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Posted - 2005.04.29 12:39:00 - [1]

hallo there,
now that i have been in thsi game for about one month and have tryed out different things, like mission running, npc fighting and some mining, i`d like to know a bit more about the minign and skills required to do it in the most efficiant way.
so the question is: what skills are requred to be most efficient in mining ore ?

as far i see that mining skill, as well as astrology skill gives bonus to mining yeld, are there any more skills to do so?

as for ships: the bs apoc is a nice mining ship with 8 lasers on, but as i understand, tehn the biggesr mining barge has more mining yeld, right?

what other essntioal info is needed, to become a professional miner?

thank you :)

Mike Vernon
Posted - 2005.04.29 12:53:00 - [2]

For early game mining the best thing to do is get Mining up to 4 (so you can use Miner 2's) and get either Caldari or Minmatar cruiser up a bit aswell, and get a osprey or scythe (good mining cruisers).

When you got that done, aim for a large barge. The step up from a osprey or scythe to a medium barge isnt all that big in mineral yield, so I'd advice on skipping it, and going straight for the large barge.

Justin Cody
T.A.L.O.N. Company
B4D W01F
Posted - 2005.04.29 13:01:00 - [3]

Here is a list of other skills that you will need or want perhaps

Astrogeology (train to level 4 initially)
Refining 5
Refining Efficiency 5
Science 5
Metallurgy 4 (5 if you have the time)
Hydromagnetic Physics 4
Ice Harvesting 4
Ice Processing 4

Specialized ore refining skills like Veldspar processing
and there is scrap metal processing I think a well.

I hope this helps

Justin Cody

Posted - 2005.04.29 13:38:00 - [4]

k, thanks for the info.

Posted - 2005.04.29 13:42:00 - [5]

You left off Engineering V, Justin.

The best thing to do is look at the skills for a Covetor. Those'll make you an excellent miner. Then you'll want to look into the others Justin mentioned too. Refining's handy, but if you're in a corp with a good refiner, it's not an immediate concern.

Posted - 2005.04.29 21:41:00 - [6]

Hi Justin,
New to mining so could you explain to me how metallurgy and hydromagnetic physics are useful to mining?

Posted - 2005.04.29 23:00:00 - [7]

Edited by: F''nog on 30/04/2005 21:17:03
Metallurgy is needed for the ore-specific refining skills, and Hydro is needed for Ice Refining.

So they're tertiary in need at best.

Posted - 2005.04.30 21:00:00 - [8]

Cheers Fnog


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