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Raata Fleet Command
Posted - 2005.08.17 09:24:00 - [1]

Edited by: Strikeclone on 21/04/2006 03:13:07
Battle stations, battle stations, all hands man your battle stations!
Gurista fleet spotted, prepare all missiles batteries!
Target that Usurper its the biggest ship there, it must be their flagship!
Fire at will commander!
Aye sir! rounds out!

Squadron Leader Strikeclone listened to the crew as they engaged the Gurista fleet, noting the eager looks on their faces and the efficiency with which they worked.
The mission was bold, but times required bold action and these were the men and women to effect that action everyone hand picked from thousands of volunteers. Those left behind were even now training up to join the crew of the other ships he felt certain would join the fight. Soon the Gurista would be nothing more than a foot note in a history text.

Commander the Guristas have locked us and are returning fire!
Brace for impact! Damage control teams stand by, prep those drones for launch.
Drones away sir, targeting the annihilators.
Sir their torpedoes are 10 seconds away from impact!
All stations! Brace! Brace! Brace!

As the last torpedoe shock subsided Strikeclone brushed off a fine film of dust dislodged by the blasts. An odd silence filled the bridge, slowly replaced by the sound of damage control teams and stations reporting in.

Squadron Leader! all stations report green status, the shields held!
Our scans show that four of the Gurista cruisers have been destroyed by our drones and the Usurper's armour has been breached in seventeen places! Their frigates are attempting to escape, our drones are in pursuit!
Sir! the usurper is going down! shes launching lifepods, our drones have destroyed the last frigate we are cleared to jump sir. Shall we begin the calculations for warp?
What about the lifepods sir they are requesting we pick them up and provide medical aide.

Strikeclone considered this, if he rescued the pods he could interrogate the prisoners and gain valuable insights into the Gurista plans. Of course he would then be bound to supply basic life support to them too. A feral grin appeared on his face as he stood to give his orders.

Destroy the pods, leave none alive!
Kill them all,
We have no time for prisoners!

Posted - 2005.08.17 09:42:00 - [2]

I feel I must point out a couple of facts that many many people get wrong when reporting on the GalNet.

1 - We as POD pilots do not sit on a bridge, but in a POD, and hence cannot be disturbed by such physical happenings as dust falling from the non-existant bridge ceiling.

2 - Although we are pod pilots, the pirate factions do not, and probably never will use pods, considering their incredible attrition rate of ships. Life-pods or escape-pods may well be used by non-pod pilotted ships, but our own ships lack the ability to detect and/or scoop them.

Such blantant mis-representation of acknowledged facts by the assumed "elite" pod-pilot community irks me beyond belief.

That said however, your destruction of dangerous criminal faction ships is to be applauded.

Raata Fleet Command
Posted - 2005.08.17 21:25:00 - [3]

Edited by: Strikeclone on 21/04/2006 03:14:31
Edited by: Strikeclone on 17/08/2005 21:26:56
The holovid re-plays again and again the images of the exploding Gurista Usurper. Each time the images were more and more refined as the technicians filtered and enhanced each frame.
Soon enough the chief technician reported that the images were as clear as it was possible given the on ship facilities, but noted that it could be further refined if an advanced VR matrix holocube inverter was used along with a reverse feed wave induction modulated cubic filtration image reader. But these items were generally only avaliable on stations or else on planets due to their size and mass, not to mention power consumption.

Squadron Leader Strikeclone dismissed the chief and his crew thanking them for their hard work. Once they had left he sat back to review the holovid data image by image looking for something very specific.
Aha! there it was, images 118457890 through 119575889 clearly show hundreds of individual life pods, and several dozen larger crew pods all launching and then boosting away from the stricken Usurper.
Frames 119585901 through 120110339 show the pods being intercepted by drones or being picked off by small railgun fire from his secondary batteries.

Strikeclone copied the holovid data several times and had each copy sent by tightbeam signal to the major media networks accross the State.
Let the doubters and the pirates see with their own eyes. As a side thought he enclosed a small note advising them of the enhancement possabilities suggested by the technicians.
With that little chore done Strikeclone informed his flag captain that the command area inspection would begin within the hour.

At the appointed hour Strikeclone left his office, outside were his marine escorts. Together they proceed to the bridge to begin the inspection, the flag captain met them at the hatch to the bridge. Here more marines checked ID cards before allowing the party (less Strikeclone's escorts) on the bridge. Even during inspections Strikeclone had the crew go about their duties, it was more important to maintain a vigilant watch than to be distracted with salutes and standing to attention.
With the bridge tour finished Strikeclone and the flag captain picked up their escorts and proceeded to the pod chamber. Here suspended by counter AG fields was the command pod, hooked up by super conducting, freezon cooled cables this pod when occupied by someone with the right training and implants could almost run the whole ship. In fact in an emergency it could be used to run the whole ship, its secondary function was as an escape pod with enough life support to get it out of trouble.
After checking that the pod readouts were all in the green and chatting briefly with the pod's technicians and the pod chamber guard marines Strikeclone and the flag captain left the chamber and retired to the officers mess for a drink.
On the way Strikeclone reflected on the nature of the pod technology, and the fact that some pilots chose to be hardwired into their pod convinced that it improved their performance. Unconvinced and grateful to be able to enjoy a drink, eat fine foods, and actually interact with his crew face to face, he orders in the first round at the bar.

Jonathan Wark
Xerxes Enterprises
Posted - 2005.08.18 00:14:00 - [4]

Edited by: Jonathan Wark on 18/08/2005 00:14:41
The only place in the world I feel at home is in my pod. I don't understand these pilots that fly out of one.

OOC Below
A suggestion, write it from the viewpoint of your first officer trying to maintain the bridge while the pod pilot, safe in the knowledge that no matter what happens, knows he has a clone waiting for him. Tougher to write like that and still get the point across but it might be interesting.

Anyway not a bad effort but you might consider posting it in the Library as the Galnet is more for communication between people IC. Not that I mind just trying to be helpful.

Raata Fleet Command
Posted - 2005.08.18 01:29:00 - [5]

Edited by: Strikeclone on 21/04/2006 03:15:19
Long after Squadron Leader Strikeclone had retired Flag Captain Serrano sat alone in the officers mess staring into his drink.

Thinking of all the little steps that had brought him to this point, gradualtion from the academy, navy basic training, his first posting on New Caldari, twenty years of faithful Navy service. All of it gone, shattered, vapourised alongside his family, killed by Gurista raiders. The Navy had failed them, as it had failed to follow up the attack and exact retribution.
Three years of wondering aimlessly piloting ships on dangerous routes half expecting to die in the middle of nowhere, half wanting too.

Then he had found love again, suddenly completely unexpectedly on a small passenger transport carrying colonists to a newly terraformed planet. Piloting these runs was easy profitable work with low risk, so he usually avoided them. But for no other reason than it was the only flying he could get he took the job last minute.
Midway through the journey Serrano was taking a meal break in the galley, when one of the colonists came in all blury eyed. Checking ship time he saw it was 0233, so she was up real early. The woman quickly cooked herself an egg sandwich and turned to find herself a seat when she noticed him. She asked if she could join him since they were both up at this stupid hour, introducing herself as Jessica and it just progressed from there. By the end of the week they were pratically inseperable, buy the end of the month they were lovers. It was a whirlwind romance or so everyone thought, but he thought they had made a real connection. Emotions he had all but forgotten, never to be felt again bubbled and boiled up, he was walking on air.

Then the raiders came again.

It happened on his downshift, he was fast asleep when the boarding pods attached to the side of the hull. The first anyone knew was the sudden drop in pressure as the Guristas cut throught the hull in several places. Very quickly the raiders herded everyone they could find up and about into the main galley, everyone else they locked into their rooms once they had stormed the bridge. Once they had control of the ship they killed everyone they had rounded up. The galley filled with the screams of the dead and dying as the Guristas turned their weapons on the men, women and children indescriminately.

Serrano could do nothing but pound on the door and scream and cry in useless rage.
Shortly after the ship shuddered with near impacts of large missile fire he recognised as cruise missiles. Alarm bells rang throughout the ship and automatic warnings about hull breachs blatted over the tannoy.
One blast was close enough to knock Serrano of his feet and he blacked out for a second, when he came too his door was a smoldering lump on the deck and a raging inferno waited beyond, in the passage way.
Through the smoke he could see armed men he assumed to be the raiders passing by, they were gabbling on about how "he" had found them again and that "he" would blow them to bits if they didnt get away in their boarding pods asap.
Following their example Serrano made his way to the nearest escape pod and after sealing the hatch he was away. From the small view portal he could clearly see a Raven battleship in pursuit of the raiders pods, he wished the raven good luck even as he turned his attention to the passenger ship. At that moment what ever damage it had taken finally overcame the shielding around the plasma core, a sudden sun bright flash and it was all over. In complete silence.
It didnt seem right some how, so many dead without so much as a bang, or a boom.

Several hours later the raven returned and began to salvage the ruins of the passenger ship and pick up survivors in pods and skiffs. As he was brought on board the raven he held in his hands a small box with the wedding ring he had intended to give to Jessica if she said yes to marrying him.

But that was why he was there now.


Raata Fleet Command
Posted - 2005.08.18 20:23:00 - [6]

The raven shuddered as another salvo of torpedoes left the tubes. Across the weapon decks sweating crewmen struggled to get the next salvoe ready.

Corporal Meherry supervised the arming and fusing of each torpedoe that was loaded into tube 3, on neighbouring decks others were doing the same for tubes 1,2,4,5, and 6. Contact fuses with delayed timers for large armoured targets, proximity fuses for drone or other small dispersed vessels. As the battle continued he would eventually hand over to the next watch, to allow his team to get some scoff and drug assisted sleep. He didn't like to use them but in a prolonged fight it was essential to have all shifts at peak efficiency.
With the juggernaught loaded, inscribed with various taunts from his team including a big yellow smiley face with 6" teeth, he reported his tube loaded and ready. The warning klaxon sounded and the tube was empty again, rinse and repeat thought Meherry smiling to himself.

The juggernaught torpedoe flew straight on its initial course until its A.I. registered it had flown the required clearence distance.
The onboard sensor suit activated and used targeting data downloaded from the raven prior to launch to aquire the target vessel. Once the suit had gained its own firm lock on the target it began to predict the fligh path of the vessel and instructed the A.I. to make the appropriate attitude adjustments.
Mean while the the weapon had armed itself once the minimum safe distance had been reached, the 347-Xa warhead with a contact, delayed timer fuse option informed the A.I. that its self test confirmed all systems nominal, ready for detonation, warhead armed.
Once within visual range of the target the sensor suit used its infra red array to confirm the profile fit the know profile of the intended target. The A.I. agreed that the data from the suit did match that in its database and initiated its terminal guidance sub-routines.

Three seconds later the juggernaught of tube 3, penetrated the armoured hull of the Gurista Conquistador. It had impacted on the port side ammo storage bunker, supprised Gurista crewmen stunned by the hull breach and noise of the rending metal looked up in a daze to see a yellow smiley face baring its teeth.

The A.I. acknowledged the warheads message that it had impacted on the target vessel with the required force to penetrate the required amount of armour. The A.I. concurred and instructed the warhead to initiate its delayed option fuse.
After the alloted time the the retaining bolt of the 347-Xa warhead released, allowing the striking pin to slam forward into the detonator cap with several tonnes of force. A fraction of a second later the primer explosive in the cap ignited the main warhead charge itself, this second explosion caused its own damage to a target, but its main purpose was to propell several hundread super dense slugs in all directions. Almost like a super sized uncontrolled shotgun blast, these slugs spalled all around the compartment setting off secondary explosions as they hit the stored ammunition. Within a couple of seconds the Conquistador was missing 20% of her total mass as the port side ammo bunker was destroyed by secondary explosions of its own ammo.

*note* extract from the after action report filed with the Caldari Navy following the battle of Airkio.

Raata Fleet Command
Posted - 2005.08.21 14:25:00 - [7]

I have placed this communication in the correct channels now. Please keep all further communications of this nature in the correct channel. -Falke

Posted - 2005.08.21 15:14:00 - [8]

Nicely written Strikecloud, an enjoyable story.


PS: While in my pod, I use a holographic projection of myself on the bridge. :)

Dr Kinshasa
Posted - 2005.11.20 05:37:00 - [9]

A great narrative Strikeclone, shame about idiot fools posting rubbish and getting in the way or the story.

When will be the next report/installment?

/signed an avid fan

PIE Inc.
Posted - 2005.11.20 08:15:00 - [10]

Congratulations Strikeclone on your victories against these Gurista pirates. The universe is a safer place today due to your actions.

I also commend you on the use of a warship outfitted with a traditional crew. I myself am NOT a pod pilot nor will I ever be. The pod technology was developed by the godless Jovians who in their pursuit of science cursed themselves to an early death. Due to the defeat of an Amarrian fleet by the unholy empire of Jove I will never pilot a pod vessel outfitted with this technology as a sign of my respect for the old ways.

Well done!


Raata Fleet Command
Posted - 2005.11.20 09:05:00 - [11]

Indeed Archbishop, I find the benefits of a conventional bridge out weigh the risks to my person. I would never ask my crew to face a risk I myself would not face.

Despite the fact that some of those who have commented here are obviously so green and inexperienced in the space faring community as to not be aware that pod technology is relatively new and that many ships are still commanded and manned by a full live crew.

I myself only by my ships from the more traditional ship builders who still cater to the "olde" ways.
A long while ago I conducted trials against a "new" Raven captained by a pod user and in every aspect did my Raven out fly and out fight that of the pod user. And mechanical stats a side, the competence and ability of a fully trained crew over a series of robots can not be over stated.

The men and women who serve in my command are dedicated individuals putting their lives on the line on a daily basis that others may live free of the threat of the pirate cartels, they deserve a captain who shares their fears and desires, were I in a pod I could not even share their meals.

As a last thing I must point out that I have all my ships fitted with full crew escape systems, admittedly derived from the pod technology. Many individual pods and crew skifs enable my crew to make good their escape and reach safe harbour in the event of catastrophic hull failure. This is an exspensive but indispensable option as far as I'm concerned, apart from the cost in lives without this system, what use in having a trained veteran crew if you loose them in battle.

Raata Fleet Command
Posted - 2005.11.20 18:52:00 - [12]

Edited by: Strikeclone on 21/04/2006 03:17:03
The giant Raven battleship settle gently into her docking cradle, all across the ship airlocks were opened as the crew disembarked to begin their two day leave. Those remaining on the ship would be relieved for their own leave in a day’s time. Mean while down in the bowels of the ship engineering parties from the station began to assess the damage, even as medical crews removed the dead.....

Squadron Leader Strikeclone was in his office, sitting at his desk going through the after action reports of his station commanders. It had been a hard fight against the Amarr Navy ships raiding in Caldari space, those Navy apocs could sure deal out the damage. But his ship and his crew had won in the end, but not without loss, 391 dead and nearly a thousand wounded not to mention the massive structural damage.
Strikeclone really didn't like going up against national ships, except maybe the Gallente but his employer was very excited about territory and in particular about trespassers. He didn't know what the Amarr ships were doing in Todaki, and he didn't want too. These kind of fights were the reason he left the Navy in the first place, now a good fight against pirate scum, no problem.

Oh well such is the life of a mercenary, but even though he didn't like to fight the Amarr military who he secretly admired (although their religious dogma he didn't have time for) he fulfilled each contract to the hilt. That didn't stop him sifting the wreckage for the brave Amarr soldiers dog tags though, he would make sure that proper notification of the deaths was made to the Amarr authorities, their families deserved to know and not suffer the terrible infinite wait for a loved one to return.

But at this moment it was another problem that was weighing on his mind, and sitting in his cargo hold.
One of the Amarr ships had evidently been a slaver ship, in its wreckage he had found several cryotubes, each containing a frozen Minmatar slave, two males, two adolescent children and a young female. Med scans confirmed that all were alive and in perfect hibernation, the question was now what to do with them. Ordinarily they would be thawed and given their freedom and the chance to work for Strikeclone's organisation, like so many before them they could become value members of the ships crew. But these slaves deserved special consideration, for the moment only a few crew even knew they were on the ship.

From looking at them they were just like regular matari, the men were strong, with the look of the warrior too them, the children were dressed in fine cloths no in keeping with their slave origins, and the girl whilst easy on the eye was other wise unremarkable. It was not until one inspected the cryotubes themselves that one realised their importance, each tube bore Amarr writings and markings but one mark was common to all the tubes......

......the mark of the Amarrian Emperor.........

Raata Fleet Command
Posted - 2005.11.24 01:01:00 - [13]

Edited by: Strikeclone on 21/04/2006 03:19:08
Edited by: Strikeclone on 24/11/2005 01:03:30
Several hours after docking at the Caldari Navy facility, an officer from the Navy requests permission to board 'Death Touch'. After escorting the officer to Squadron Leader Strikeclone's office, the marines remain present at the rear of the office, out of ear shot but nearby in case of trouble. Not that Strikeclone expected any, but in the mercenary world you learn to be very careful about whom you trusted.
The officer introduces himself as Lieutentant Kronin, with that curt introduction Kronin hands over a data crystal. According to the Lieutenant the crystal contained all the local news for the last week or so, as well as the Navy agents and their offers for the area.

After Kronin had left the ship, Strikeclone accessed the data crystal. Skimming over the usual low end agent offers and contracts he browsed the news......."this is the second such terrorist attack in the Umokka area.....ships destroyed.......loss of life.......Minmatar terrorist group calling themselves 'Rogues'......" Cutting off the playback and at a loss for words strikeclone called the bridge,
"get me the watch officer, and recall the crew, prepare to undock in six hours."

The senior officer had reviewed the newvids, outrage showed on all their faces, Squadron Leader Strikeclone paused the playback of the data, the camera frozen on a frozen pod pilots corpse floating through the wreckage of his ship.
"The required documentation has been filed with the local Concord office, at approximatley 0800hrs two days from now a state of war shall exsist between us and the terrorist group calling themselves 'Rogues'. That gives us two days to resupply and repair, all leave is cancelled but the crew have already seen much of the newsvids and they know why we go to war. I have pulled in some favours and we can expect quite alot of information on these guys to come our way over the next forty eight hours, I want you to go through every bit of it with a fine tooth comb. You sift the gems from the dirt, and get me some useful intel, the times coming when it my prove vital.
Good Luck, dismissed"

Raata Fleet Command
Posted - 2005.11.25 01:47:00 - [14]

Edited by: Strikeclone on 13/12/2005 23:22:11
As the Death Touch's sensors cleared from the jump gate field, the weapons officer reported that two of the Rogues were in combat range. Ordering battle stations, Admiral Strikeclone ordered both ships to be identified and locked.
Facing him were an Apocalpse and a Rupture, full torpedoe salvoes were quickly launched at the Apocalypse and drones set upon the rupture. Battle was joined in ernest.

The weapons officer picks up a new contact...
"Sir new target, scanning.......Its Sarchez in a Wolf assault frigate, the Rupture is withdrawing with damage orders sir?"
Strikeclone replies...
"Our shields are not going to hold much longer, and that apoc is not taking so much damage he must be using some kind of nanite repairs systems for his structure but hes not doing much damage to us in return. Lets get out of here and re-evalutate, helm engage warp drive."
"Sir we our navcomp is being disrupted!"
"Get that Wolf, all drones and nos engage, he must be the jaming ship"
"Sir, the Wolf is down but we are unable to jump, its the Apoc who is jamming us!"
"Damnit! keep the shields up draw power from anywhere you can we should have reinforcement coming!"
"Roger that sir!"

At this moment the signals officer received an alert from Galnet from a flagged post, a message had been added by Sarchez.

"Sir, flags here Sarchez has posted on that thread you flagged for alerts."
"Save it I'll check it after we get out of this mess, engineering report!"
"Sir we have all systems running on emergency power but something is draining our reserves I can't hold the shields up their are failing!!......"
"Damnit, they weren't supposed to be using Amarr ships, goddamn intelligence spooks I'll have their guts for garters, flags give me ship wide and get to an escape pod."

The shipwide klaxon sounded and Admiral Strikeclones voice was heard by every crew member.

"All hands this is the Captain, abandon ship!, all hands I repeat abandon ship!"

Everywhere in the ship there was a moment of complete shocked silence as the crew absorbed that one sentence. But supprised and dismayed they maybe, well trained and diciplined they were even more, they began to execute evacuation drills. Everywhere crew doned envirosuits and boarded their designated escape craft. Within a minute of the order being given the escape pods and skiffs began to launch and make their run for safety.

On the Bridge Strikeclone continued to fight the Apoc, to try to cover the evacuation of thousands of crew and dependents.
"Get those drones and nos on that Apoc, prehaps we can still salvage this!"
"Sir shields have collapsed we are taking direct hits now, enemy ships status is holding steady its over sir!" We have to bail out.

As Strikeclone and the remaining bridge crew blast away from the striken Raven a cruel twist of fate caused the pod to hit a small bit of wreckage, causing the pods to occillate and turn bringing the dying 'Death Touch' into view of the portals.
Strikeclone watched in dread facination as the laser fire from the Apoc punctured the main engine core, his face bathed in the pure white brilliance of the miniature sun that had been his ship.
As the Glow faded and the crew warped the escape pod away, the fading light glinted from the tears in his eyes.

The bridge crew continued to evade the Rogue patrols for sometime, giving Strikeclone time to assess the damage. Apart from the valuable equipment on the Raven, his death count had been rather low due to the efficient evactuation of the crew. But the contents of the Galnet messge posted by Sarchez was devastating, the victims of the terrorist had made a seperate peace with the Rogues, and the expected help from the Lonetrek community had not materialized. The fact of being out numbered and out gunned was evident, and with no reinforcements forthcoming Strikeclone saw only one option.


The terrorist had won were the Guristas had not.

Falke Chasseur

Posted - 2006.04.21 11:43:00 - [15]

I have found a few communications placed in this channel by error, I have removed them and would ask that any further communications not related to the current topic of the channel be reported via the proper channel. -Falke Chasseur

Jon Xylur
Posted - 2006.04.21 13:16:00 - [16]

This communication didn't seem to fit the topic at-hand. -Falke

Falke Chasseur

Posted - 2006.04.21 13:38:00 - [17]

The originator of these communications has asked my department to clean this channel to help in the focus of the topic. Please refrain from posting anything that deviates even a little from the main topic. -Falke


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