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Soltaria Gonte
Infinity Theory
Posted - 2005.12.17 22:35:00 - [271]

Edited by: Soltaria Gonte on 17/12/2005 22:35:19
Signed in triplicate.

(10 pages!)

Jade Alexandre
Posted - 2005.12.24 18:27:00 - [272]


Posted - 2005.12.29 23:44:00 - [273]

Originally by: Mnengli Noiliffe
Too often do I notice that when the server spots no user activity for certain period, it silently drops connection so when you try something you get login screen. It might be a network bug but because it happens only after being afk for a while or keeping client minimized (while being active with the alt account), I see it as a strong evidence that this is intentional - CCP tries to keep server load less by getting rid of afk people, even if unofficially.

For this reason I dont' think devs want you to go afk while eve client is running, so to them putting afk indicator on will mean you should be disconnected from the server. This option is already implemented - just close your EVE client application.

although I do know what you are saying and I have experienced that as well, it isn't always the case.
In RMR patch, I logged my alt on to change some skills, i left her docked and passed out in my bed. 4 hours later, I come back and still docked, normally, any action I make, the game would "lose connection" not that time. So your arguement is false.

Dev's? 10 pages isn't enough. Now my buddies aren't showing up as GREEN when they are online, geez, must be harder than it truely is huh.....

Sharayar AlHami
Imperial Academy
Posted - 2005.12.29 23:55:00 - [274]

Wow, 6 months later and people are still talking about such a "simple" feature? Obviously it would be best if the game could detect innactivity, but a simple flag that the user could flip seems like a bare minimum ... is this typical of eve development?

Doe Jane
Posted - 2005.12.30 17:55:00 - [275]

/Signed - lets keep it going as maybe sooner or later they will see that we really would like this....

Posted - 2005.12.30 19:14:00 - [276]

Originally by: Sharayar AlHami
Wow, 6 months later and people are still talking about such a "simple" feature? Obviously it would be best if the game could detect innactivity, but a simple flag that the user could flip seems like a bare minimum ... is this typical of eve development?

amazing, I didn't realize I created this thread back in June. Sad. I'll stop bumping it, and just throw in the towel. >:(

Posted - 2005.12.30 22:48:00 - [277]

Great idea bedrock, not teh trowekl throwing ;D

Tatsue Niko
Posted - 2005.12.31 02:10:00 - [278]


Posted - 2005.12.31 15:44:00 - [279]

is a good idea, it should auto go to afk to if there has been no responce on keyboard/ mouse for 20mins etc, so u can catch the macro miners Wink

Kaleigh Doyle
Racing News Network
Posted - 2005.12.31 15:52:00 - [280]

Couldn't agree more! I like the yellow color too- makes a pretty stoplight!

*wonders if anyone pays attention to new ideas threads*

Brogan Dagarkin
Posted - 2006.01.06 01:37:00 - [281]

OMG.... Look, over there, behind you!!

*bump* Rolling Eyes

CCP, while you're fixing the current online/offline indicator could you add this request to your list. Since you'll be working on that section of the code anyway might as well consider working this in. Very Happy

Karn Edge
Bene Gesserit ChapterHouse
Posted - 2006.01.06 08:07:00 - [282]


Misty Love
Posted - 2006.01.19 22:42:00 - [283]


Posted - 2006.01.20 04:34:00 - [284]

it is a definate necessity..

Posted - 2006.01.20 07:33:00 - [285]

Wiskey Tango Foxtrot ? This thread still hasnt been answered by a dev? Come on guys is a AFK indicator really that much work / effort? Confused

Joint Espionage and Defence Industries
Posted - 2006.01.20 15:11:00 - [286]


Radix Salvilines
legion industries ltd
AAA Citizens
Posted - 2006.01.20 19:26:00 - [287]


Immuri Innovations
Posted - 2006.01.20 23:11:00 - [288]


Brogan Dagarkin
Posted - 2006.01.22 13:19:00 - [289]

*bump* since others are suggesting this idea again.

Natalie Capello
Posted - 2006.01.22 14:20:00 - [290]

I just created a similar thread and didn't realsie it existed, so sorry for that.

Signed with a big S.

Zalrath Sjorin
Allied Fleet Command
No Other Destiny
Posted - 2006.01.22 18:13:00 - [291]


Tar Ecthelion
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2006.01.22 18:46:00 - [292]


Posted - 2006.01.23 00:43:00 - [293]

come on devs in like 8 posts there is going to be another page of AKF indicator wanted.

seriously just cometo us and say if you must;

at least then there will be a result in some way :(

oneeye crusader
Posted - 2006.01.23 14:04:00 - [294]

Signed . afk indicator FTW

Trak Cranker
Finn Inc
Posted - 2006.01.23 14:17:00 - [295]

Voluntary AFK indicator: yes, please.

Immuri Innovations
Posted - 2006.01.25 20:43:00 - [296]

heh, any dev response will do at this point. Give me a big NO for all I care now.

Pang Grohl
Posted - 2006.01.25 21:08:00 - [297]

Read the players guide.

Very first tip...
Don't play the game in AFK mode. This game is not designed with this kind of playing style in mind and you should NEVER consider your ship and character safe while being away from your computer.

That said you're safe in station, but nowhere else. If you need to AFK for a bio-break or what ever do it & let the rest of your chat know. Don't need to add more overhead to the game for an unnecessary feature.

Who is AFK but who can really tell in the Forums...

Brogan Dagarkin
Posted - 2006.01.27 13:45:00 - [298]

*bump* before someone suggests this again.

Pang Grohl
Posted - 2006.01.27 18:13:00 - [299]

Originally by: Bedrock
Edited by: Bedrock on 28/09/2005 22:03:58
I'm not sure how the "buddy" light works in ppl*places.
Everytime a buddy logs in, a short lag comes to play. Is it a client issue or a server-side response?
I'm assuming the "buddy" light is stored in our side. Either in our settings, if its stored on the server, I see a big problem there. Just like bookmarks, they are stored on the server and are unique to each character, only folders are stored on the client side.

Perhaps this is why CCP has had difficulty? or probably never planned on implementing this kind of feature, because for each person who claims "AFK" status, sends a msg to the server saying afk = 'on'

I think the Idea I'm trying to present is to keep some of this "flaggin" more client-side. Anyways, hopefully one day a Dev will notice this thread and respond with a much appreciated thought.

I've noticed the lag when the indicator pops up to tell me when one of my buddies logs on. Also noticed that the status light in ppl&places doesn't alway update to show the true status. Same with the private chat channel.

Still don't think an AFK indicator is needed, & it's way to open to exploit in lower sec areas (of course anyone who's AFK in low sec spaces deserves what they get)

Leb Iblis
High Defamation
Posted - 2006.01.28 00:34:00 - [300]


I like it...

But I'd have to agree it should be a timer also, after a certain length of time the afk is auto initiated...

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