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Centermass Solutions
Posted - 2005.06.01 21:24:00 - [1]

Edited by: Mirph on 01/06/2005 21:45:38
Information about UDS and our forum can be found here
UDS is currently open for applications, the following vacancies are open:

Industrial Pilot/Blockade runner

As an industrial Pilot in this corporation, you will need the skills to pilot atleast one race's industrial ships. Industrial Ships will be provided by the corporation for each assignment, aswell as modules to fit it out. Any losses will be paid by the corporation. Members who do not wish to travel in unsecure space are free to do so since UDS work with Empire only-deliveries aswell.

Combat experience is good, but not needed. We will teach you how to fit your ship.
Ability to pilot Transport ships is of high value.

Combat/escort Pilot

The combat pilot will help with escorting the industrial pilot, engaging enemies in case of ambush or the like, aswell as delaying the enemies fleet to make sure the industrial can get away safely.

Combat and PvP experience is needed. We can train you up aswell if needed. Ships are supplied by corp, or if you loose your own ship on a mission, the corporation will provide the isk needed to get a new one. You will need the skills to pilot atleast Cruiser level ships.


The Scout is the eyes of the convoy, traveling ahead of the convoy to locate any possible threat and report back to the convoy. The scout may also create bookmarks for the convoy to use. The Scout is of very high value as we travel in 0.4 or less.

The scout will not focus on engaging enemies, it will be a fast ship, frigate, covert op or interceptor ships are favored. Ship will be supplied by corporation. The corporation will pay you for bookmarks/scouting as a part of the delivery's profit.

Advanced Pilot
We are in need of one or more persons that have the skills to fly Tech II ships aswell as Battleships. This persons task will be to move other peoples ships.
Alot of Piloting skills are needed!
(currently we can not offer the ship-movement service due to lack of pilots with the right skills)

Market inspector
We are also in need of someone to act as the guy who contact corporations, searching for clients aswell as people that can be of a supplier of various things, such as large quantities of minerals or POS fuels.

This role requires an interest in interacting with people and a good attitude, be able to barter and do planning, to put things into text and storage.

Region Manager
UDS is a corporation widely spread all over the Eve universe and require things to be spread out. We are in need of one or more persons to take control over an area and make sure everything that is needed is in the right place. This could include renting offices, getting stuff into corporation hangars, creating bookmarks for that region to make our own highways.

This role requires someone who like to organize things and make sure things work. This role can be given to anyone interested in one of the pilot vacancies aswell.

UDS is currently trying to grow larger and is in a large need of new workers. The recruiter's task is to handle applications aswell as contacting people who are looking for a new job.

UDS is in need of a person with experience of trading. Buying cheap and selling high is the deal here. The Trader's task is to find profitable ways to make money into more money. This could include things as NPC Trade Goods or moving items out to places where it is a high demand for it.
This role requires experience from trading and experience about the market.
Knowledge of regions is highly valued for this role.

Centermass Solutions
Posted - 2005.06.02 14:47:00 - [2]

We are still recruiting! Players with any amount of experience in Eve is welcome. New people as old veterans. There's a task for all of you!

Versatech Co.
Posted - 2005.06.02 16:08:00 - [3]

Sounds interesting.

I assume by the rather empty forum that this is a new corp?

Anyway, drop into my interactive interview and see if I have something to offer which you can use.

outside now
Posted - 2005.06.02 16:49:00 - [4]

Hi, i am just starting out, and plan to skill up on hauling, i currently fly a badger, would be interested in empire hauling, contact me ingame - outside now.

Perpetua Umbra
Brotherhood Of Steel
Posted - 2005.06.10 01:31:00 - [5]

Joined up good group but we really need more people if you are looking for something different join up.


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