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Sacred Templars
Posted - 2005.06.07 22:27:00 - [1]

The UCC, United Confederation of Corporations. Not the best name in the world i admit, but hey it has character. We are a moderatly newly formed alliance, and are currently recruiting, experienced (and possibly the odd not so experienced) corps to our Alliance.

We currently consist of 3 Major PvP corporations, and about 3 or 4 Major carebear corporations along with a few corporations that have no particular specialty and generally help out where they can. Both sides mix of course, the carebears do PvP and the PvPers carebear.
We live in the norht, allied to G and Iron, and friendly with the PA, and at times Union. We are currently fighting BoB, the Merc coalition and "the 5" with support from G, Iron, Pa and the rest of the north.

We have plans for the future that are going to involve at the closest point investing in a Outpost or 2 after the next patch, we already have POS's active in pureblind and more going up in fade over the next couple of days.

The carebears of the alliance live around Torrinos, which is a 0.5 system right next to 0.0, so if your corp are carebears, then this would probably be the place for you, although our 0.0 areas are getting safer and safer so the prospect of making major amounts of Isk from the mining of Crokite is completly possible.

The PvPers live primarily in Pureblind with excursions up to Fade on occasion. The favorite haunt of many is EC-P8R which is a very active system, and you can always be garunteed PvP if you want it. Most people in the Alliance fly Battleships or Tech 2 Frigs/Cruisers and we are currently working on a system to assist pilots in replacing losses, especially when fighting for the alliance

Participating in alliance ops will get you credits in the near future, which will enable you to buy modules and ship from the alliance and reduced prices, and also with an alliance shop being created at this very moment (by moi), you will have a discount on all items, which will be about 5-10% below market price, and so you will have to do less work in order to get what you want

Teamspeak 2 is a key part of all alliance operations and community fun. Even if you have no Microphone it is useful for you to be on TS anyway listening to what is going on, Teamspeak is generally a lighthearted place, although we do expect a little bit of common courtesy, and naturally there are stricter rules during large fleet battles in order to make sure we make as few losses as possible :).

You can check our alliance webpage at, which is currently in devolopement by Malard Achovskey, who is a very experienced Programmer and scripter, and is trying to make it as user friendly, and interesing as he can manage. In amongst all the other things he does for the alliance, many thanks to him for this. Please feel free to sign up for the alliance forums, i am going to make sure that there are some public forums for all non-alliance members to meet the current alliance pilots and ask questions that you may want to ask.

So if you think you have what it takes to be a member of the UCC, then drop a line to Kotori, David Godfrey, DoZ3r, or Garia666, along with any C.E.O.s of any corporation currently in the alliance. And im pretty certain we will be glad to have you in our community.

Thanks for reading
--Kotori-- Director & Senator of the PFJ, Head of Alliance Diplomacy

Sacred Templars
Black Swan.
Posted - 2005.06.08 23:03:00 - [2]



David Godfrey
Posted - 2005.06.09 16:07:00 - [3]

Well that sums it up atm doesnt it really nice post there :)

David Godfrey
UCC Leader


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