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Elise Masutra
Tleilex Manufacturing
Posted - 2005.08.09 11:16:00 - [1]

Edited by: Elise Masutra on 09/08/2005 11:17:16
for all those who want to visit the GC-germany (biggest computer games fair in europe) here is just another reason to do so:

"Yes EVE will be at the Games convention. We will be in collaboration with the Sci-Fi channel, next to the Giga stage, Hall 4, booth b02.

More information will be posted at:
In the next days.

We will be demoing the game on two works stations and we intend to give away 10.000 disks with 14 day trial.

This might also be the event where we would publish a brand new Trailer from EVE!

Please pass on the word in the German EVE community so we can have as many EVE players there as possible :)"

so jump into your EVE t-shirts and start converting all the people you meet there to new EVE subscribers Wink

and this maybe a good place to meet other players in rl
and just to be sure we say all together: "there are no other games beside EVE!"

looking foreward to see you all there

edited for spelling Laughing

Sensus Numinis
Posted - 2005.08.09 16:24:00 - [2]

Worth visiting it =)

Elise Masutra
Tleilex Manufacturing
Posted - 2005.08.15 11:22:00 - [3]

fresh from CCP's web:
CCP will be pleased to meet you at this year's Leipzig Games Convention, August 18-21.

Armed with our new German Intro sequence, the new German in-game tutorial, a brand spanking new trailer and the release of the Cold War edition we felt it was about time to introduce EVE to the German nation, face to face.

If you are an EVE player in Germany attending the convention, don’t hesitate to swing by and say hi.

At this years GC, CCP will be showing EVE Online: Cold War Edition which is the latest addition to EVE. Cold War Edition introduces many improvements to EVE, among them are:

* Unicode support in the EVE Chat system, allowing players to communicate in their own language
* Reengineered New Player Experience, localized to 9 Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese and Korean

Attending from CCP are: Sigurđur Ólafsson (Marketing Manager), Huni Hinrichsen (Game Designer) and Hagen Burchardt (Software Engineer)

You can find the CCP and EVE Online booth in Hall 4 near gate 4.1.

To arrange meetings with CCP at GC please contact [email protected]

so see u all there Cool


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