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Posted - 2003.07.10 01:52:00 - [31]

0 ships lost, 5.5 overal sec rating (you don't get that just sitting around newb space BTW, safe and sound in your station).

This is since retail, as I didn't play beta. Admittedly though I also play it safe, I make sure I'm not biting off more than I can chew, or at least spit back out before it chokes me to death.

Closest I ever came to death was early after release Our corp moved to a system very near Serpentis prime, and unknown to us the Serpentis faction was in control of the entire constelation.

The first day was fine we mined and killed rats easily. The next day I needed to move my clone just in case and went to serpentis prime. I noticed the fact that the system was named after the guys I was killing for days now, but when the station let me dock and never fired on me, I figured "ok must not mean anything."

Next thing I know I'm being chased to hell and back by Serpentis Navy ships (tristans and worse If memory serves).

I warned my corp without taking any damage, and the next day we decided to move out from the area once again... Myself and a few other combat pilots had to cover the escape for the people hauling our most prized possessions...

This was before missiles were really easy to get a hold of, and I remember my wingman was ina merlin (I was his escort), and he had managed to convince the corp to give him two missiles.

You should have seen our valiant stand against the pirates as we tried our best to protect the convoys as they tried to escape. He fired off his two missiles and the tristans pounded him over and over with thier super never reloading NPC ones...

It was quite a battle!

We lost a couple good ships and pilots that day, and I'll never forget seeing my Atron reduced to a screaming ball of fire, running from the constelation with 4% hull left with my tail between my legs.

I was lucky I managed to dock in the next system and repair my ship at all as the serpentis navy ships followed us like bloodhounds everywhere we went.

Days like those are what I bought eve for BTW :) That was great. So yes I play it very safe most of the time, but I'm no stranger to odds being stacked against me :)

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The Graduates
Posted - 2003.07.10 01:59:00 - [32]

I've lost, in chronological order, since release:

1 Bantam (because I was a noob)
1 Merlin (because I crashed to desktop)
1 Badger (because I was a noob)
1 Merlin (because I was a noob)
1 Moa (because I was a noob)
1 Blackbird (because I was a noob)
1 Condor (because who gives a damn)
1 Blackbird (because I crashed to desktop)
1 Blackbird (because I was an idiot)
1 Shuttle (because who gives a damn)

That's my total... not too bad for someone in a very dangerous profession who plays way, way, way too many hours a day. :)

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Posted - 2003.07.10 02:08:00 - [33]

1 Punisher in a boneheaded attempt to run by gate pirates when 1) Pirates where uber and 2) Gate pirates where the equivalent of roid pirates

1 Maller b/c i was a noob and had no absolute clue as 2 what i was doing.

No player has killed me yet though, but i play it safe most of the time

Posted - 2003.07.10 02:16:00 - [34]

Setec I love your explainations for your losses ;)
your humble enough to be likeable man ;)

Kind of like in Counterstrike, you always knew the truly good players because they didn't try to act like badasses... They chose names like Homerwithagun (my name heheh, and yes for some time I WAS very good at that game hehehe).

And when they died they made it funny and never got mad :)

Bas Rutten
Pothead Corporation
Posted - 2003.07.10 04:10:00 - [35]

Lost a stabber to the Red Corsairs when I ganged up with a couple guys to try and break one of their blockades (it kinda succeeded, we drove em off, but still I lost the ship dammit). Wasn´t very well equipped actually and lacked of some skills I now have though.
Then I lost a scythe when I threw it against too many npc bogie cruisers and got scrambled ... that makes 2 ships total. Never got podded so far though.

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