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Posted - 2005.07.14 23:59:00 - [1]

we get the picture! its stealing btw and stealing isnt allowed.

Posted - 2005.07.15 00:01:00 - [2]

If he was banned, he was banned for breaking the rules. Claiming an escrow can never be against the rules so I figure he's jsut lying about the reason he was banned. He was probably banned for mouthing off to someone and getting a harassment petition against him and just lied to everyone about the reason. It's a more reasonable conclusion than that CCP decided to ban him for doing something legitimately.

Cut Throats And Wise Guys
Posted - 2005.07.15 00:02:00 - [3]

I must say, this all sounds rather strange. Claiming an excrow? Was the escrow from a know exploiter then?

Sengir Warrior
Posted - 2005.07.15 00:03:00 - [4]

No he was banned for claiming escrow. What has happened is that the GM took the petition at face value and has banned him merely on this other players word that they were 'stolen', not bought from escrow.

So, in summary.

1. They were bought from escrow.
2. Unfortunate seller petitioned saying they were stolen, not bought.
3. GM Believed sellers story and banned without getting others side.
4. This is ridiculous.

Interstellar Brotherhood of Gravediggers
Privateer Alliance
Posted - 2005.07.15 00:04:00 - [5]

Nope he was banned because he claimed escrowed BPOs that someone else screwed up on the pricing and convinced a GM he was stolen from through a bug/exploit that simply can't exist

Posted - 2005.07.15 00:05:00 - [6]

Well said!

Toshiro Khan
Posted - 2005.07.15 00:05:00 - [7]

You made bunny cry for spamming the forums about how your mate, got busted for doing something he shouldn't and is claiming it was down to escrow.

shame on you for making bunny cry and shame on him for being a naughty.


Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2005.07.15 00:05:00 - [8]



Uther Agnoius
Black Nova Corp
Posted - 2005.07.15 00:05:00 - [9]

sounds like foul play. stealing is allowed in game...


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