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Posted - 2003.07.08 00:41:00 - [1]

First i would like to preface this with a few words on MMORPGs in the first place. There are 2 things all MMORPGs have in common with one another. First they are no fun to play without a good online community, and second they all have time sinks built into them, this is only logical since time sinks can keep players hooked for months and that makes the company money.So long as players are having fun however who cares everybody is happy , right?....right? well not realy. Thats what brings me to some (not all) complaints I have heard about EVE.

Here are a few and how I personaly feel at the moment.
1.complaint- theres no roleplay feel since you dont gain levels by performing certain activites.

I feel this is not the case, in EVE money is power plain and simple,it buys ships, weapons,blueprints and your characters education,therefore instead of killing 100 rats to get better at ### you kill pirates to buy training time in ### or mine, or bounty hunt,trade etc. I feel the sense of building up a character is their.

2.complaint- theres no point to it.

Again take a look at any MMORPG and the main reason people play isnt to see what happens in next weeks episode but wrather to enjoy the online community, join a good corp. and you will have that.If not you will get bored easily playing alone all the time its this way with all of em EQ, AO, AC, players make up a great part of the world.

3.complaint- theres not a lot to do.

I used to play EQ avidly and can remember camping at crushbone for days on end killing orcs that respawned, to get to the next level.I feel that EVEs way of dealing with character skills is a breath of fresh air in that you can do different activites while learning new skills.Trading, Mining, hunting and looting pirates, taking bounties, hauling goods, or harassing others as a pirate,with more to come hopefully. ( send us some aliens CCP, and big NPC battleships that can only be taken out as a group)

4.Game is bugged.
No online game as yet has launched without bugs these guys are regular at shutting down servers for a brief period each day and patching. I dont believe online games can be trouble free even the oldy but goodies, have their hangups, but in time most bugs are eventualy squashed if you cant deal with them wait a few months after launch, before playing.

I hope this game continues,and that at a later time more is added, not just solar systems, but additional NPCs to battle and planet exploration, maybe even a deck screen that lets you see someone your privately talking to on screen, like in star trek :)I do agree that at the very least the manuel should have been twice as thick and updated.Many people will walk away if the task of learning the game seems too daunting, I still have to ask many qustions in game about things I dont know, but I dont mind taking my time and learning aS i go along, im having a blast thus far.

Posted - 2003.07.08 05:33:00 - [2]

You point to a very logical view of the situation and I have the same feeling.

It sounds like you will truly enjoy this game.

Posted - 2003.07.08 06:44:00 - [3]

'1.complaint- theres no roleplay feel since you dont gain levels by performing certain activites.'
I believe the role-play element lies in your attitude. If you are a rough grumpy old miner play the part. I am sick of bland be nice to each other personalities online. Would you do it in the street. At the moment is a lot of similar minded people collecting money. There does not seem to be much personality based on the background oy your chosen race.

'2.complaint- theres no point to it.'
The advice given along with what I said in one will create story lines with aims and objectives for a corp or yourself. You can organise groups outside of corps and carry out espionage. Luring pirates into traps is quite good fun.

'3.complaint- theres not a lot to do.'
There is plenty to do mix and match activities. Gameplay in EVE is as free as it comes. I know its not honourable but I am getting skilled up to try and steal a ship. I had a chance the other day but I was a skill level short. The only reason I am going to do it is because I can.

4.Game is bugged.
What can I say, it is severly, but its an ambitious project with gigantic potential.

S.I.N. Corporation
Posted - 2003.07.08 08:26:00 - [4]

hmmm bugs...
I don't think I've sen a game with so many bugs..

Valan is right however, this is a massive project and it has a huge amount of potential.

It's nice to see that every time a patch arrives, the list of bugs it includes is vast.

I think people are playing this game and suffering the problems because they know things are being done about it...

Posted - 2003.07.08 08:41:00 - [5]

i have been playing since saturday, and this is my first on-line game, therefore a real newbie, cherry just popped.

i can hear the applause from here, no stop your embrassing me, :) lol.

i think the whole aspect of the game infuriating and intriguing at the same time.


that i want to go out and shoot every thing that moves, but got a crap ship with sod all on board (compared to what is flying around) so instant death, and the earning cash can be long winded then finding out you cant fit stuff or learn stuff etc etc etc.


well the above, this you start to set out plans of what you need, where to get it and how to get it.

then your long term goals can be aspired, my goal is to go bounty hunting, and this is why for me it has become very addictive.

i am currently stuck in an office bored, just thinking of what to do next, and if the corp i joined are going out to do something that i can tag along with.

anyway i have played about 20 hours since sat afternoon. and looking forward to even more, i lost my first ship last night, i had to laugh it was funny, but i didnt get killed.

see you all out there later tonight


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