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Balki Gruniet
Sirius Corp
Posted - 2005.06.28 09:11:00 - [31]

Not for Moon Surveying, the moon's position is already obvious so you are just scanning it for resources.

If you are on target with your probe you'll get the resource readout otherwise you'll need to launch another probe at the same moon.

When you don't know the location of something you need 3 probes to determine its location in space, that applies to finding safespots or trying to locate other objects in space.


Quantum Industries
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2005.06.29 23:18:00 - [32]

how much can reactors react per hour?

Posted - 2005.07.04 12:45:00 - [33]

Cheers for posting that!

You have anwsered alot of questions i was thinking about posting LOL

Jet Collins
Dynamic Endeavors
Posted - 2005.07.11 18:47:00 - [34]

Are the Fuel needs posted in this forum Current? After the patch the fuel need for medium and small POS changed did they not?

Posted - 2005.07.13 08:58:00 - [35]

Ah ha! Now I might have a faint idea what I'm doing... Very Happy

Good guide, thanks very much!

Posted - 2005.07.17 07:18:00 - [36]

hey, i always end up 5,000 KM away from the moon, why is that you say in your guide here that you end up 15km away but i ALWAYS end up 5,000KM away. Please help thanks.

Sha Dar
eXceed Inc.
Posted - 2005.07.17 12:09:00 - [37]

I asked this question as well in game, the warp in point is 5000km, even though you select to warp to 15km, and you construct the pos within the vicinity of that point.

Posted - 2005.07.17 16:09:00 - [38]

so you eather have to be a really good shot or fly close enough to get a 100% sure outcome of moon surveying?

Online Dawdlers
Posted - 2005.07.20 04:24:00 - [39]

Top guide guys and well done on the PDF. I would like to see CCP take it on board and place it in the game for when it installs.

It has answered all the questions I had about setting up a PoS and helping people out with the "How to" sections, nicely done. Would like to see the colour version done so I can print it out, going to run a couple of copies off on the laser printer now though.

Keep it up guys !! Well done.

Little Natasia
Posted - 2005.07.28 21:30:00 - [40]

I would like POS one day, i might try to setup a small one to learn the ropes, can one person run a small POS?

Vox Silentium Ultionis
Silentium Ordo
Posted - 2005.07.29 15:51:00 - [41]

one person could essentially run a large one...but it takes lots of money and lots of work (and LOTS of time in an indy). You would be better off with a small or medium tower, but they are only good for light defenses and a simple harvester (or two if your lucky) and a single silo/coupling array. small and medium towers are mostly good for mining raw materials and selling them or taking them to a large pos for processing. the large pos takes anywhere from 20-40 mil a week to run depending on what you have to buy in fuel. So make sure your bank is thick first :P (which is the problem im running into atm)

I would also like to note that it would be good to do all your surveying first and buy the tower that cooresponds to the region your in. This, of course, is if you have ice in the system you are going to set it up, which would be ideal. Reason being as stated in the ice mining section, is that ice is race having a gallente control tower in amarr space, for example, is going to be a pain to get the isotopes to keep the shield running since 'amarr ice' is not going to have what you need.

Unless you have, say, two hours to make insta jumps back to the region your tower's race is located, traveling back and forth on those long trade routes will get tedious. Luckily, i have a lackey thats good at instas Laughing

Stable Element
Posted - 2005.08.07 07:28:00 - [42]

Rolling Eyesso how big should a corp be b4 they try running a station...and is it better to run a station on the farthest outskirts of the galaxy...or semi close to the secure center of the galaxy?

Vox Silentium Ultionis
Silentium Ordo
Posted - 2005.08.08 15:54:00 - [43]

Edited by: MortiSeraphim on 08/08/2005 15:55:53
well, me and my corpmates are kinda learning this on the fly...first and foremost as i said in my last post, you really need a thick wallet before you take on this endeavor, as it will take some time before the profits start rolling in. so you'll need a few hundred mil sitting in your corp wallet to buy materials and fuel. you'll also try and make some connections with other POS owners for deals on compounds and other minerals otherwise buying the other half of your materials for making composites and such will get awfully expensive.

Currently, my corp of about 5 active members is able to keep the large pos running, mostly cus we went into the project with very large wallets. it aslo helps to have somplace nearby you can mine isotopes to fuel the pos shield. that cuts down costs by a ton. having adept pilots in your corp is a bonus, those that can fly mining barges and higher end indies (ex: iteron 5, mammoth) are a necessity unless you wanna burden one person with all the work of emptying and filling the PoS.

The difference between zero space and low sec space is the same as anything else; risk vs profit. 0.0 is much more open, you have more choices of moons, and its more profitable. however, its a much longer route, you can loose entire batches of profit making material or fuel, and making tech 2 components is harder due to no nearby stations. if you are just starting, low sec space (.1-.3) will be your best bet honestly, unless you have a very large corp that can handle zero-space. I also cant stress enough to have the right tower for your area cus the ice there will yeild the isotopes, etc needed for that race's tower. I have the problem of having a gallente tower in amarr space...and its a beyotch to get isotopes cus i have to make a loooooong walk back to gallente space in a hauler, which brings up another point. Insta-jumps make the long trade routes much more bearable. Prepare to spend about an hour (or two, based on how far you're going) making instajumps for you and your most active members to run the trade routes.

A LOT of preparation goes in to setting up a PoS before its even put up. As the guide states, it would be wise to scout a system first; watch its traffic, who goes in and out, how much fighting goes on there, if there are pirates nearby, is there an alliance there, how many moons are available to scan, is there ice in the system or closeby, other PoS's, and even the location of some of the moons in relation to the stargates. after all that, visit the system, scan the moons and find something that will be profitable. If you can find a moon with a metal, jump on it like a fly on a turd cus metals are rare, as stated. Once you find a good one, next would be to assemble your convoy, and start your trip to your destination and set up your tower while others bring in the rest. a large pos will take a few hours to set up just by all the anchoring and onlining (1 hour for the tower, 12 mins per structure), so youll need guard duty from everyone. After that, enjoy your new corp trophy.

guess i bit a long winded, but again, its an on-the-fly learning experience for me. Only gripe i have is 50,000 m3 is not enough to stuff that damn tower full of fuel for 2 weeks or more *rolls eyes*

Zandorak X
Posted - 2005.08.25 08:32:00 - [44]

Lovely post !!!! thumbs up for all the effort !!!
Now i have a suggestion, is there a rouster or a lets say a POS material market some where? Its a neightmare looking for people to work together for POS components it would be 100% more effecient if we create a thread for that.

So ice mining corps, POS owners, tech 2 builders looking for materials etc.... can gather in one place and do some business..... IF such thread/pleace exisits can some 1 point it out 2 me? if not i am more than happy to join up with any one intrested to make this idea happen ...... Very Happy

Simon Illian
Black Nova Corp
Band of Brothers
Posted - 2005.08.25 08:37:00 - [45]

maybe join the ingame channel "POS FUNTIME", it help i think

Posted - 2005.08.26 01:05:00 - [46]

can somebody explain how to make this mooning thing work i dont understand. step by step would help alotSad i already had a bad they getting pod and lossing my implants today :P

Posted - 2005.08.30 00:58:00 - [47]

Can someone explain how much it would cost to run a small pos and what sort of defences you can run with it?

Enough to keep off a bs or two?

Posted - 2005.08.31 13:52:00 - [48]

Originally by: Aquilles
can somebody explain how to make this mooning thing work i dont understand. step by step would help alotSad i already had a bad they getting pod and lossing my implants today :P

The guide IS step by step. Read it.

Fade Routha
Blackwater USA Inc.
Against ALL Authorities
Posted - 2005.09.08 02:28:00 - [49]

Thanks to all the people that helped bring all this info together for those newbs like me, full of questions and not sure where to look.
Props to Zhuge Liang for his work on this forum and BoBoZoBo for the masterful .pdf file.

Thanks AgainRazz

Robb Kiver
Rkiver Inc
Posted - 2005.09.08 10:08:00 - [50]

Edited by: Robb Kiver on 12/09/2005 08:15:26
Thank you for the information Zhuge Liang, and thank you Bobozobo for converting it to a pdf. Once again I am in awe of the overall level of help this community offers time and time again.

Raven Seldon
Posted - 2005.09.09 07:09:00 - [51]

Edited by: Raven Seldon on 09/09/2005 07:27:49
one little side note tho...

how can you determine how many of the fuel is needed for moon mining, simple reactions and complex reactions seperately?

Are there any standards for it?

What I want to know is what every structure consumes in fuel

Terminal Impact
Posted - 2005.09.13 14:32:00 - [52]

Great guide!

Has anyone figured out a good combination of ship and equipment to get this done?

I'm using a cruiser to do it, but my cap gets drained quickly on MWD boosts.

Last night some dirt bag with a -9.7 "smiled" at me and tried to get in range of me. I was 200km towards the moon I was going to survey when he tried to warp in. I *think* the moon's 5,000km buffer helped me. In any case, it became a race to the gate. I had an insta, he didn't.

I'm looking at cloaking devices, but the power requirements on a non-covert ops ship is astronomical. And even if I used a covert ops ship, the power/cpu requirements prohibit a MWD.

Two Brothers Mining Corp.
Friend or Enemy
Posted - 2005.09.19 17:27:00 - [53]

As for the Cloaking device...

Use the BASIC one for the Industrial. What you do when you have the bad guy warp in on you is, turn-around and head for the gate, or if you are already cloaked, do nothing... When you are aligned to the gate, De-Cloak and WARP to your insta in one 'quick stroke', you will get there ... First or last won't matter because you can JUMP right out of the system, of course this may be all he wanted in the first place, but unlikely!

Panta Rei
Posted - 2005.09.20 10:51:00 - [54]

Is the fuel usage (liquid ozone/heavy water) dependant on the amount of pg/cpu used?

Posted - 2005.09.20 15:02:00 - [55]

Originally by: Panta Rei
Is the fuel usage (liquid ozone/heavy water) dependant on the amount of pg/cpu used?

Yes, the usage is dependant on how much CPU/Power your POS actually is using.

Panta Rei
Posted - 2005.09.20 15:05:00 - [56]

Originally by: Cellato
Originally by: Panta Rei
Is the fuel usage (liquid ozone/heavy water) dependant on the amount of pg/cpu used?

Yes, the usage is dependant on how much CPU/Power your POS actually is using.

Thank you.

Zhuge Liang, maybe clarification on this should be added to the guide?

Panta Rei
Posted - 2005.09.20 15:59:00 - [57]

Another question: is the fuel usage (liquid ozone/heavy water) based on load the same on all sizes of towers? (e.g. does a PG usage of say, 1000MW, use the same amount of fuel on the small, med, and large tower.)

My question is motivated by the following: I mined some ice, and noticed that the amounts of isotopes I got could run (i.e. keep it online) a tower much longer than the amounts of liquid ozone/heavy water would hold out. So, if I go for a small tower I will have a lot of isotopes left after my liquid ozone is depleted.

Now, if the usage of LO/HW is the same no matter the size of the tower (as long as the PG/CPU usage remains the same), I can swap the small tower for a large (giving me four times as much shield) without having to spend additional time mining ice (I'll just have less excess isotopes).

North Eastern Swat
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2005.09.20 17:10:00 - [58]

Are you able to anchor a control tower in an asteroid field?

Baldour Ngarr
Black Thorne Corporation
Black Thorne Alliance
Posted - 2005.09.20 23:35:00 - [59]

Originally by: Skooney
Are you able to anchor a control tower in an asteroid field?

No. Only at a moon.

Baldour Ngarr
Black Thorne Corporation
Black Thorne Alliance
Posted - 2005.09.20 23:40:00 - [60]

Originally by: Zhuge Liang
[] Fuel RequirementThe fuel units are consumed every hour (Medium CT: every 2 hours, Small CT: every 4 hours).

Trade goods needed per hour:
Enriched Uranium: 4 units
Oxygen: 25 units
Mechanical Parts: 5 units
Coolant: 8 units
Robotics: 1 unit

This is technically inaccurate. (I can't surely be the first person to notice, but I don't see anyone having posted so, so here goes.)

The amounts are not consumed every 2, or 4, hours, on smaller CTs; rather, the amount consumed each hour is halved, or quartered. For most cases this is irrelevant except for pedantry's sake; but because the numbers are always rounded up, a quarter of 1 robotics per hour, is 1 robotics per hour. I only took 6 to run my small POS for a day, and it ran out Confused

The only fuels on which this needs to be taken into account are Oxygen, Mechanical Parts, and Robotics. All the others are consumed in multiples of 4 units (or near enough), so it's neither here nor there which way you measure it.

Perhaps this could be edited in the original post?

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