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J0urneys End
Posted - 2003.07.09 16:14:00 - [31]

<quote> Hull/Armor repairers were meant to be used during battle to give you that extra staying power you need to stay alive long enough to finish the fight or escape. If module damage affected performance, people would have to dock and repair their modules. Instead, people just repair their hull/armor and keep on going.

Man which one of you out there would equip a hull/armor repairer during combat? aside from it wasting 1-2 med slots it eats up alot of powergrid that could otherwise be used to mount better weapons.

If you have a hull/armor repairer for combat you deserve to lose your ship to stupidity. They are good for repairs AFTER you get back to base to save money. There are much better modules to prevent damage than using those to fix damage after the fact.

Lijah Reaper
Posted - 2003.07.09 17:19:00 - [32]

Hull and armor repairers are fine, but it would be nice to see these things cost more, or require minerals to power them.

Re Crew Pay/needs: I LOVE this idea. Pay in cash per crew member over a period of time. Buy a few trade goods like food and water to power the ship for a period of time. Frigates would be free of this situation as their crew is just you. Treat your crew badly with resources and your ship doesn't perform as well, if bad enough the next time you return to port your ship can't leave for a day or two. Give your crew spiced wine and boosters and your ship stats improve a bit.

Re: Fuel. This doesn't have to be mandatory, but you should be able to purchase things like micro warp drives that use expensive fuel pellets rather than reducing your stats. Or use the fuel pellets to pump up a smart bomb to 4x the damage.

Morkt Drakt
Black Omega Security
Posted - 2003.07.09 17:26:00 - [33]

The idea is bascically pointing at something that EVE simply doesnt have enough off: "value sinks".

Which are essentially "Money sinks" but aren't always just money (e.g commodities/minerals).

A such:

Every Station should require minimal ongoing commodoties for every hour of operation. (food, water, minerals, electronics, machine parts - whatever)

Every "populated" planet should require minimal ongoing commodities VIA their nearest Station (as above +)

Every Ship should require minimal ongoing commodities (as above call it repairs, robots or crew fees)

and so on and so forth.

Those who have worked with MOG economies before will realise the requirement of such sinks and how, even in small individual amounts, they add up to a huge balancing and stabilising factor in the economy.

Remember, for each and every requirment ther is an "item/amount" leaving the system entirely.

Which is part of what EVE requires "now" before its too late.

Old Timers Guild
Posted - 2003.07.09 18:40:00 - [34]

The average player who has been playing a while can afford repairs, or they can take the time to use repairers.

The only thing a repairer does is save me some cash, even a couple hundred k in repairs isn't a big deal and most of the time anymore I pay the bill and don't use repairers just to save the time.

A new player starting out and learning combat is MUCH more likley to need them and they are the people who don't have the cash to just go "Oh 250k in repairs,yawn" and click repair.

BAD idea. The last thing we need is ways to make the game harder for people starting out.

Cachorro Louco
Posted - 2003.07.09 20:07:00 - [35]

Alot of good ideas. I like the one about the repairing devices needing minerals to do there work. It does feel kinda cheesie just slaping the things on, exiting the base and then doing my own repair.

The crew one is good. Feels funny that I don't have to worry about feeding crew or maintaning the ship. And I never have to pay a docking fee when docking at a base. Or I never have to pay a fee when using the jump gates. Who payed for those things and how are they maintained?

The fees/maintanance/crew costs can all be tied to the type of ship. The larger the ship the more it costs to maintain.

Right now all I do with my money is buy ammo/missiles, give to corp or save up for the next big ship I want to buy.

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