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Posted - 2005.07.23 19:23:00 - [1]

Can't right click in space, I have 5 full jet cans of minerals and my hauler can't go and pick them up...

How useless is this!

Time to reboot the servers guys.

Posted - 2005.07.23 19:34:00 - [2]

Stranger, can right click on systems and then asteroid belts to warp to them, but when I warp to the belt we get - no asteroids, no cans just empty space...

And my ship decided to warp somewhere else completely of it's own accord...

3 hours mining completely wasted. Not as if it's particularly fun anyway.

Posted - 2005.07.23 19:37:00 - [3]

Hmm.. sounds like I wont bother mining tonight then... Time to finish harry potter..

Lardarz B'stard
Imperial Shipment
Posted - 2005.07.23 19:53:00 - [4]

wish somebody WOULD finish Harry Potter

Engelious Angelion
Squishy Force
Posted - 2005.07.23 19:53:00 - [5]

the Server node you was one has goane down.

- just got this message

Ortu Konsinni
KIA Corp
KIA Alliance
Posted - 2005.07.23 19:53:00 - [6]

I just got booted and can't log back in.
Was having serious problems just before that, e.g. when I ordered my drones to exit my drone bay, they'd do it but only one at a time, every 10 seconds.
Same when I wanted to scoop them back in.

The Gravedigger Company
Posted - 2005.07.23 19:54:00 - [7]

reboot already !

Burnhard Brutor
Posted - 2005.07.23 19:54:00 - [8]

Yup it's pretty clear that the servers "decided to reboot themselves" (CCP A.I.). Luckily, my characters were all in station.

Rick Dentill
Posted - 2005.07.23 19:54:00 - [9]

yeah I have been bumped out and I have cans out too. Hope my mega is alright

Deadly Addiction
Un-Natural Selection
Posted - 2005.07.23 19:54:00 - [10]

I think the server is down... it has been stuck on '10,663 players' for about 5 minutes now. Unlikely this number would stay the same for that long.

Posted - 2005.07.23 19:55:00 - [11]

Same here, had problems moving stuff from hangar to cargo and back, then everything went slower then got booted. Now I cant log back in.

DarkArch Corp
Posted - 2005.07.23 19:55:00 - [12]

Is anyone getting authenticating - then connection closed??

If so, some info would be nice as to why this is Very Happy

Amy Arkanor
Posted - 2005.07.23 19:56:00 - [13]

Same here "Server node" down...
same stability issues as last big patch...

darth solo
Celestial Apocalypse
Posted - 2005.07.23 19:56:00 - [14]

Originally by: Reeperman
... Time to finish harry potter..

OMG, thats just sick bro.

d solo.

Posted - 2005.07.23 19:56:00 - [15]

It's a gonner. News update please CCP.

Asharee Intrefer
Their Damnedest Day
Posted - 2005.07.23 19:56:00 - [16]

Booted, can't log back on. Wondering if I should get a life that involves something else than playing games all saturday night... Wink

Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2005.07.23 19:56:00 - [17]

I was just facing a BS, 2 Cruiser and 4 x webbing intie spawn when it went down for me.

So long, Raven Sad

Posted - 2005.07.23 19:57:00 - [18]

Yep the server lost it's nodes again :)

Alia Valentine
Posted - 2005.07.23 19:57:00 - [19]

Just got kicked, and my skill was about to finish training. Annoying....

Carbide Industries
Posted - 2005.07.23 19:57:00 - [20]

wonderful. im betting i wont get my skill training time back, as my skill just finished...Evil or Very Mad

Lyra VX
Pretty Riders
Posted - 2005.07.23 19:57:00 - [21]

I was mid-warp to a 0.4 belt when I got kicked off Shocked

EvilRedEye II
Posted - 2005.07.23 19:57:00 - [22]

*sigh* it'll be sorted out as soon as =) nothing that can be accomplished by complaining here :P

Posted - 2005.07.23 19:57:00 - [23]

Got dropped by server and can't log back in. Fortunately I was outside a station in 0.0 with 20 hostiles in system Laughing

Mirkur Draug'Tyr
Posted - 2005.07.23 19:58:00 - [24]

Larson, snap.

/emote whispers a prayer

Engelious Angelion
Squishy Force
Posted - 2005.07.23 19:58:00 - [25]

cant log in RebootCool

Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2005.07.23 19:59:00 - [26]

Well, at the risk of flames...

...I understand computers enough to know that they are hideously complicated and software is just that. Add networking, Internetworking and the like and you got rats nest of things to troubleshoot. Thank you CCP for endeavouring to fix things.

On the other hand, a monkey could add a news message somewhere where a player can find out wtf is going on the past few days. says nothing new, and nothing in My Character screen on Eve-Online. THIS SUCKS. Please could someone tell us whats going wrong? And if someone knows of a thread explaining all these problems (day 3 now) can you put me out of my misery and tell me where it is?


Stressed Out Eve player.

MaiLina KaTar
Posted - 2005.07.23 20:00:00 - [27]

Normally I don't resort to whining but this is starting to annoy the crap out of me.

Server performance sucks big time since 2 days.

What's going on CCP?

Alia Valentine
Posted - 2005.07.23 20:00:00 - [28]

Originally by: Asharee Intrefer
Booted, can't log back on. Wondering if I should get a life that involves something else than playing games all saturday night... Wink

You mean there are things other than games?!? Shocked

Dear god man, its the temptations of the devil, dont fall for it!

Matthias Ungabii
Zor Industries
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2005.07.23 20:00:00 - [29]


Closing Connection.

It's still telling me it's online with 10,663 players? This universal(no pun intended)?

HDCamper Itsim
Posted - 2005.07.23 20:00:00 - [30]

yeah - training real life to level 1 - currently...

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