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Jenna Fear
Fear Incorporated
Posted - 2005.06.08 03:35:00 - [1]

Hi, I'm returning to EVE after taking some time off. I heard about the Exodus expansion and remembered how much fun I had playing EVE before.

I've got under a million skill points, most of which are the learning skills. Also, maybe a few million isk of my own. I'm not asking for any kind of hand-out other than help in choosing and understanding the trade skills, I am only familiar with mining, but would LOVE to start research and development. I'm also interested in PVP, but know nothing about that... So in short I'm seeking a mentor or Corp of mentors that could guide me.

I'm used to being a loner and I thinks thats why I left EVE in the first place, so I just need some help breaking the shell. Contact me in game or reply here, either is fine.

The Ashen Lion Syndicate
Posted - 2005.06.08 04:16:00 - [2]

Welcome back jenna contact me in game for a chat about my corp and some others you could try.

Sobeseki Pawi
Insurance Claim Services
Posted - 2005.06.08 04:37:00 - [3]

Hi Jenna, do you have any Radical Dreams?

Logan Xerxes
Xerxes Security
Posted - 2005.06.08 06:14:00 - [4]

You sound perfect for us Jenna, Contact me ingame or follow the link in my sig.

Luance DeAngeluotti
Gallente Insorum Research Ltd.
Posted - 2005.06.08 08:16:00 - [5]

Dear Jenna Fear

we have a senior research advisor in our team, that would love to share his knowledge with you.

I am a trader and could advise you on the right skillset to learn.

Coreli is roleplaying corp but we are not always in character and have a lively corp chat and an active private forum (here is the public part.

And we even made it into the news yesterday, Jes Salvatore is one of our Core Operations Officers. And yes there was PvP involved and since I don't know much about that, too, I lost ships and learned a lot Laughing

Let us break your shell!

Jenna Fear
Fear Incorporated
Posted - 2005.06.08 15:55:00 - [6]

Luance, I am interested. I sent you an eve-mail. If you'd like you could reply to it with further instructions or here on these forums.

Luance DeAngeluotti
Gallente Insorum Research Ltd.
Posted - 2005.06.09 08:10:00 - [7]

Dear Jenna

I replied to your eve-mail and hope the info will suffice.
If not please contact Joshua Foiritain, Jes Salvatore or me ingame.

Luance DeAngeluotti

Kyle Caldrel
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2005.06.09 08:19:00 - [8]

Josh has hampster Fetishes.

Nikolai Nuvolari
Gilead's Bullet
Posted - 2005.06.10 07:22:00 - [9]

If you're still looking for a corporation, you should consider Gilead's Bullet [GDBT]. You can read about us here, and if you're interested, you can post to that thread and/or EVEmail/convo Jonsemann or myself ingame. We also have a public chat-channel: "Gileads-Bullet"

Nikolai Nuvolari
Fleet Commander, Gilead's Bullet

Posted - 2005.06.10 16:38:00 - [10]

Welcome back Jenna. I dono if you are still looking for a corp. If you are Give me a shout in game. I too left the game and came back to eve once i heard about the new expantion. My corp is a newer corp that is growing and looking for people to grow with it. Open Public Chat channel is <Azgard oom>.

Co-leader of Population X

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2005.06.10 16:45:00 - [11]

Hi Jenna, our corp does mostly pvp but also dabbs in T2 production and all sorts of production. We are highly self-sufficient. We are based in both empire and 0.0 and can offer you quite alot of fun. I will contact u in game.


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