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Invader Zim
Posted - 2003.07.09 13:36:00 - [1]

I am quiting Eve after I post this message. The reasons are numerious, but I'll list a few. Not that anyone cares, but maybe (lol) CCP will listen, maybe this will be the straw that pokes the camel in the eye and makes it listen.

1) The constant "tweeking" of game play makes the game unplayable. The ammo limits on my once awsome RARE drop guns has been nerfed so badly as to make them near uslessness. My once powerfull cruiser is now a chew toy for low level pirates. If I find something really cool, I have no idea if it will even be useful the next day! This is utter BS!

2) Bounties: If someone is wanted, why the hell do I have to go fill out paperwork to be able to kill them? In fact, if someone is so low in standing, I should be able to blow them out of the water (err space) without even thinking of it, I'll be damned if I'm going to let a -5 attack me first, I'm getting the first shot in.

3) Content. This is what killed E&B. After 2 weeks there was nothing to do. It's been about 2 months now on Eve and there is nothing to do. I can no longer fight ships of the same caliber because they have been turned into super-Pirates and I'm not wasting my time killing newbie pirates that don't drop poo. Speaking of which...

4) Drops. If you kill a cruiser you should get it's stuff. It was wacking the hell out of me, it must have good guns! Give them to me when I kill it!

5) HORRIBLE TARGETING! This ticks me off everytime I play, everytime I fight, everytime I even THINK of the game.Watch your language! How many times have you targeted the ship you want to kill, only to find out the freeking computer has retargeted some other ship and now all your guns are firing at some pirate out of range while the one you wanted to shoot at is nibbling away at your armor?!

6) Bugs, bugs, oh and bugs. I know it's a new game. You need to concetrate on fixing the bugs instead of f'ing up the game for the players with your constant tweeking.

That's it, I'm out.

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Posted - 2003.07.09 13:48:00 - [2]

What are you going to do now? Eve has problems but it doesn't suck half as much as the last 2 games I quit. And SWG sucks more than few thngs have ever sucked before.

OLE Academy
Posted - 2003.07.09 13:51:00 - [3]

i for one am glad they are still tweaking. if the game was still as it was day 1....i would have left a long time ago.

it's funny how every mmorpg forum has these kinds of posts. at first i thought your post would be nice....'here are some constructive comments about your game, if you had fixed these things i would have stayed'...but no you had to go cursing about everything.

best of luck in whatever you decide to do next, but when you leave that one, try and post something constructive on your way out.

Avatars of Doom
Posted - 2003.07.09 13:52:00 - [4]

Goodluck finding your 'perfect' game...

Nicholas Marshal
Lisa Needs Braces
Posted - 2003.07.09 13:53:00 - [5]

Jesus ! You guys need to get some patience. EVE is only 2 months into a potential 3yr+ lifespan; give it a chance.

EVE is life a beautiful but difficult woman. It takes time to woo her.

Posted - 2003.07.09 14:02:00 - [6]

anyone remember that people couldnt even login to everquest the 1st month of release

how soon they forget

Cachorro Louco
Posted - 2003.07.09 14:12:00 - [7]

*sarcasm mode on*

I can not take it anymore!

I am leaving Eve because of all the "I am Leaving Eve" posts on the Eve forum. I am getting depressed about all these nice people who feel the need to share their feelings about how they feel and why they are leaving Eve on the forum. I do not need to be depressed by these people. They are taking my joy of reading the forums away from me.

Goodby. Adiós. Au revoir. Gut bye. Arrivederci. Goede Bye. Bom Bye. God Bye. 好的 Bye.

*sarcasm mode off*


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