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Posted - 2003.09.07 12:21:00 - [31]

I'm not sure how well that warp bubble thing would hold up in a science lab... Warping as I use the term means space-folding.

A nice analogy would be the gravity reference. Picture a trampoline, parallel with the ground, then picture laying a bowling ball gently on that trampoline. You see the surface of the trampoline expand and dip. This is what gravity does to spacetime.

To demonstrate further, roll a smaller ball along the trampolines surface. You'll see its arc curve towards the bowling ball. This is how large masses draw smaller masses in. Orbit is an equilibrium thats reached between the spacial bodys starting velocity(from the big bang) and the force of gravity the larger body provides.

This is an example of expanding space. Just like the trampolines surface was expanded. Of course space is 3d, and the trampoline is pretty much a 2d example, but lets not complicate. Surely then if the force was opposed, it would contract space? And that, my friends, is warp as simply as I can possibly explain it.

Anyone want me to talk about Black Holes? Black Holes are even more confusing Twisted Evil

Azure Skyclad
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Posted - 2003.09.10 00:54:00 - [32] Shocked

Posted - 2003.09.10 12:42:00 - [33]

Information *can* travel faster than light. This is based on the quantum entanglement that Einstein is said to have called strange.

Two particles can be entangled (I'm sorry I don't know what the process of this is)
These particles can then be seperated by any distance.
A single particle can be given an information packet and then destroyed.
Its partner instantly assumes the last state of the destroyed particle. It now carries the same information packet.

Now just how this works is beyond me, you would need a phd just to understand the maths of entangling particles.

Einstein also never ruled out FTL travel. He merely stated that light speed was the fastest straight line speed of anything with mass.

One thing Einstein famously said was: Razz

Posted - 2003.09.10 13:17:00 - [34]

Ooo I just thought of a really nice light speed paradox... A spaceship travelling at the speed of light is holding a family of people. Two kids find a ball in the corridor, and one throws it to the other person. At the ships current speed, the ball is already travelling at the speed of light, so the question is whether or not the ball will move forward, for the second child to catch, or stand still in space and make funny noises...?

Actually, everybody in the world can claim they are standing still, and everything around them is moving!! This also holds true for the spaceship ( Right now I am neglecting fields of gravity, but since were in space, they are probably neglible ).

This will mean, that the ball will approach the other child at whatever speed it is thrown. To an outside observer, this may be faster than the speed of light, and because of this, the observer and the children won't agree on when the other child catches the ball!!!!

For reference, read Mr. Tompkins og Brian Green. The first title of a book, the latter super string scientist.

Hopefully some of it makes sence Smile

Posted - 2003.09.16 02:17:00 - [35]

Doesn't make much sense really... But of course it is 3am and I haven't slept yet. Not much makes sense.

It actually is possible to travel faster than the speed of light, but only when dealing with negative energy particles. Tachyons and the like.

I'm not sure what exactly you mean by "information packets", guy whos name I can't remember. Information as we know it now is tranferred by energy pulses(brain-wise), ones and zeros, and elemental particles formed in such a way that they represent letters and symbols that can be distinguished by the human eye.

I don't see any of the above travelling faster than lightspeed on a regular basis. In one of my science-fiction novels I portrayed a way of communicating at faster than light speeds, using tachyon pulses, not unlike morse code.

Nobody took me up on explaining black holes yet... ::twiddles his thumbs::

Posted - 2003.09.16 10:40:00 - [36]

A little clarification.

What i mean is that if 2 people are in deep space moving toward each other, any of them can claim, that they are standing still, and the other person is moving. This holds true, no matter how many people are watching each other, as long as nobody is accelerating.
This way, it may seem that 2 persons are moving with the speed of light, if you are passing by at that speed ( still in deep black space ). But for the 2 persons moving at the same speed, it will seem to them that the 3. person is moving at the speed of light, and they themselves are standing still. Becuase they are standing still, they will be able to throw a ball between each other ( Given dexterity and eye-hand coordination Smile ). But because of the huge relative speed difference between the 3. person and the 2 persons playing ball, what time the persons catch the ball, will be different between the couple and the 3. person.

And now for something completely different.

With information, it is meant that you will be able to influence anything a distance away, say sending a bit to a computer, speaking to a person or throwing a ball. A concept, called radii of operation, is used to desceibe, how far away you will be able to do something, within a given time. This sphere is limited by the speed of light.
This means, that although you can "teleport" particles ( when entangled ), you won't have any influence on what kind of state the other ( here photon pair ) particle will have. It will in essence be a statistical measure, that will specify, what the properties of the particle pair will be; they will still be identical though.
This means, that you can't tell anybody anything on the recieving end. All they will get is static, and this will uphold the law that information can't travel faster than light. You will not be able to influence the particle outside you sphere of influence, but only measure what state it already had.

Some of the terms might not be right, but most of the theory should be. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Posted - 2003.09.17 03:53:00 - [37]

Edited by: LJSilver on 17/09/2003 04:03:17

ken ye: G = 8 π T

but: R = - G

so: R = - 8 π T

and Arrrrggggggg... its all curvature me m8s!!

Antonio Fratianni Corp
Posted - 2003.09.19 10:37:00 - [38]

Can anyone tell im electrons are orbiting around the core of the atom with speed greater then speed of light? I missed that class in school so please help.Laughing

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