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Shintoko Akahoshi
Risen Angels
Posted - 2005.04.28 09:18:00 - [1]

Renegade Survivor burned.

"Shin, we've got a couple of CVA in Baviasi, an Apocalypse and a Zealot. We're going to attack them, can you come?"

Heavy loading drones ferried crates of projectile rounds into the open blackness that was the Survivors' hold. She was ready.

"I'm in Yulai right now, I can be there soon. What's the plan?"

"I'm in system with them now, in a Deimos. Shar and Apache are going to join us. Come to the system before Baviasi and hold there, I'm going to be bait for the trap."

The Deimos was a close range bruiser, capable of taking on nearly anything in a point-blank flurry of blaster fire and drones. It made a stark contrast to the Survivor, whose long lines and high speed betrayed its Stabber origins.

"Right, Jade. I'm prepping now. I'll link up with Apache and Shar on the way."

The pod sat open and empty, cables and tubes waiting like some placental remains left after whatever animal had hatched from this monstrous egg. Shin kicked her way across the bridge, catching an edge with her hand, pulling herself inside. The pod slowly sealed itself as cables and catheters snaked their way towards neck and face and thigh. Then came the fluid.

"Renegade Survivor, you're clear to undock."

The DED station in Yulai was perhaps the busiest station in all of empire space. It saw hundreds of ships an hour dock and undock, everything from the smallest frigate to the heaviest battleship. Station Control processed them all. Station control guided each to its hangar, eased each back out. As a midwife in the difficult birth of ship from station, they could not be faulted. Survivor left the station into a swarming mass of ships, each vying for position in a complex dance around the station. Some waiting for war enemies. Some on their own business. Some waiting to scavenge from the dead. With a nimble grace the cruiser threaded its way through the mass and warped.

"Can someone scout for me? I'm coming along pretty slowly". Apaches voice was gravel on ice, an effect he managed even through the neural link.

"I'm coming up on the Kemerk gate now, 'pache, I'll scout the way for you"

"Thanks, Shin. Shar, where are you?"

"Just fitting a new set of guns. I'll meet you there."


This was what she lived for now. Survivor responded to the whisper of a thought, the ship more her body than what curled in the pod. Swinging a camera drone around, she studied the ship, looking for anything out of place. Renegade Survivor was an early example, a preproduction ship, one of the first out of the Jericho Fraction nanofactories. Originally owned by her friend Rhagnor, the brutor had sold it to her during a love affair with the burlier Munin cruiser. Though she had owned it for some time, it was not until recently that she finally came to understand the ship, finally grokked its genius and design. It had flown exactly once in combat before, not even a week earlier. Problems with the new equipment had caused it to drop out of the patrol, but her robot crew had soon put things to right and the Survivor had returned to Yulai several days later. She had faced CVA raiding frigates squads and done well, but this was something more. This would be her first real test under fire.

"Jade, we're approaching the Baviasi gate. How're things in there?"

"I'm still waiting. Get within range of the gate and I'll warp in."

"Okay. Give us the word and we'll jump in."

The three ships hung just off the golden ring of the Baviasi gate. Her Vagabond sat in the shadow of a larger, more angular shape - Apaches Scorpion battleship - while Shar Leck orbited in his Claw interceptor.


"We're jumping in"

The gate cycled three times.

Jump in is one of the most vulnerable times for a ship. It starts out in blackness, nothing operating. Gradually systems come back online, camera drones are launched. During this time a ship can be damaged, even destroyed, by a determined and prepared enemy.

The two enemy ships waited near the gate. There was no sign of Jade, but debris told of her fate: The Deimos is deadly at close range. If the pilot is unfortunate enough to warp at a distance to an enemy, they may not be able to close the range before they are destroyed.

"Ramruqai is the primary target" Apache called. "Target the battleship"

Missiles and lasers passed between the two battleships, while the smaller Zealot crusier positioned itself to use its own heavy turrets. Both ships were over 40 kilometers from the Vagabond, fortunate. 40 kilometers is where Survivor really started to come into its own. Setting up a fast orbit, she targeted both ships and opened fire on the Apocalypse.

"I'm taking fire from the Zealot, I'm going to open range"

Shintoko Akahoshi
Risen Angels
Posted - 2005.04.28 09:18:00 - [2]

At 50 kilometers the Zealot could barely hit her. At 55, it didn't. The Apocalypse switched from Apaches heavily shielded scorpion to her smaller ship, though speed kept it from landing a solid hit. Guns ran dry and were reloaded, fire was exchanged, and gradually the battleship wore down. First shields, then armor. Then it disappeared from her targeting display as it warped to safety.

"We need a scrambler here"

"I'm getting another ship, it's near here. Can you hold them until I get back?"

"Hurry, Jade, we have no way to keep them here."

Fire poured into the Zealot cruiser, the sturdy Amarran design holding up far better than any cruiser had a right to. Finally, though, it could not withstand fire from all of them and it, too, escaped.

"The battleship is back. Fire on the battleship"

Ramruqai had warped back in at a distance and opened up with tremendous lasers. Once again Survivor settled into a fast orbit, closer this time, allowing her to fit extremely damaging short range ammunition.

"I can't keep it here, I'm set up for fighting interceptors. I'll go fit a warp scrambler"

Shar streaked off, leaving the two of them against Ramruqai. Shields fell, slowly, as did armor.

"The Zealot is back."

"Roger. Maintain fire on the battleship"

Again Ramruqai warped off, his golden Apocalypse leaving the field to repair.

"I'm firing on the Zealot"

As long as no one was able to scramble the CVA forces, they would not be able to defeat them. But as long as Star Fraction held the gate, the CVA pair could not leave. It was a delicate and dangerous balance.

"The battleship is back. The Zealot just warped."

"Fire on the battleship"

A flash erupted before half her field of vision went dark.

"I just took a torpedo strike, switching to defender missiles"

New camera drones were launched to replace the ones destroyed by the Apocalypses torpedos. Counting on her range and speed to keep her safe from the battleships lasers, she hadn't thought of missiles. A train of white and yellow fireballs stretched from the golden ship towards her.

"This things really concentrating on me"

Defender missiles streaked from the Vagabond, the tiny shapes seeking out incoming torpedos in an attempt to destroy them. Torpedos were difficult, though, as often they could withstand a single defender missile. Her rocket launcher was able to keep up with the slower rate of fire, but it did not carry many missiles. While she reloaded, she presented a window to the oncoming fire.

"Dammit, I'm still taking torpedos. I've got to bug out."


She watched as the cruiser slowly aligned to warp, while enemy torpedos crept closer. Survivor hung for a moment, waiting as a torpedo overshot and turned to strike, then it entered warp and left the battle behind.

"I've got to dock and repair. How're you doing?"

"I'm holding out. We need to regroup, though."

"Roger. Jade, how far out are you?"

"I'm almost there."

"We'll try this again. I'll stay here in the Scorp and engage them, then you can all warp and jump in at the same time."

Renegade survivor burned in the hangar as repair drones swarmed over the surface. The damage was repaired sooner than she thought possible, though not perfectly. The station emergency repair servicies, larger versions of the repair nano that some ships carried, could restore a ship functionally, but they could not completely restore appearance. Renegade Survivor would forever carry scars from Ramruqais torpedo strikes.

"I'm undocking. I'll align to warp to the gate. Say the word and I'll be there."

Survivor warped from the station to a midsystem point, then turned to face the gate. With all engines running at full, it would enter warp in an instant, allowing it to rejoin the battle with very little delay.

"I'm ready to jump in. How's it look?"

"Jump in now. Warp now. They're both here."

Survivor leapt into warp, arrowing towards her foe.

"Scramble them, scramble them, everyone target the battleship"

"I've got him scrambled, he's launched drones..."

The Vagabond shuddered out of warp nearly 60 kilometers from the battleship. Perfect. Running up the drives, Shin entered her orbit and targeted the enemy ships.

"Firing on the Apoc"

This time the battleship could not flee, its warp engines disrupted by Shar and Jade. The enormous ship could take a truly vast amount of damage, but without the ability to escape its fate was sealed.

"It's going down, it's going down!"

"Got it!"

"The Zealot is warping out"

"Nice work!"

Renegade Survivor had burned, but did not fail.

Imperial Dreams
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Posted - 2005.04.28 11:05:00 - [3]

An insightful tale and a nice victory on this occasion.

We are Amarri warriors. We are not afraid to shed our blood for the cause. You may kill us but whenever one falls two more step up to take their place.

Cease and desist your unwarranted assault on the CVA. Your efforts merely assist murdering pirates and terrorists...

Band of Brothers
Posted - 2005.04.28 11:22:00 - [4]

for a minute there, I thousht you said "Matari warriors", Hardin Shocked

I wonder what Voluval marks you'd get Very Happy

Tactical Operations
Posted - 2005.04.28 11:26:00 - [5]

Another brillant victory for the forces of freedom. I salute our foe, who even though outmatched, did not flee the field of battle. Not one step backwards comrades. Onward to VICTORY!.

Errol Dinn
Posted - 2005.04.28 23:50:00 - [6]

Edited by: Errol Dinn on 28/04/2005 23:51:51
Sounds like a good fight. Not sure it's as much a victory as theRaptor claims though.

As I see it Star Fraction lost a Deimos, T2 Heavy Assault Cruiser, that is expensive to make, has very little return on insurance and is hard to come by unless you were lucky and your research agent is a good one that actually understands research, unlike mine. With the recent legal changes done on advanced production items through the SCC and Concord this ship will get even more rare and expensive.

Whereas the CVA lost a Apocalypse battleship, which is probably one of if not the most commonly produced battleship in the universe, has a solid about 90% return on insurance and can be found in just about every region. Hell I found more Apocalypse on sale in Pator than Tempests recently.

While it sounds like Star Fraction held the field for the tactical victory but in the long term fiscal sense I'd have to call this a draw.

Edit: Shintoko your writeup was well done and entertaining reading.

Jasmine Constantine
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2005.04.29 00:23:00 - [7]

Worth considering Erol that Jericho Fraction builds the Deimos Heavy Assault Cruiser and provides that ship class at cost for our pilots. Also its worth considering that the scrap value of loot from the destroyed Vessels can offset the loss if recoved. Even so it was still pretty costly both sides. Loot capture is something holding field allows though.

I had a similar bloody draw the day after where I had my Megathron blown to bits and then managed to take out a pair of enemy HAC's and a BC with the replacement.

Its definately not one-sided fighting Cool

Posted - 2005.04.29 01:10:00 - [8]

Indeed not.

The pace and ferocity of this particular war have reached impressive and dizzying heights in the last several days. I am confident that the Golden Fleet will continue to hold the upper hand.

Posted - 2005.04.29 04:51:00 - [9]

Originally by: Discorporation
for a minute there, I thousht you said "Matari warriors", Hardin Shocked

I wonder what Voluval marks you'd get Very Happy

Disco balls of leadership. :)

Band of Brothers
Posted - 2005.04.29 06:35:00 - [10]

Hahaha, two multicoloured orbs on his upper lip, good one Sarkos Very Happy

Yuki Li
Omerta Syndicate
Posted - 2005.04.29 15:36:00 - [11]

I am confident that the Golden Fleet will continue to hold the upper hand.

Sorry, sunshine, you can't retain what you don't have. Wink

Regardless of the suggestions that our efforts are futile, we're a neck ahead, don't believe the yellow-stained propaganda.

(This is where i'd classically pull a "look-see" link to a kills:losses board, but it went bang in a horrific way and we're currently working on saving it from oblivion =) )

CVA are not without their respect, we're meeting tough opposition and they don't go squish easy. They do, however, go squish, just like anyone else or i, In a fireball of debris under a hailstone of gunfire and missiles.

This is a hell of a conflict.

[ooc YARRRR!! ]


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