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Playboy Enterprises
Posted - 2003.07.07 18:30:00 - [31]

Damnit -- AGAIN!!!! We had 5 original cruiser BPs in 5 separate lab slots. We installed them Thursday afternoon (PST) after the last patch kicked them out but before you added new slots. They were kicked out again this morning when they all had about 12 hours left until copies were completed.

So we were burned for multiple days for multiple blueprints. What is going on over there? As I see it, we are owed 1 copy for each of the following: Moa, Thorax, Rupture, Vexor, and Maller since they were all supposed to be done either today or tomorrow.

***Is it possible that when an item is in research or production, the code does not see that as "active" use of a slot? Since copies take 4-5 days, the slots may look idle when they really arent... and after 3 days, everything is booted.***

Regardless, I don't want to have to re-install them AGAIN and lose all of those days AGAIN. What do you need from us to lock this down? Petitions ALWAYS time out before they are even looked at. The "I quit" clock is ticking.

Co-CEO Playboy Enterprises
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Windy Whitehall
Posted - 2003.07.07 18:32:00 - [32]

ok as to when this started .

the issue.

it started with last patch release.

lab and factory slots now when rental period is up they come up on market to be rented again. and anything in production or being researched gets kicked out. with lost of time spent. since not everyone can be online 24 hours per day and in the stations at time.

also I rent at say 1800 hours for 3 days. but in 2 days 6 hours rent runs out. so I pay for 3 days but don't get 3 days. as rent comes due at server reboot.

couple of solutions: make lab slots rentable for time period of up to 1 month or for length of research. since later it may take a month or more to do research.

give a grace period of 24 hours to pay next installement with mail sent informing of pending loss of slots.
or send out bill 1 day before slot expires. if paid slot remains. if not slot is lost

I get ingame mails after the fact. I also get billed for next installment even when getting mails stating that I can't re-rent a slot. even if slot has been used or is in use bills for slots need to state the slot number also, not just the station/system

1 last thing. not really belongs here but is issue. the billing for slots/offices needs to go to everyone with acess granted to that security level. as it is now. it goes only to the person renting. and not to the CEO or CFO. if all who are granted right to pay bills got bill it might get paid.

just my take on this.

since we have lost copie times on a rifter and on probe. and have had builds kicked. which means minerals lost caused by product being built at time of kick followed by loss of slot.

Harland and Wolff Heavy Industries
White Star Conglomerate
Posted - 2003.07.07 18:53:00 - [33]

My corportation has also suffered the repeated problems with the Lab and Factory rental periods, as noted by eveyone above. I logged on this morning to find that the leases for all of our Labs and Factories had been cancelled and the slots were availble to the public.

I also noticed a potenital bug releated to the payment of the leases. I believe I have been "double billed" for all of the leases I paid for today.

Here is what I did:
1 - On the Factory / Lab screens, I rented the facility using the "rent" button, selected it as "corporate" and continued on.

2 - I checked the Corporate wallet, under the "Accounts Payable" tab and found some rental bills waiting. They were for the ones I had just rented. I clicked on the "pay bill" arrow for each one.

3 - I then checked the "Auditing" tab,and to my demise, entries for eacy lab and factory were displayed twice, each instance only seconds apart.

It looks like we (or at least I am) double paying for my leases.

Has anyone else run into this problem?

Posted - 2003.07.07 18:58:00 - [34]

Yes it seems you always get double charged the first time you rent a slot.

Eve Game Card Co
Posted - 2003.07.07 19:03:00 - [35]

LosT Armageddon & MOA again.

MOA - 2003.07.03 X-Sense, Station: Stetille VII Moon 1. i not got any bills. nick Ronin.

Armageddon - 2003.07.03 X-Sense, Station: Stetille VII Moon 1. i Not got any bills. nick Draken.

So in amount: We lost 10 days with Armaggedon = 1.6 copy. And we lost 9 days with MOA = 1.9 copy.

No one answers from support for 24 hours aboout last loss. Give me answer, for what i pay money?!?!?! that you sneered on us?!!?!?!

J0urneys End
Posted - 2003.07.07 19:07:00 - [36]

Ok Just lost a few of our labs and factories as well. Apparently the "used within the period" code does not work or Its double billing and if you don't pay the bills within minutes of it coming out it unrents. So we lost alot of factories and labs that were in the process of copying, researching or making items.

This is unacceptable. Its been several days and I believe the general public has been patient enough for a fix. You should have tested this fix before you tried to pass it off again.

I expect to be compensated for our losses as all of us who have lost days of work. I will keep petitioning til that happens. I have NOT received even a reply for my first petition.

Posted - 2003.07.08 00:37:00 - [37]

Same situation. I was using a lab to make a batch of 2 copies of Omen bp in lab at Kador Prime. 1st copy was made and I was 4.5 days into creation of second copy when game was patched. The lab was in CONTINUOUS USE for 9.5 days, but it still un rented with the message that I was not allowed to re-rent it because it had not been used during the last rental period. So, I lost the lab and 4.5 days on the Omen copy. Obviously, 'in use' DOES NOT QUALIFY as being used. This is wrong and MUST be changed. Multiple batches that extend over the 3 day rental period will also likely be bugged as I suspect the 'used' flag only gets set when the bp is ejected. Ie, rent a lab, research a batch of 100 mineral improvements over 5 days and you likely also will lose the lab. I haven't tested this scenario. Labs are too valuable to risk.

Arx Io Orbital Factories
Arx Io
Posted - 2003.07.08 09:58:00 - [38]

Update to my petitions about lost research and slots.

The GM replied after 5 days:
Your name has been added to the list that CCP will be using to investigate these cases. We are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

The lord teaches us patience and humbleness.

Maybe sometime next week we get a new reply.

Nevahefas Etarip
Posted - 2003.07.08 11:24:00 - [39]

lost a seconth waves of copy too :( not that its really just as big as any of you guys but still ... i want them back .

Posted - 2003.07.08 15:54:00 - [40]

To the folks who were concerned about being "double billed":

My understanding is that when you rent, you are immediately charged for the first rental period, and are issued a bill for the second rental period that is due by the end of the first.

Thus, paying the bill that shows up should be renting the slot for the first two rental periods, and you aren't really being double-billed.

Posted - 2003.07.08 16:32:00 - [41]

I doubt more than 30% will actually see a copy refunded. Its strange that the 2 problems ccp had (too many copies, too few slots) have been "bugged" since the patch. I cant know if its intentional or not, itīs just heavily correlated to the problems.

It would seem they are waiting for some sort of top decition before replacing copies lost in this way. Yeah thats right, they get to decide wheter you are screwed or not, even though its their code that didnīt behave the way they promised.

Of course we feel unjustly treated when the party breaking the moral agreement that if you rent a slot and use it you get to keep it, has failed to do so, has the power to decide the compensation, and right now as far as I can tell, is to a large extend ignoring the problem, keeping us in the dark.

Some day there will be a way to get a more fair treatment than this. But today we might have to accept that this is the way it is, and play on without our copies and slots, or maybe just quit and play SWG.

My best advice to CCP..
Test the code, respect the customers, compensate them for your mistakes, and be nice :)

Minmatar Ship Construction Services
Posted - 2003.07.08 17:38:00 - [42]

I have filed a similar petition yesterday too. Our stabber bp was being researched for mineral efficiency and it was ejected because the slot was 'inactive'. If it cancels the slot if it is being continuously used, then I have no hope. Researching it to the next level takes 3 days an 18 hours, meaning it will keep getting ejected 18 hours short of completion :(

This is unacceptable.

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