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Brogan Dagarkin
Posted - 2005.11.22 06:48:00 - [241]

This thread may have run it's course but we haven't heard from any Dev's yet (whether it's even possible or if it's something they will/won't consider). Somehow it made it to the bottom of page 2.

This is a great idea and I won't bump it again but I just wanted to see if anyone else had any more comments to add.

Serina Seduia
Cynosural United Nuclear Technical Scientists
Posted - 2005.11.22 11:40:00 - [242]


But what if a player keeps playing while he/she is afk? Or starting to chat again? Would the afk sign be switched off? And..can you still read the chat while being afk?

Aeid Nomais
Posted - 2005.11.22 15:11:00 - [243]


Posted - 2005.11.22 15:11:00 - [244]

Signed. I hope the devs see this.

EB Xile
The Scope
Posted - 2005.11.22 23:58:00 - [245]


Navek Krone
Old Farts
Imperial Republic Of the North
Posted - 2005.11.23 14:08:00 - [246]

Signed crossed and dotted.........Laughing

Posted - 2005.11.23 19:31:00 - [247]

It may well run its course, but I will continue to bump it until a Response is made. It seems like whining only gets CCP's attention. If thats the case, here you go CCP.

/whine /whine /whine /whine /whine /whine /whine /whine /whine /whine /whine /whine /whine /whine /whine /whine /whine /whine

Pericol Public
Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2005.11.24 11:19:00 - [248]


NaitSaiht Sabes
Tri Optimum
Posted - 2005.11.25 18:46:00 - [249]

usefull :)


Dark Big
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2005.11.25 19:06:00 - [250]


Posted - 2005.11.26 11:08:00 - [251]


DarkStar 1
Posted - 2005.11.26 18:39:00 - [252]

althought i wish it was true! this fourms does get no to little attenion from the DEVS place a new post on the discussion fourms :)

but for what its worth


Dao 2
Posted - 2005.11.27 00:27:00 - [253]

awesome ;p signed go for it

spiffy pictures btw

Posted - 2005.11.27 23:23:00 - [254]


btw lovely EVE UI designer person, get to work! :D

Senkei Jin
Posted - 2005.12.04 22:24:00 - [255]

topic res from another topic link and....


Achilles Thorongmor
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2005.12.05 04:10:00 - [256]


Sakira LeCastantas
Posted - 2005.12.05 04:12:00 - [257]


Daisho Syndicate
Posted - 2005.12.05 18:12:00 - [258]

I sign as well.

Posted - 2005.12.06 23:02:00 - [259]

almost 10 pages and not a single response yet. gg
just lock it up instead of teasing me to believe that one day this will happen

Aleria Angelis
Eleutherian Guard
Posted - 2005.12.07 01:33:00 - [260]

Great Idea! definatly make things simpler


Posted - 2005.12.08 19:29:00 - [261]


Brogan Dagarkin
Posted - 2005.12.09 02:42:00 - [262]

9 pages and still no Dev comments (not even a "We'll look into this" or "This is not going to happen").

In fact do Dev's even read this forum?? I haven't seen a post by a Dev since Oveur back at the beginning of November (now on page 6). Prior to that you have to go back to page 16 to the 9 September.

Why does the general discussion forum get so much attention from Dev's while those of us with ideas on game improvements get nothing? I would love to see some comments from Dev's on some of our ideas. This may allow us to start a sticky with links to previous ideas (and Dev responses) that answers common requests such "Skill queues", "Instancing" "First Person Views" etc, etc.

Come on dev's Where's the love???

Mnengli Noiliffe
Posted - 2005.12.09 09:06:00 - [263]

Too often do I notice that when the server spots no user activity for certain period, it silently drops connection so when you try something you get login screen. It might be a network bug but because it happens only after being afk for a while or keeping client minimized (while being active with the alt account), I see it as a strong evidence that this is intentional - CCP tries to keep server load less by getting rid of afk people, even if unofficially.

For this reason I dont' think devs want you to go afk while eve client is running, so to them putting afk indicator on will mean you should be disconnected from the server. This option is already implemented - just close your EVE client application.

Mnengli Noiliffe
Posted - 2005.12.09 09:15:00 - [264]

Another proof.
There is an afk button in Windows 2000 (and the like) - you press ctrl+alt+del, you push "lock workstation" and all access to machine is locked until current user's password is entered.
I always do it when going afk for awhile. The problem with EVE is that when I do it, EVE client just closes, effectively refusing to work when it knows for sure that the user is being afk. Pretty self-explaining behavior I believe...

Misty Love
Posted - 2005.12.16 23:32:00 - [265]


Posted - 2005.12.17 00:00:00 - [266]


9 Pages with no reply. Why? Is it not possible, too much net traffic, or is it simply that pretty much all staff are working on other things?

BTW, An "I'm in the $*@&" would be nice. And realistic for me Razz

Jon Anser
Posted - 2005.12.17 00:17:00 - [267]


Northstar Cabal
Posted - 2005.12.17 01:15:00 - [268]

my colours never update though... even online friends show as offline :(

Darkblade Technologies
Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate
Posted - 2005.12.17 08:14:00 - [269]

I've signed this before, and I shall sign it again! C'mon Devs.. implement it! And yeah recently my online/offline indicators have stopped working... ever since RMR.

Ion Shape
Phoibe Enterprises
Peregrine Nation
Posted - 2005.12.17 20:34:00 - [270]

I'm not in a player corp.
But it has my vote!

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