TE Admiral :D I had heard about EVE but didnt sign up until EnB was gonna be shut down. I do sometimes wish there were some aspects of EnB added to EVE and I definitely miss killing Voltoi in Antares and fishing in Cooper.

Tenacha Khan
Posted - 2005.08.20 01:02:00 - [13]

I went around my mates house on armageddon day at the end of beta......blowed lots of stuff up and thought it was sweet.

Bought the game and thought it was ****e and gave my account away

Saw a review in a game mag which looked good, figured out the whole pirate thing and bought another account and Ive been hooked ever since

Posted - 2005.08.20 01:05:00 - [14]

i saw something on about a free trial and i just quit playing counter-strike.

Ilea Celentay
Posted - 2005.08.20 02:02:00 - [15]

Saw it in the shop, didnít buy it as I couldn't play it.... Got Broadband last June, didn't decide to 'risk' it until July. Played until September last. Moved, and couldnít play again. Moved again this June, unemployed - and make Eve my full time job - and everything else.

Posted - 2005.08.20 02:04:00 - [16]

Eve is acctually the first thing I ever found out about through a web-banner. I normaly don't even give them a second look, but the pretty spaceships drew me in. Very Happy

Posted - 2005.08.20 03:00:00 - [17]

Friends. Word of mouth is some of the best advertising, but you have to keep your customers happy.

Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2005.08.20 03:29:00 - [18]

Came accross a page which discussed free MMOG. I'm guessing this thread was made when eve was in its beta, as many people said they player eve, and it was free.

I found the website, and though it wasn't free, I thought I would try it out in the near future anyways. I managed to find an old box at the store for about 1/2 the subscription costs, and have been here ever since.

Miner Protection Guild
Posted - 2005.08.20 03:32:00 - [19]

I originally heard about EvE from a friend, back when it was still in development (late 2002?).

I heard from the Beta that the game was kind of boring, someone said all you could do was mine, so I didnt bother with it come release.

However, back in April last year, offered it's members a free 14 day trial.. two of my friends tried it out, so I figured, what the heck, why not.

Almost a year and a half later, I'm still here, and playing as much as I ever did. Rolling Eyes

So much for eve being boring.

Wild Rho
Silent Core
Posted - 2005.08.20 03:53:00 - [20]

Played Elite for years then saw the trailer with the caldari agent fella blagging on, saw the graphics and what the game was gonna be.

Got eve the first chance I could and I've been playing ever since.

Posted - 2005.08.20 04:13:00 - [21]

Free trial from

Skull Bunny
Posted - 2005.08.20 04:33:00 - [22]

I are Alt!

Main made me do it!

November Corporation
Posted - 2005.08.20 04:39:00 - [23]

saw a small article about eve on when the development had barely begun.. saw the picture of three executioners that turned out to be a screenshot and not a render.. was blown away by graphics and mature level of the game..

signed up for alpha, got accepted to EnB beta instead.. played that for a bit and met someone there who got into eve alpha but didnt have time to play..

he gave me his account (lester).. played on that since medusa phase and used my own beta acceptance account after phase 4 (lol had twenty by then due to mass signups) longest time ive been without eve consecutively since then was a month and a half after retail started.. was way too buggy to play, and i was focusing more on school exams at the time Confused

Righteous Fury
Posted - 2005.08.20 04:52:00 - [24]

I played beta for a couple weeks on and off, lost interest eventually. Came back after an extended illness gave me a lot of free time, and have been playing since.

Posted - 2005.08.20 04:56:00 - [25]

word of mouth from a friend who played hegemonia.

Posted - 2005.08.20 05:00:00 - [26]

Read about the 14 day trial... tried it... still here after 11 months Cool

Waldo Barnstormer
Posted - 2005.08.20 05:14:00 - [27]

A friend of mine had signed up, and remembered that I used to love Elite 2 : Frontier.. and told me there was a game that was all Frontier was.. and more..

and here i am

Umbra Legion
Shadow Empire.
Posted - 2005.08.20 05:33:00 - [28]

saw some dude at a ýberlan with a beta vid, and went OMG!

Quickly signed up for beta, then hassled my mate to jion aswell (cos i have a dialup connection and knew i couldn't dl the client on my ownVery Happy)

The rest is history^^

The Night Crew
Posted - 2005.08.20 06:13:00 - [29]

I heard about Eve while playing an online text based game called Earth: 2025. Was in a big alliance of something like 200 people and one of the bigger names (not the biggest, but a well known guy) announced he was going to be retiring to spend time playing Eve (this was just about the time of Eve release I beleive). I thought it looked cool but I couldn't afford to pay the subscription, so I forgot about it. Then right before I went to Argentina I was looking for a new diversion, and I happend upon a free trial for Eve. Well, I started with the intention of only playing the two weeks, and a really awesome little noob mining corp hooked me in, and eventually provided the path to where I am in Eve today, still giving these guys my money every month.

Darken Two
Oberon Incorporated
Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2005.08.20 06:14:00 - [30]

Repeatedly typing "SCIFI MMO" in google over the last 5 years will lead you here eventually.

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