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Snuff Cruentus
Posted - 2005.05.31 17:34:00 - [1]

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quick question for you people that know more then me (99.99% of the eve community lol) I just trained weapon upgrades and this is the question that nobody answers in game.

I have 2 a guns that is 3.3x damage and another that is 2 or something like that (damn cpu and other thing that i have to up to turn them on O.o

Weapon upgrade says, you shoot x% faster and damage modify of 1.0

So this means my new guns shoot at 4.3x modifier and 3x modifier correct?

it sounds obviouse but so many things in this game are confusing I just want to make sure.


Coerce Inc
Posted - 2005.05.31 17:41:00 - [2]

weapons upgrade

Skill required for weapon upgrade modules that affect
turrets.Special: Reduces the CPU need of turrets,launchers and
smartbombs by 5% per level of skill.

Jon Hawkes
The Littlest Hobos
Posted - 2005.05.31 17:58:00 - [3]

If you want to improve the rate of fire or damage modifier of you guns, you'll need to fit a weapons upgrade unit onto one of your lowslots. Depending on your chioce of weapons, you'll need different mods:

Projectile: Gyrostabiliser
Energy: Heat Sink
Hybrid: Magnetic Field Stabiliser
Missile: Ballistic Control System

Snuff Cruentus
Posted - 2005.05.31 18:10:00 - [4]


but what i am asking isnŽt what skill I need to train or what the skill does I am asking exactly what the unit does and if my example is correct.

Generals Of Destruction Syndicate
Posted - 2005.05.31 18:14:00 - [5]

Ok I think you got a couple things confused

You need weapons upgrades skill to use weapons upgrades modules like heatsinks and magnetic feild stabs.

While these modules help you shoot faster and do more damage, teh skill itself only reduces the amount of cpu you need to fit guns, launchers and smartbombs.

Hope this helps.

Posted - 2005.05.31 18:18:00 - [6]

No, your original example is not correct. To be honest its so confusing I'm not sure what you are asking.

Weapons upgrades does not affect your damage modifier.

Skills like small projectile turret and others add 5% damage per level of skill.

If your guns damage mod now is 3.3, then train its skill up another level and it will be 3.3+5% i.e. 3.465

Snuff Cruentus
Posted - 2005.05.31 18:36:00 - [7]


IŽll try to ask it more specifically,

I bought a modification Energy: Heat Sink

In the stats it says

damage modifier 1.0
rate of fire bonus 5%

My weapons do 3.3

So when I put this on my ship will my weapons do 4.3 damage modifier because I have this thing?

I hope thats asked a little better and you can understand it hehe.

Jon Hawkes
The Littlest Hobos
Posted - 2005.05.31 18:52:00 - [8]

OK, I believe the item you're referring to is a Basic Heat Sink, which will only help out with Laser turrets.
If it says that the damage modifier of the unit is 1.05, then it will give a 5% bonus to your turrets' damage modifier stats, not a fixed 1.05 bonus (Eg - 3.3 x 1.05 = 3.465)


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