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Elis Reik
Posted - 2003.07.10 18:16:00 - [1]

It seems almost everywhere you look, companies are attempting to be as inclusive as possible, tackling mining, manufacturing, research and defense. This wouldn't seem like a problem but it's made most players sour about purchasing minerals, ships and equipment, BP copies and mercs. At the moment manufacturing corporations are having a very hard time to compete as prices continue to fall and demand dries up. Importing goods and budgeting for services (such as protection) are usually frowned upon.

I've heard people give statistics about how realistic it is to produce ships yourself now for the purposes of sales. One clear example includes making up the cost of a high end cruiser BP, 80 mil or so, which would take 80 produced and sold cruisers at 1 mil profit each or 40 at 2 mil profit each. It's somewhat shocking when you really think about this and it suggests specialization, especially for smaller or medium sized corporations may not be as bad as one might think.

The infamous M0O, famous for their griefing tactics don’t bother with much production themselves and instead purchase them from other corps that are competent ship manufacturers. This void of manufacturing and mining saves them a great deal of time (and money) since their corporation is only medium sized and ship use varies somewhat.

Reik Technologies is a specialized corporation that I decided to found after my experiences in a more outstretched company which strived for self sufficiency. We have enjoyed a good deal of success through hard work and good management while focusing on one specific market niche.

I’m interested in finding out what other specialized corporations exist (including pirate corps), how successful they’ve been so far and what niche they’ve decided to occupy. By sharing our experiences (good and bad) we may be able to convince others to consider specialized corporations. Remember, one corporation researching a Vexor BP half way and a Blackbird BP half way (for the purposes of production) can’t compete as effectively as two corps that have concentrated on researching one of those two BPs each fully and then swapping copies.

Elis Reik
Posted - 2003.07.11 02:58:00 - [2]

Not sure which way to take this. Either we have very few specialized corps, or too very few people are interested in discussing it :/.

Posted - 2003.07.11 03:31:00 - [3]

Take it as it is Reik, specization in this game is extremely rare, as most corporations would rather make the stuff themselves than buy from others, or the EVE gameplay discourages the specialization.


Ammunition: Why buy when you can buy the cheap bp yourself and produce yourself, or even pop a npc convoy and get tens of thousands of shells?

Weapons: Again, why build any when you can go out, smack an npc and get a gun far better than anything you can buy?

Ships: Only non-npc ruined part of the game, and because of it there so much competition that prices are near 0 profit at some areas.

Figure that in with the fact companies like Asgard, Taggart and others just mine themselves instead of buying minerals and build their own ships and ammo, and specialization generally doesn't work.

Posted - 2003.07.11 09:50:00 - [4]

Take is as these forums suck harder than any I've even seen and if people aren't getting an M$SQL error they are seeing the "site down for maintenance" page. I thought you made a very good post. My corp focuses on trade and research with some hunting for sport thrown in to pass the time.

Phileas Fog
Posted - 2003.07.11 12:09:00 - [5]

I agree at the moment the market sucks for everything except ships and minerals , cause as mentioned above u get better stuff killing pirates etc and only area left is ship selling

Elis Reik
Posted - 2003.07.11 13:18:00 - [6]

I'm very happy to get a few replies, despite these rampant forum errors. I agree with a few points, but disagree with others. Ammo production can definately be done in house and I agree, it's something most corps, regardless of their focus will do. Weapons are available from pirate drops, so a corp focused on pirate looting as it's main direction could supply these weapons enmasse and meet bulk orders more easily as a result.

Ship building however, is probably the greatest example of how specialization can be effective. Since selling ships is so inneffective now, as it was mentioned, purchasing ships for your corp that won't be widely used by all members can be more effective than buying a blueprint that would set you back considerably and save you a lot of time since you're not mining for your own minerals.

I won't say all specialized corporations will work, definately not. Some however, can be very effective since money is aimed towards one goal and you're constantly building on a few things rather than spreading resources out too thinly.

Probably the best way to make specialized corporations work is good diplomacy. If a research corporation can strike up a deal with a talented looting corp, considerable mutual success is possible. The looting corp can offer discounts for rare blueprints and related skills while the research corp can return the favour by using their dedicated researchers to provide discounted copies of drones, ammo, modules and even ships.

Large corps are fantastic when they work but they require manpower and good organization to succeed. Typically these behemoths have solid divisions which basically represent specialized sections that are bound to a central authority. This sort of guided effort works for groups like TTI with nearly 200 members is usually not realistic for others.

Just wanted to offer something to think about.

Cascade Imminent
Posted - 2003.07.11 15:25:00 - [7]

Lol, as much as you hate me and my ilk, you have hit the nail on the proverbial head.

This is my second pet hate (after the PvP nerfs). It is the cause of all economy problems and the reason so many people are in battleships now. In short its an easily avoidable problem that has ruined the (non-PvP)game.

Apart from M0o and other pirate corps, and you apparently, there arnt many specialised corps. Given time, why would a market still exist for anything?

The research thing isnt that big a deal, One solution would be to make research take a seriously sizable chunk of costs, say 20%. Then competition would really begin, and specialisation would be forced. Next make all copys revert to the original unresearched values. Copies should be much worse than originals, and while fine for outfitting your own corp reasonably quickly, should not be able to compete on the market.

Finally, make Original BPs untradable. Once Bought originally, make them "Used up" by that corp, they can be used and copied a much as is wanted, but never sold again

This would greatly boost the economy IMO

Posted - 2003.07.11 16:29:00 - [8]


Finally, make Original BPs untradable. Once Bought originally, make them "Used up" by that corp, they can be used and copied a much as is wanted, but never sold again

Why exactly? Why shouldn't one corporation have a dedicated research department that devotes considerable time into improving blueprints and then selling these originals at fat prices? Someone might be tempted to buy a well researched BP for 20-50% more than an un-researched one from the NPC market.

Elis Reik
Posted - 2003.07.11 17:22:00 - [9]

Lallante, to clarify, I don't hate pirates. I'm a big advocate for PvP in this game and I agree that pirates add a lot. I'm not a carebear advocate or anything of the sort and the reason I knew about great trade routes in 0.0 space is because I spent a lot of time there over the past few weeks.

In the other posts where we were talking, I just didn't agree with the amount of freedom you suggested for pirates. I think we're on the same page about specialized corps being effective however.


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