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Posted - 2005.06.08 22:33:00 - [1]

Hello, I have been playing Eve for about 3 weeks (and been posting on this forum a decent amount trying to help other noobs).

I joined a corp a few days in, and although they are great guys and have helped me, they are not on when I usually am (they are Europe and I am West coast US).

99% of the time my chat window is minimized becuase there is no one around to talk to.

I hate to leave my corp, but I feel that I need to find a group of people that play during my time zone.

I also want to find a corp that has a decent amount of people that have been playing roughly as long as I have (so that we can both learn and have fun) rather than some corp memeber with 10mil sp flying his BS 15 jumps to help me out:)

I am not looking for any type of corp specificly, just a corp with a decent amount of active members in a pac time zone (or near that), and some other noobs to fly with.

It would be nice to do some gang lvl 2 combat missions, mine, and so on.

If you are just a solo noob, send me a tell, or an eve-mail and we will hook up.

If you are a corp looking for another noob to join, send me an eve-mail as well.

Thanks, Tombert

Sobeseki Pawi
Insurance Claim Services
Posted - 2005.06.08 23:23:00 - [2]

Radical Dreamers has a significant PST membership Smile

So...what is your Radical Dream? (see sig)

The Taining corp
Knights Of the Southerncross
Posted - 2005.06.09 04:36:00 - [3]

We at THE T are looking for new people of all types. We have a ship and skill program and have pos in 0.0 space we need miners, pvpers, builders, we have the isk to help any one that helps the corp so if we make isk you make isk even if you are a pvper.

miner, pypers, builder: ship, equipment, skills program

CONV ME or goto The T Public channel

and we have 50% of in the usa

Luance DeAngeluotti
Gallente Insorum Research Ltd.
Posted - 2005.06.09 08:02:00 - [4]

Hi Tombert,

I have been following your posts and think they are a great help for newer players.

We have quite a few younger pilots like yourself split evenly between Europe and America (with new members from America gaining a slight advantage :) ). I think you would fit in nicely and could be a valuable addition to our Corporation.

We are stationed in Oursulaert with another office in Aeschee (for the tougher missions.

And even I am still flying lvl 2 missions, preferably in a Frigate for the greater challenge.

We also want to start group mining operations, so you should find everything you are looking for Laughing

And we do some roleplaying, too and take part in events.

Have a look at the Coreli Website and leave your application in the recruitment forum or look us up in Oursulaert VII Moon 2.

Would be happy to see you soon in corp chat!

Nikolai Nuvolari
Gilead's Bullet
Posted - 2005.06.10 07:19:00 - [5]

Check out the Gilead's Bullet [GDBT] thread here. If you're interested, you can post there and/or EVEmail/convo Jonsemann or myself ingame. We also have a public chat channel: "Gileads-Bullet"

Nikolai Nuvolari
Fleet Commander, Gilead's Bullet


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