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Maya Rkell
Third Grade Ergonomics
Posted - 2005.07.08 16:59:00 - [31]

mm...a LOT of the missions have their parts avaliable elsewhere, too.

Eye of God
Posted - 2005.07.08 17:25:00 - [32]

for me..
I have decided to train up archaeology and hacking first before even messing with these missions.

also having our corp members wait on these for the first "wave" of mission freaks to do them so they can actually do these missions without waiting in line..

without training up archaeology and hacking you might miss out on some very good stuff with these missions, and that would be a waste.

Iece Quaan
Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2005.07.08 22:19:00 - [33]

There were two other guys besides me wanting to get in on a 10 minute spawn for Will You Help? (1 of 2). The dogtags aren't even 100% dropped. That's pretty ridiculous, luckily everyone seems to be respecting each other's spawns.

Still, camping is pretty lame.

Posted - 2005.07.09 03:26:00 - [34]

Edited by: Vernius on 09/07/2005 03:41:25
Originally by: Hakzuzu
You know, people that aren't used to camping find it very very frustrating. But just remember to past games how common it was to find an NPC and then have him drop nothing. That is part of the game...get over it. I'm amazed that I keep reading all of these people up in arms over, "I didn't get my drop....wahhhhh."

Have you ever played another online game???

Earth and Beyond was famous for this as well as many others. People just need to readjust their thinking and patience. I remember camping a spawn for 12 hours just to get miguel....but in the was worth it....


So this game has to be the crap mob camping that all the other games on the market are? Guild Wars 4tw then! You are saying that wasting stupidly long periods of time sitting around waiting for an npc to appear and taking your chances against at least another dozen people who probably don't need that item but will most likely take it, is supposed to be the norm? WTF sort of thinking is that? Maybe you have the time to sit in front of the screen for 12 hours in the same spot, but most other people don't. I understand that they probably did this so only a few could get the rare rewards instead of everybody, but at least give everyone a fair chance by instancing it and making it stupidly impossible like 10/10 complexes or at least restrict mission items to the specific players who need them, not this whoever has won a paint drying watching competition has the best chance deal.....I can't wait for COSMOS to come out in 0.0, so I can at least blow the people waiting in line in front of me up!

Dark Shikari
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2005.07.09 05:46:00 - [35]

Edited by: Dark Shikari on 09/07/2005 05:46:18
Oh my god please no no no no no no no.

No camping. No no no no no.

Seriously devs, this is the first step to EVE becoming Everquest in space. Don't do this.

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2005.07.09 13:32:00 - [36]

You think thats great? I camped a deadspace beacon for 5 hours trying to get Drifter Spur's... I scouted around the system and found a better location where they spawn, but that was much higher level than the mission was on, so I got two corp mates to come in AF's and wipe the floor of that complex, so we all got the tags within 3-4 more hours.

That mission sucked, all for a 30,000 reward I believe (time bonus is impossible, even in the better area).

Oh but its ok, its just one ****ty mission chain, lets try another agent.

The Caldari Migrants - Reconnaissance Point 2 (2 of 5)
The pirates responsibile for stealing the data may be located ANYWHERE within the constellation. If you miraculously find the computer chips, then return to me and I will reward you generously.

on a side note, the generous reward is 200k. To scour asteroid belts ALL OVER THE ****ING CONSTELLATION FOR HOURS.

New Rule: 0.0 trolls are no longer allowed to whine about missions.

The Scope
Posted - 2005.07.09 16:22:00 - [37]

EVE doesn't need camping.

Devs pls stop playing everquest footsie.

Exploration Inc
Posted - 2005.07.11 15:15:00 - [38]

I've done a few COSMOS missions now and most have been okay but I have had a few missions that required me to camp until I got the tags I needed. Some of these were worse than others.

For example one mission required me to get 3 miners (person not module) and I sat in this deadspace area for 2 days trying to get them. Not once did a ship drop them. Luckily they did drop the odd one for other players and because I managed to collect soooo many other mission items waiting for the miners I was able to trade to get them. But still 2 days to complete a simple mission with a crap reward!

The problem is not just the respawn rate though, its that when the rats do respawn they either don't drop a can or the can has nothing useful. If the rats dropped the items more often then the rat respawns would not be so bad.

Biohit Corp
Posted - 2005.07.17 21:20:00 - [39]

Even if the complex you need to get items from is empty, you just cant get items from rats fast enough to complete mission in bonus time.

Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2005.07.18 01:14:00 - [40]

Edited by: Drutort on 18/07/2005 01:15:49
Camping and loot stealing killed a lot of games, I don’t know why the devs didn’t go the other approach, im not talking about like WOW went that’s a bit extreme but instances are nice way to at least limit the loot and npcs to 1 person or the group that is working together.

Oh BTW when will the agent system accept with teams? I mean come on, this is a bit lame you expect people to work together on lvl4’s yet there is no way to fully reward everyone, and only 1 person gets most of the rewards…

It should have been thought trough very well before doing the agent changes… and such a team based system was and IS a must!

Caeden Nicomachean
The Older Gamers
Posted - 2005.07.18 01:22:00 - [41]

No way to do instances, ala ldons?


Masuat'aa Matari
Posted - 2005.07.18 11:58:00 - [42]

Ive spent a good while myself trying to get items needed to access other missions, the main problem being that because the victims are in deadspace they dont drop, which can make it quite tiresome.

On the plus side it brings players together, I`ve helped out a few people and also been helped, one very nice fellow gave me one of the keys I needed. People have been sharing bookmarks, helping out where needed.

So there are problems but as a counterpoint alot of people are pulling together and helping each other out. Which is good right!?

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