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Posted - 2005.04.25 08:46:00 - [1]

Edited by: Ifryt on 25/04/2005 08:46:17
Crackle...Crackle...Come in Ifryt...Ifyrt do you copy?

I swear quietly, so as not to annoy my superiors who seem to think that swearing is not an integral part of good ol' fashioned pilot speak. How the hell was I going to explain this one?

Ifryt...Ifryt...Come in The voice of Captain James Lyrus echoed through my pod.

"Yes, sir, I'm here." Sighing, I start checking the market. "Ready to report."

How come...appears that you have...two paid

"Well, sir, I..."

Just give me...bare facts and...we're replace

"I lost the caracal and blackbird, sir. In different encounters. To pirates." I pause in case my superior would like to helpfully jump in, but nope, he's enjoying this. "The caracal was returning from Rebiler while assisting an agent with pirates when I was attacked by Slarty Bartfast and my ship was destroyed before I could jump. My pod was left intact and I was able to return in a shuttle and reclaim all valuables from my dropped cargo. Sadly some items were destroyed."

That explains why..caracal blueprint...

"Yes sir."


This was the one I wasn't looking forward to. "Well, sir, I was contacted by Jebz who said that she and some young pilots were going after a pirate who had shipped one of their number. I was in the system as initially the plan was to tackle the 5/10 complex there. So, I said I'd come along and try to hold the guy down with ECM, you know I've been practising, sir."

And I assume...didn't work?

"Well, we all went to a planet, and Letum - the pirate - had brought a friend, and I didn't realise he was in an interceptor until later, so I only locked down the raven and I didn't have any stabilisers, so when I was scrambled..."

...think I can...where this is going...

"Yes, sir, but Jebz did get him down to structure. Not sure how badly her mega was hurt tho'. If another ship hadn't turned up and hit Letum I'm not certain how it would've gone. I was kinda stuck in the station in an ibis at this point. The interceptor, Crash003, was almost taken down by one of the young 'uns but was too quick an' had a great setup."

And equipment...lost?

"Nothing irreplacable, sir."

I take it you've learnt...lessons today, Ifryt.

"Yes sir. Below 0.5 space is dangerous and pirates are actually dangeous. There's also some very good and strong players out there an' I'm lucky I wasn't podded."

Well out a caracal

I could've sworn he sighed long sufferingly signing off as I added the destroyed ships to my increasing list and made a mental note to get involved in more PvP.


OOC: If any of the participants has a complaint 'bout how I portrayed this, let me know and I'll edit... :)

Herko Kerghans
Posted - 2005.04.25 09:12:00 - [2]

Sheeesh... a tough week for Blackbirds it seems!

By the way, I found your corp's jargon interesting... like saying "players" instead of "pilots", and I guess "PvP" is your word for "combat" right?

Can't say I can take war as a game myself, but then again I tend to take things too seriously... Wink

Imperial Dreams
Curatores Veritatis Alliance
Posted - 2005.04.25 09:31:00 - [3]

Another interesting report... I do like these Smile


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