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Posted - 2005.06.26 10:10:00 - [181]

I'd like to nominate Tas Devil, for his brave leadership in JDI against any pirate foe we've faced, and for standing up for the little guy, such as sending in 7 BS into 0.0 just to save someone in a cruiser, and for leading head first even against the toughest of foes..

Xiliath, Co-CEO Judge Dread Inc.

Posted - 2005.06.26 15:55:00 - [182]

Light Darkness ( aka Lighty ), who was the only person who could organize and motivate pilots within Stain Alliance to fight with him.

The unknown but true leader of former Stain Alliance.

Lighty, you have more friends on your side than you think.

Unfortunately you seem to follow the dark side of EVE ;-)

BloodStar Technologies
Posted - 2005.06.26 16:35:00 - [183]

I nominate T'el'Alana Luathin and Fubar, for their work on producing the amazingly useful Ultimate Eve Excel Sheet

It may not be as glamorous as some of the other nominations here, but the usefulness and completeness of their industrial analysis tools is unsurpassed in my experience, and their contribution to the informed, efficient working of the eve economy is appreciated, at least by those who know.

Destructive Influence
Posted - 2005.06.26 19:35:00 - [184]

Duke Droklar:
Best fleetcommander and awesome CEO
who devoted so much of his RL to keep [OC] in the topstop.
Duke Kept fully operational [OC]combatbases in most known
regions which includes amo, mods ships, mins, skillbooks -
on his own.
This tactical génius eventually brought an entire alliance
to its knees using setup and ships in no way pilots had
ever condidered.

Tank CEO:
Name says it all, acually the only person
i´d think twice about attacking Wink.
His Piratemovie is still holding a secure place on my HD.

Head of probably the most respected and
successful merc corp in EVE through history.
In my next life, i wanna be reincarnated to Seleenes joystick Twisted Evil.

Jade Constantine:
No one could ever make a post like Jade.

Have you ever heard this dude when he just lost a frigate
in a fight, or "someone" forgot to scramble a hostile
battleship ... no ?. Be thankfull Twisted Evil.

Steven Speilberg, George Lucas... bahh - amateurs.
LLeBBring revolutionized moviemaking in EVE and he will
remain a legend within these circuts.

If god were a woman, he´d be Foyle. She kept track of
basically every module in CA, every isk earned - while
never letting her mood affect others.
Miss your voice on TS Wink.

Posted - 2005.06.27 12:20:00 - [185]

I'd like to nominate:
Lord Zap: Who's cunning changed the face of Eve. He lead his small corp of pirates against everyone else. Many of the changes to jumpgates and jumping was becuase of him and his corp mates.

Tank CEO: Who picked up pirating and also became a minor legend.

Malevolent Intervention
Posted - 2005.06.27 15:20:00 - [186]

I nominate Farjung - I've not been playing that long, but his insane amount patience and knowledge kept me going!

Rod Blaine
Band of Brothers
Posted - 2005.06.27 17:58:00 - [187]

Edited by: Rod Blaine on 27/06/2005 18:16:08
Damn, I missed this thread for too long.

One nomination only from me.


Without a doubt the single most inspired leader/schemer and political power in Eve, now, and at any time since release. He has more names then most people imagine, reads more information in a week then most people in a year, and still to this day is THE person in Eve you want to listen to if he talks to you.

Ever since I first ventured out in 0.0 the his name is one of the few that always were there to shape to world of eve, with a power none other I have known has shown.

Band of Brothers
Posted - 2005.06.27 18:04:00 - [188]

I'm gona make this short and sweet.


IT Alliance
Posted - 2005.06.27 18:13:00 - [189]



Posted - 2005.06.28 00:23:00 - [190]

Riddari i have him to thank for i lasted in this game, turned me from carebear to ebil pirate. Cool

Rodj Blake
PIE Inc.
Posted - 2005.06.28 10:44:00 - [191]

I nominate bUBbLeS, for services to t3h cAKe.

Posted - 2005.06.28 20:32:00 - [192]

Setec (for being the true king of piracy), Molle (for his sexellent leadership), Jade Constantine (for being the queen-***** of the forums, in a good way), Istvaan Shogaatsu (griefer king and the most sextastic fiction writer), Seleene (the figure-head of mercenary business).

Those are just a few of the people who I find to be legends, there are tons more and I'd write them all up but I can't think straight because I have to pee really really bad atm. Sorry.

Otherworld Enterprises
Otherworld Empire
Posted - 2005.06.29 12:33:00 - [193]

Do the "chosen" ones get a nifty little sticker in their bio once this information gathering is complete?

I vote all "legends" should get a faction shuttle for faster travelling :)

Buri Niflheim
Ever Flow
Posted - 2005.06.29 14:44:00 - [194]

TornSoul. Total champ.

Jasmine Constantine
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2005.06.29 14:48:00 - [195]

Edited by: Jasmine Constantine on 29/06/2005 20:51:58

Well I was curious so I did some counting and I've come to an interim set of totals for the "Eve Legends" proposed and discussed on this thread. First of all I didn't count anyone proposing themselves, and I also discounted multiple mentions of the same pilot for different categories by any single proposer. (for example Digital Communist mentioned the same people several times for various types of contribution - I just counted "1" vote not multiple). Anyway, I'm only listing those people who have at least "2" votes (there are way too many singletons) and its possible I missed a vote here and there so I'm not promising 100% accurate but this will give a pretty good idea I think.

Running totals of "Eve Legends" nomination and voting so far.

Jade Constantine (PR and Propaganda/idealist/roleplaying) 29 votes
Sir Molle (best scheming and evil planning/leadership) 22 votes
TankCEO (pvp/piracy/being a funny guy) 21 votes
Hellgremlin/Istvaan (Evil Schemes, scamming and Literature) 18 votes
Shamis Orzoz (Fleet Command/CEO) 17 votes
Hardin (CVA executor and PIE CEO/PR and roleplaying) 15 votes
Lord Zap (leader of M0o corp, uber pirate) 15 votes
Viceroy (best lawyer/ pirate frontman/voice of reason) 14 votes
Tornsoul (FA Exec/leader/community services) 13 votes
Digital Communist (Acerbic voice of reason on the forums) 10 votes
Pulgor (Joshua’s rival for most corps jumped/roleplay) 10 votes
Stavros (for being Stavros / almost the emperor) 9 votes
Duke Droklar (influential player in CA/C4) 9 votes
Cyvok (best CEO) 8 votes
Ragnar Danneskjold (best hat / best archetypal big bad corporation) 7 votes
Seleene (services to Fraps / moviemaking / founding merc profression) 7 votes
Joshua Calvert (most corps experienced/forum presence) 6 votes
Latta (created eve-I and successful CEO) 6 votes
Golan Trevize (tactical brilliance sounds like Schwarzenegger on TS) 6 votes
Maggot (Clear leadership and making the game fun) 5 votes
Chowdown (Fleet Command) 5 votes
Foyle (influential player in alliance diplomacy) 5 votes
Winterblink (eve comic strip) 5 votes
Trigger (leader of the SA) 5 votes
Halseth Durn (politics and stirring things up/feuds roleplay) 5 votes
Xirtam (influential player in alliance diplomacy) 5 votes
Pottsey (Passive shield tanking) 4 votes
Freewheeling (NAGA industrial excellence) 4 votes
Aeryn Sun (famous SA personality/ fleet commander) 4 votes
Daakkon (most homoerotic player/singing on teamspeak) 4 votes
Setec (the original pirate mastermind) 4 votes
Oveur (for posting on the forums) 4 votes
Darth Solo (enemy of all pirates original good guy) 4 votes
Jexter (super pirates in the north of eve) 4 votes
Morkt Drak (running Eve Guardian at its best/roleplay) 4 votes
Lallante (Fleet Command) 3 votes
Entity (biggest item collection/caldari racing) 3 votes
The Reverend (excellent all round fellow/pirate legend) 3 votes
TomB (multiple reasons) 3 votes
TWD (pvp combat excellence) 3 votes
Leafo (services to Fraps / moviemaking) 3 votes
Drunkenmaster (filmmaking in eve) 3 votes
Zeepo (the king of eve scamming) 3 votes
Sarkos (original minmatar roleplayer) 3 votes
Nilkarus (Good CEO, skilled Pvper) 3 votes

(2 vote nominations to follow)

Jasmine Constantine
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2005.06.29 14:51:00 - [196]

Morning Maniac (not for profit noob corp runner) 2 votes
DrukenMaster (voice of reason on the forums) 2 votes
Miso (forum presence) 2 votes
Tenaj (ore theft champions) 2 votes
Vogo (ore theft champions) 2 votes
Tzadkiel (market tycoon legend) 2 votes
Al Haquis (almost as good as lords of matar?) 2 votes
Marie Trudeau (roleplaying) 2 votes
Kieron (nuff said/not banning Avon) 2 votes
Ryctor (general thieving) 2 votes
Dr Scope (most tech2 blueprints) 2 votes
Joshua Foiritain (services to missions forums + runners) 2 votes
N00b Script0r (created a rock hard combat corp) 2 votes
Khaldorn Murino (services to Minmatar roleplaying) 2 votes
Homo Erectus (Combat Smacktalk and Local interaction) 2 votes
BobGhengisKhan (pvp combat skill) 2 votes
J0sephine (forum presence) 2 votes
Smoske (creator of 2 votes
Tholarim (good pvp fighter) 2 votes
Zarquon Beeblebrox (good roleplaying pirate) 2 votes
Gaius Kador (roleplaying) 2 votes
Fist (super pirates in the north of eve) 2 votes
Riddari (general impact on eve) 2 votes
Morbor (investment scam) 2 votes
Avon (famous forum opinions) 2 votes

The Druids
Green Robe Alliance
Posted - 2005.06.29 19:01:00 - [197]

Edited by: WhiskeyDP on 29/06/2005 20:21:11
Edited by: WhiskeyDP on 29/06/2005 19:02:52
its sad too see only 2 industrial/trader(i count tzad and freewheeling as one since they are both NAGA) and only 2 scientists/traders mentioned among all these names. i get the impression that its only pvp ppl who read these forums, thats too bad really since there is lots of ppl who have been wheeling and dealing for as long as ppl have been pvping.

if i count right: 10 votes split on 4(5) players Shocked

edit: my vote for industrial corp goes too NAGA for the impact they had when they started with their loot shop and t2

The Multiplicity
Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2005.06.29 19:03:00 - [198]

Edited by: The Multiplicity on 29/06/2005 19:03:45

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2005.06.29 19:04:00 - [199]

That list is incomplete.

My CEO Nilkarus is missing with 2 nominations already, and I am going to nominate him for a third. One of the best piltos I've flown with, and an excellent fleet commander. Just watch the DNA/IMP video and you'll see what I mean.

Jasmine Constantine
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2005.06.29 20:59:00 - [200]

Sorry about that Ifni, was my mistake, I had the chap down with two different spellings. I've correct it on the main list (told everybody there would likely be mistakes).

Also WhiskeyDP, I think you need to remember it was about "legends" and people who have had an impact on the game world and it does very much have the most famous and infamous people in Eve represented. Its not just about pvp'ers really. There is a good balance between forum commentators, alliance leaders, creative people, roleplayers alongside the pvpers up there. And when you look at people like Seleene who created a whole profession almost single handed, and Istavaan and his contribution to the background, coupled with community centric people like Latta, Winterblink, Pottsey, etc up there I think you do have a good mix.

End of the day people like Molle and Hardin and Duke Droklar and Cyvock and Ragnar and Foyle have done a hellova lot to keep people interested in the game and deserve community recongition for living the life and making eve into the simulatation of politics and intrigue it always wanted to be.

Klaus Fleischer
Posted - 2005.06.29 21:13:00 - [201]

Edited by: Klaus Fleischer on 01/07/2005 14:21:10
Jera - Put Caldari RP on the map. Drink Starsi!

Istvaan Shogaastu - A driven man with a talent for fiction.

Morkt Drak - A testament to how far one man can go by himself. THE Caldari RP icon.

I almost forgot!

Herko Kerghans - The best Caldari stories I've seen. This man deserves a medal of fiction writing or something.

A Blue Goat
Posted - 2005.06.29 22:32:00 - [202]

Me - I pwn

I'll think of some more later.

corporal hicks
Naughty 40
Posted - 2005.06.29 23:47:00 - [203]

Edited by: corporal hicks on 29/06/2005 23:46:43
Cead miele Failta
Good Morning Iceland and here are the Votes from the Irish people.

Arrowlatta because the amount of work he puts into Eve-i Carbide and FIX is awesome
ArrowDC because he is DC
ArrowViceroy for some good convo's back in the CFS days
ArrowJade Because her RP posts were great and never Directed at a alliance I was in thank God.
ArrowHardin again great RP.

Jeriel Jamon
Posted - 2005.06.30 00:20:00 - [204]

Ragnar, because he was the first big evil of Eve (or at least the first guy with the guts to play the role)

SirMolle, because he really turned arrogance into an artform and built an alliance to destroy everyone.

Morkt Drak, because he made a newservice that was really interesting and he played the Caldari archetype to a tee.

Seleene and Charity Regard for making Merc corps work.

Alexandra Belani for playing politics and great artwork and propaganda.

Jade Constantine for getting so many people involved in all this and setting the biggest wars ever.

Imperial Dreams
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Posted - 2005.06.30 00:25:00 - [205]

I nominate Gaius Kador for teaching me pretty much everything I know about frigate and cruiser combat and for putting up with my Augoror fetish. I also nominate Shamis Orzoz and pretty much all of sniggerdly for some of the best combat expereience I've had to date. I should also give Dagny a mention since he got me hooked on the game in the first place though sadly he'd stopped playing himself by then.

Reikoku Reloaded
Posted - 2005.06.30 02:46:00 - [206]

Jade Constantine ofc, for teaching me that you can actually make a difference by just sticking to your guns, even when everyone else says you can't.

Yuki Li and Apache by the same coin.

All three for being great CEO's and even better friends.

Adrielle Firewalker
Amarr Will Eat Itself
Posted - 2005.06.30 03:19:00 - [207]

*dances* I avoid the public eye once again!

Thanks for not mentioning me guys, and no, I'm not being sarcastic, I genuinely appreciate no press :P

Herko Kerghans
Posted - 2005.06.30 06:06:00 - [208]

Originally by: Adrielle Firewalker
Thanks for not mentioning me guys

No need to thank, don't mention it. Wink

Karol Kei
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2005.06.30 08:47:00 - [209]

Stavros, The Reverend and Lord Zap - obvious reasons.

Drunkenmaster - Space Invader, a pirate and an opinionated, informed and a friendly member of the community. The winning combination.

Jade Constantine - for making the universe much more real and alive. Did I mention alive? Has anyone noticed how dead it is lately?

Onmarr Shan
Posted - 2005.06.30 12:01:00 - [210]

Biggus Tankus - A stalwart of the minmatar empire channel. Lovely guy and great fighter.

NAGA and M.Corp - two great sales corps, lovely people.

Menod Penter - scummy loot thief, but a nice guy, friendly too. Doesn't nick your mission objectives either. Makes Rens a more interesting place to live in.

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