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Posted - 2005.04.19 15:19:00 - [1]

OOC - This post is a combination of things. A nice fight recently, KIA making a move into RP circles and me being quite bored at work. The story may not have happened exactly like this (I really didn't speak to the mechanic). I'm not a writer, so any constructive criticism is appreciated.

"But Sir, you're really supposed to replace these things every now and again!"

Rodge raised his head, he really hadn't been listening to the mechanic.

"These capsules, you aren't meant to reuse them again and again. If you leave your ship in one, you're really supposed to get a new one after you dock. You're not supposed to fit the old one into your new ship." said the mechanic.

Rodge got up unsteadily from his chair and drank the last of his coffee. It had been a fearsome battle the night before. As always, after any battle that he made it out alive, he had spent the night praising whatever luck had came his way by imbibing as much alcohol as his body would take. Hangovers didn't bother him much anymore, since he had found a particularly potent type of coffee made in the Obe system. Luckily, he spent a lot of time there these days and had ample opportunity to pick up supplies.

Shaking off the last of his hangover, he walked over to the mechanic. His name was Malken or Mertens or something like that.

"Is the pod strong enough to sustain travel through space?" asked Rodge.

"Well, it doesn't look too bad. But it's months old. Listen, I got some brand new ones, top of the range....."

Rodge was fairly dismissive of the mechanic's claims. To him, a pod was a pod. He'd never known any to be any better or any worse than any other. The pod he used now had carried him through countless battles. Like most pod-pilots, he was fairly superstitious. He recalled the last time he woke in a cloning bay. That was back in the Estoria campaign during the CA-SA war. There were easy picking in southern Stain, the weak underbelly of that once mighty Empire. Rodge's lust for killing was certainly sated back then, as RONA-KIA terrorised the area. It was sheer stupidity on his part losing his clone to a smartbombing Apoc....

"Look", interupted Rodge, "that pod has never failed!"

"It only needs to fail once." argued the mechanic.

What is your name, thought Rodge, Martin?? "That pod has brought me back safely from more fights than I can count.", he stated, "I don't use any others, ok?"

"Yes," the mechanic meekly replied, then added as an afterthought "Sir".

There was no respect in the tone, no acceptance of the chain of command. Rodge didn't care. He knew that this particular mechanic was a specialist with Caldari interceptors, especially Crows. Quite a bit of luck, as that was the Rodge's favoured ship. As long as he respected the ship, that was sufficient.

Rodge approached the capsule and got in. The attendants helped him into place and fitted his breathing apparatus and interlink jacks. These connected him directly and electronically to the control systems of the capsule through neurel connections. Then "the goo", as Rodge called it, was injected into the pod. "the goo" filled the pod completely, it was a feeling that Rodge had never got used to, but accepted as a necessity of his job. The goo was heated to his favoured temperature and would keep the interior of the pod warm for days if required, even if the pod was left in the cold emptiness of space. Yes, he could endure the goo.

The capsule was lifted into place and moored within his Crow. When the mooring was complete, the connections to the Crow's internal systems were completed. Instantly, Rodge began receiving reports from all the internal systems at once. It took a good degree of control not to be overwhelmed by the experience, but Rodge welcomed it. The feelings a pod-pilot gets during connection are often exhilirating, but totally indescribable to one who has not experienced it. Within the metal shell of his Crow, Rodge felt free. He could feel the grav lifters moving his ship into place and he willed his ship forward and out of the docking area. The Crow responded instantly and the engines purred as the ship moved away from the station.

The course to Obe, home system of the FoE, was plotted. Rodge engaged autopilot and his ship slipped into warp. The sleek ship was so fast that it was no time at all before he entered Nalvula. On heightened battle alert, he made the last few jumps before entering Obe itself.

Posted - 2005.04.19 15:19:00 - [2]

The jump-in was clear. Making a quick request from Concordnet, a list of all pod-pilots in system was soon displayed. Some hostiles, some neutrel and some Celestial Apoc pilots. The old adage was that "The enemy of my enemy is my friend". Rodge's relationship extended that a little to "The enemy (who was once my enemy) of my enemy (who were once my friends) is my friend". Oh, the tangled webs we weave. Rodge had long given up on galactic politics. For it was politics, not enemies, that had brought the Curse Alliance down. The pilots now labelled xCA knew they had not been beaten and did not really care what pilots who were too scared to leave Yulai thought of them. Rodge, and many of his corpmates, had flew under the Dark Lord. Now they would bring battle to the Dark Queen and her new alliance. KIA owed it's allegiance to isk and they were being paid handsomely to bring death in the name of their client.

Some quick scouting around known FoE spots in system yielded nothing. There was only one place to look. One of the most feared places in all the galaxy. The P3ON gate. Rodge set course for a spot he had bookmarked a good distance from the gate and willed his ship to warp. The sleek Crow obeyed instantly and Rodge was on his way.

On exiting warp, a hostile ship could be seen close to the gate. A Raven class battleship, one of the most feared craft in the galaxy. At that moment, two Celestial Apocalypse battleships warped in and opened fire. They had no frigate support, so the Raven would escape easily. "The enemy of my enemy..." thought Rodge as he warped to the gate and into range of the Raven.

There was no time for communication with the CELES pilots, but none were needed. All pilots present, save the FoE pilot, knew one thing. That the FoE Raven must be downed at any cost. And so battle was joined.

The CELES Tempest's massive armaments had swung into place and were pounding the FoE Raven, while the CELES Raven has already sent a few volleys of torpedoes flying towards the hostile Raven. The enemy Raven was aligning for warp as Rodge engaged his microwarp drive. The distance between his ship and the massive behemoth fell swiftly. 50k became 40k, then 30k. Rodge had already started to engage his locking mechanisms. He had done this so often it was just instinct. Once inside disruption range, the warp disrupting modules were activated and the Raven was locked in space.

Now that the Raven was going nowhere, Rodge noted his name. Christos Hendoz. Rodge tipped a nod towards the enemy pilot, though he knew he could not be seen. It was a curtesy from his old days flying sub-orbital stub-fighters, where pilots could make out each other in the cockpits. Old habits die hard.

Rodge flew in a tight orbit around the Raven, avoiding the mini-fleet of drones that came his way. The Raven's shields were going down, but this was a very hostile system and reinforcements would surely be coming. It was not long until they arrived. But to Christos' sure dismay, the reinforcements were a CELES Jaguar and Wolf. No ship in the galaxy, constructed by any of the four empires, could withstand the strength of fire the Raven was being put under and this Raven was no exception. As it's shield failed, another volley of torpedoes hit which reduced it's armor to slag. One final volley and the Raven disappeared in a brilliant explosion. The frigates' scanners all picked through the wreckage, located the enemy capsule and destroyed it.

Posted - 2005.04.19 15:20:00 - [3]

Edited by: Rodge on 19/04/2005 15:22:51
Rodge was on a high that even crash couldn't lift him to. His lust for pure battle had been sated for the moment. He knew that he was high on the KOS list for the FoE and the Forsaken Emperor had dispatched some of his best assasins to eliminate him. He didn't care. He would kill and kill again until no more enemies remained, or until the client stopped paying.

Enemy reinforcements began to arrive and the CELES BSs began to warp out. Rodge flew in to provide cover until they did. But the CELES BSs were not the target. Rodge had made many enemies and today they were determined for revenge. A Raven pilot named KrullDari took aim at the scourge of FoE and disabled the Crow with energy vampires. As Rodge's Crow sat feebly in space, the high lifted and was replaced by fear. As the torpedoes flew ever closer, Rodge prepared for the impact. It took mere seconds before the interceptor's hull was pierced and the capsule was ejected into space.

Rodge thought back to the mechanic's words "It only needs to fail once". As the enemy interceptors closed in, he repeatedly willed the capsule to warp. After mere seconds which felt like an eternity, he felt the capsule jolt into life as it warped to a nearby planet, much to the discernation of the enemy interceptors.

Rodge reflected "This pod may fail me once, but not today."

For reference only:
Raven kill
Enemy pod
Crow kill

Posted - 2005.04.19 23:43:00 - [4]


[OCCShockedKIA are turning into rpers]

Gilad Pellaeon
Black Nova Corp
Band of Brothers
Posted - 2005.04.20 16:19:00 - [5]

V nice Rodge. Cool

The Clash
Posted - 2005.04.21 08:38:00 - [6]

very nice written dude Shocked

" makes me al feel ..."

Interstellar Brotherhood of Gravediggers
Posted - 2005.04.22 06:58:00 - [7]

10/10 mate nice 1 :D

Cutting Edge Incorporated
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2005.04.26 12:14:00 - [8]

Lol Rodge you're the first KIA Thespian.
Very Happy


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