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Posted - 2003.07.16 04:00:00 - [1]

Ok guys, I'm looking to get a THORAX and i'm not sure on what to equip it with. I've heard many, MANY ways to go about this, but I want to hear some more opinions on this. Should I go with Rails or what. And i also need info on the med and low slots.


Posted - 2003.07.16 07:01:00 - [2]

Edited by: Darckense on 22/07/2003 06:33:17
My personal load out is as follows
Hi Slots
2x250mm Compressed coil with Thorium ammo
3xDual 150mm Proto Gauss with Thorium ammo
1 small looted graviton smartbomb
Medium Slots
1 y-s8 afterburner
1 anointed em ward
1 medium c5-l shield booster
Low slots
2 fa-q delay line
1 magnetic vortex stabiliser
2 power diagnostic 1

Edit notes
Corrected the y-t8 to a y-s8 (it is an ab, not a mwd). The f-aq delay line gives tracking speed and range bonus if i remember correctly.
Dropped the overdrive for another f-aq, dropped the smart bomb for another dual 150.

Ilia Volyova
Posted - 2003.07.16 07:46:00 - [3]

You might want to add that the y-t8 is in fact a MWD despite it's name..

What is this fa-q delay line?

Edited by: Ilia Volyova on 16/07/2003 07:46:29

Achmed Twenty
Posted - 2003.07.16 09:22:00 - [4]

there r also y-t8 afterburners

Posted - 2003.07.16 10:12:00 - [5]

which are called Y-S8 :)

22nd Black Rise Defensive Unit
Posted - 2003.07.16 13:51:00 - [6]

3x 250mm compressed coil rails w/ uranium
2x 150mm gauss rails w/ antimatter

medium c5-l shield booster
ys-8 afterburner
anointed em ward

3x power diag units
2x some item that does -10% to cap max and +20% cap recharge

DRONE: 6 wasps, otw to 8.

My cap max is about 1100 or something w/ a recharge of 189. W/ this setup and only rank III in controlled bursts I've never run out of cap by just firing my 250's, and I think all five guns eventually equalize w/ cap recharge as well.

I find this is a very solid setup for NPC hunting, and does well in the few pvp fights I've had to commit to. It's not really a LONG RANGE setup, but w/ sharpshooter at III or IV you can do solid damage at like 24km. I have nav IV, too, so w/ my afterburner and my ship going 254m/s I have no problem keeping range on enemies.

Note: YOu shouldn't use anything but hybrids w/ a thorax.

Torval Sontu
Posted - 2003.07.16 16:49:00 - [7]

Right only use hybrids or mining lasers on a thorax :).

Joshua Calvert
Rule One
Posted - 2003.07.16 21:02:00 - [8]

FA-Q Delay Line is a range/tracking enhancer.

Macabre Votum
Posted - 2003.07.16 22:39:00 - [9]

<<3x 250mm compressed coil rails w/ uranium
2x 150mm gauss rails w/ antimatter

medium c5-l shield booster
ys-8 afterburner
anointed em ward

3x power diag units
2x some item that does -10% to cap max and +20% cap recharge

DRONE: 6 wasps, otw to 8.>>

This is config for medium-short range fight, but I hardly can call it Long range. Long range is range that is more than 25.000m. For Long range you should use as much 250mm gauss guns with Thorium or Iridium charges, as your Thorax can handle w/o power modules. Use your low slots for tracking enchasers , one medium slot for MWD/AB , the rest is up to you what fit there. If you do it right you should be able to hit target from 35km and further with 100% accuracy. Drones for Thorax are necessarily, as this is his advantage and must be used.

Edited by: Amorex on 16/07/2003 22:39:53

Posted - 2003.07.17 15:05:00 - [10]

3 250mm rail guns with iridium for long range
2 heavy particle beams with multifreq for short range

1 med shield
1 good afterburner
1 armor repair

low slots
1 heat sink
1 mag coil
1 photonic cpu enhancer
1 power diagnostic
1 thing that gives armor, cap recharge(forget name)

Internet Tough Guys Inc.
Posted - 2003.07.17 16:34:00 - [11]

3x 250mm guass
1x Anode heavy Ion canon
1x duel 150mm gauss.

medium shield booster
Tracking computer

3x magnetic stablizer (or better)
2x power grid boosters.

Does over 130 dmg a hit with the guass out to around 30k range with thorium ammo. Plus that Heavy anode ion with plutonium ammo can do over 200 dmg at like 2k range.

Posted - 2003.07.18 16:43:00 - [12]

Shield extender any use or does a medium shield booster do the trick?

Posted - 2003.07.18 18:52:00 - [13]

Personally, I've always prefered shield boosters to shield extenders, but some people use them so either extenders are good for something or those people aren't equpping their ships properly. I'll let you decide on that.

Nerhtal Al'Thali
Nisroc Angels
The Obsidian Front
Posted - 2003.07.18 19:12:00 - [14]

2744 shields on a MOA is nice :) but thats without a shield booster...

2200+ capacitor on my blackbird witha recharge rate of 221

but commonly i have 1700ish cap with 221s recharge rate this allows me to use modules and shield boosters like nothing on earth...can keep 2 shield hardners running indefinately!

November Corporation
Posted - 2003.07.18 20:25:00 - [15]

ehm, put 5 250mm rails on a thorax, load up some long range ammo and let the damage fly

Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2003.07.19 00:21:00 - [16]

how much do the 250mm gauss go for?

Posted - 2003.07.21 22:34:00 - [17]

I used to set my Thorax for long range (25km+) but since most of the time PvP fights happen at shorter than that i've gone for medium. The fact is, most enemies will warp in- or u warp in to them- at below 30km. Within the time it takes for you to lock on they can close to 20km, at which point you are screwed if you are set up for long range. Hybrids have **** tracking, and so are only effective within their optimal range. Thank god the Thorax has drones, which can be used to fight anything below your optimal range, but you may still get roasted.
Another issue is that if your aiming to stay 30km from your enemy, your drones must fly 29km till they can open fire. If a cruiser bound pilot trains his fire on your drones, he will have shot them to shreds b4 they get in range.

Therefore, i advise you to go for medium range. i have all my guns zeroed in to 20k.

2x 250mm comressed coils
3x 150mm prototype gauss guns

1x Large C5-L shield booster
1x Y-S8 hydrocarbon
1x Micro Shield Extender

1x Partial Hull Conversion
2x Magnetic thingy majig (the 1 that increase hybrid dmg)
2x Tracking Enhancer

November Corporation
Posted - 2003.07.22 17:20:00 - [18]

a micro shield extender on a Thorax?
what a way to waste a medium slot.. for what? 25 extra shields? lol

its bad enough we only get 3 med slots, why must you waste them! why!!Sad

Ms ArchIQ
Posted - 2003.07.23 08:10:00 - [19]

I'm currently using 3 250 compressed coils...but before that I equipped with 4 250 RGs...however, due to the cap drain + the powergrid hogging of those 250...I just put on 3 and decent med/low slot modules. I figured more and faster cap/shield recharge...would keep you alive longer...than...more guns.

But it does kill faster with 4 also kills you faster too...:)

archangel sean
Pelennor Swarm
Posted - 2003.07.23 08:16:00 - [20]


Thorax is a pretty ship.....

the main reason why I chose Gallante, even though I hate mining.:)

Posted - 2003.07.23 09:07:00 - [21]

the only reason for a micro shield extender is coz i had the space free, but bugger all power or cap left. it was the most useful thing i could fit with my limited resources.

Don Karlos
Don Kreations
Posted - 2003.07.23 14:12:00 - [22]

Edited by: Don Karlos on 23/07/2003 14:13:40

Well I used to hunt NPC pirates (20-40k) in my Vexor, instead of the Thorax, for the simple fact that I could hold more of the loot. Post patch( 1113) I use my thorax with the following set up.

3x 250 rail guns
1x electron particle cannon

2x afterburners
1x med shield or phton damping

1x reactor core
1x power diagnostic
1x overdrive
1x wepon mod
1x range mod

8x wasps

This set-up seems to work for me as i can put down most 3 spawns (20-50k) soloCool I hunt at a range of 30k to 20k.

ps yes, most modules are the pirate kind Wink

Posted - 2003.07.23 21:49:00 - [23]

thats only 4 hi slots....
today i got really ****ed off coz i lost 8 wasps to a freaking marauder. how you ask? good F'ing question. they weren't being shot at, so maybe a lucky torpedo? anyone know id NPCs use smart bombs?

I've never b4 lost all my drones to 1 NPC- at this rate being a drone fighter is gonna cost my corp heavily Confused

Posted - 2003.07.25 11:50:00 - [24]

2 x Heavy Ion Blasters
1 x Heavy Netron Blaster
2 x Quad Light Lasers with MultiSpectrum Crystals (for massive damage increase)

1 x MWD
1 X Web Stasifier
1 x V-M15 Braced Multispectral Shield

1 x Kpeteyn Sensor Inhibitor EW Module
1 x Magnetic Armor and Repairer
3 x Tracking Enhancers

Posted - 2003.07.25 20:23:00 - [25]

Edited by: Kaleb on 25/07/2003 20:23:53
3 x 250mm Compressed or Prototype Railguns
2 x 150mm Prototype Railguns

1 C-15 Med Booster
1 Digitronal (sp) Shield Hardener
1 LiF Booster

3x Magnetic Field Stabalizers (Magnetic Vortex IIs idealy)
2x Type-D Power Diagnostic Controls

This gives me about 5.2 dmg mod. I use Uranium ammo for the medium and iridium for the small turrets. To adjust your range to longe, use iridium in the mediums and iron or lead ammo in the smalls.

I dont think there's a better setup. Maybe using a reactor control you could mount 4 250mm prototypes and lose the 150s, with the correct skill levels.

- Kaleb Cool

Dash Ripcock
Posted - 2003.07.28 02:20:00 - [26]

I recently purchased my Thorax, so the skills and the equipment aren't quite up to scratch. Here's what I use:


3 * 250mm Rail w/ Iridium
2 * 150mm Rail w/ Uranium/Thorium


1 * Med Shield Booster
1 * Afterburner
1 * ECM (varies)


1 * Power Diag
1 * Reactor Control
2 * Co-processors
1 * Magnetic stabilisers

As for the drones, I am working on the skill, so at the moment I am using Hammerheads. I use the 250mms for around 20-30Km, then turn the 150mms on at 10Km and under. This set-up will quite happily deal with NPC pirates, although I am yet to try and take on another pilot.

If anyone can highlight any improvements that could be made, I am all ears.

archangel sean
Pelennor Swarm
Posted - 2003.07.28 04:20:00 - [27]

4x250 ciols, 1xelectron particle
small clarity ward, 2 loot cap rechargers
3 RCUs, 2 power diags.

Best Setup yet. can take 5-6 20-30k NPC cruiers alone. with minimum sweat.


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