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Vel Kyri
Empire Assault Corp
Dead Terrorists
Posted - 2003.07.13 14:55:00 - [1]

The hanger bay reverberated from the crowd's shouting. The old man looked out over the bay - taking in the massed crowd of supporters below him, the various Amarrian warships docked on the hanger floor, the sweeping arches of the true Amarrian architecture.

All was good.

"My lord", a younger man knelt to the side, seeking permission to rise.
"Yes Uri?"
"The preparations have been made my Lord."
"Good." The old man slowly stood - towering above the surrounding guards, his traditional robes lying heavily about his thin frame - "It is time to sound a wake up call to my cousins."

Ripples of movement spread throughout the crowd as power-armoured troops spread amongst them. The faceless suits inspiring awe amongst the collected peoples. The troops took up defensive locations and looked ready for any
trouble. One stirke from them would punch a hole in a starship, and their ceremonial pole-arms were not only able cut a man in two but also strike down their enemies from afar with powerful lasers inbuilt.

As they stopped and stood at the ready, a hush slowly fell on the crowd - only the sound of heavy machinery in the background intruded. Many people bowed their heads or even knelt as the old man - Tuoni Kyri - rose up upon the podium and lookout out over them with his blackened eyes. He reached up to his collar and pressed. The hanger bay speakers began to
broadcast the rustle of his robes. The crowd looked up at the gently smiling old man.

"My brothers and sisters, fellow loyalists. I am glad you have come to hear this old man speak his humble thoughts"

Scattered laughter came from the crowd - and a few calls rang out - speach!. The old man made a gesture for silence, and the crowd hushed in

"I have worked many long years for my empire, and my people. I have worked many years in many systems, i have raised countless millions to further the cause of the Amarr people, devoted my life to giving you greatness. But i have received nothing for my work"

There were some gasps, and even one or two calls of "gallente!" The old man smiled gentle and shook his head.

"wait, please - do not misunderstand me my friends! I do not seek for any worldy gain. I never asked for money or power, and have not been given any, what i did look for was the rebirth of my brothers and sisters, for my children to be raised in an honourable and traditional way, for the Amarr people to flourish and rise to strength and properity."

Tuoni looked into the crowd, and his shoulders visibly sagged.

"But i see before me a mass of people who have struggled and been beaten down. Who also have little to show for their loyalty to the Emperor and people of Amarr, who are being pushed towards the outskirts, forgotten, and replaced. CONCORD police, Caldari fighters, Gallente traders, and Minmatar cheap labour."

"We are no longer who we once were - no longer a honourable and strong people in our own lands, but slaves to foreign powers."

"But i say - NO MORE!"

A powerful cheer came from the massed crowd. Fists were shaken, cries of anger were heard. Tuoni saw a number of Imperial Guardsmen joinging in amidst the crowd - their orders to stop this rally seemingly forgotten.

"No longer are our Amarrian communities prepared to wait for the "crumbs off the table" but we are prepared to organise, to define our needs and make the necessary demands for the resources to do the job. We will no longer wait for the powers that be to give us what we need, but we will take it!

"Does anybody really think that we can be stopped, deflected or intimidated away from our determination to represent our people?

There was a resounding cry "NO!"

"We will shake off the shakles of these so called politicians who seek to destroy our faith, traditions, and religion. Who make us follow their foriegn ways, to make us as dishonourable as they are! We shall not turn
from our God, from our people, from our honour!"

In the distance there was the sound of scuffling. Tuoni could see in the distance a number of CONCORD security coming into the hanger.

"We will show these interlopers that the cannot take our voice, or our honour. Does it not say in the scriptures, that God commanded us to 'bring my light to the darkness' and yet we are forced to hide in our few systems while so many revel in the darkness"

The crowd roared at's approval!

Tuoni gestured at the approaching CONCORD security "and will we let those faithless heathens silence the word of God?"


"And if i fall, who will continue my work? Who will speak out for our people, and out faith?"


The crowd turned on the CONCORD security now in its midst, shots rang out and the crys of injured people. Sirens began their harsh call.

"Amarr, Awaken!"

Severe McCald
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2003.07.18 10:47:00 - [2]

Thanks for commenting on my story.

To return the compliment, here's my reaction to yours.

I liked the tone of your relative's speech (what relation is he supposed to be, by the way?), it had the right level of gravitas. I also liked the crowd reaction, which was like a conversation with the speech maker. This helped create the atmosphere of tension.

I was a bit puzzled by the armoured guys who could punch through ships. Were they the same guys who were supposed to stop the rally, but joined in? If they were civilian police they seem a little overarmed. Also, if they were the police, who were the security guys who turn up at the end? But these are just quibbles, the feeling of place and occasion were very good.


Vel Kyri
Empire Assault Corp
Dead Terrorists
Posted - 2003.07.19 13:14:00 - [3]

yeah - the story does need some work... The guards were "power armours" - just some colour - they were supposed to be "royal guard" type thing...
they are on the speakers side..

i'll try writing mroe (ps - the guy is supposed to be a uncle or something)

Eve Defence Force
Posted - 2003.07.29 19:37:00 - [4]

Woow! isnt that the girl??

Varjo you should become a writer!
make a book regarding eve etc, i promiss i will buy it! please make a book!!! and get it realeased u will become a famous writer someday!! wow, this is impressive i must say!
very good dear corp mate!

Sacred Blade
Sabaoth Incorporated
Posted - 2003.08.13 00:23:00 - [5]

Indeed lovely, hehe you never cease to amaze girl. :)

Have a good day Citizens

Tuoni Kyri
Posted - 2004.01.28 06:20:00 - [6]

These sentiments have not changed with time, but only grown stronger.

The people of Amarr need to awaken.

Vel Kyri
Empire Assault Corp
Dead Terrorists
Posted - 2004.03.10 10:22:00 - [7]

After all this time, and still the Amarr empire sleeps and dreams of its old glories...

Metatron Incorporated
Posted - 2004.03.10 13:03:00 - [8]

Edited by: Stalis on 10/03/2004 21:18:26
Impressive, I like your style.

Perhaps more out there believe in the glorious reenactment of the reclaiming.

Have a glorius day, Citizen.

Metatron Incorporated
Posted - 2004.03.12 00:07:00 - [9]

Ahh my blood boils with excitment everytime someone mentions the reclaiming. Even though Sabaoth have fallen the remnant has ALWAYS supported the reclaiming. The day is coming when we will awaken the true Amarr ways.

Have an exciting day citizens.


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