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Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2003.07.05 16:14:00 - [1]

Anyone know how long it takes for you to abandon a drone before it can be taken? Also, how long do cargo containers last? Something like 1 hour + (1-60 minutes randomly) right?

Posted - 2003.07.05 21:30:00 - [2]

Dunno about drones but if you disconnect or leave the field you have some time , approx a couple of minutes before it goes.

Containers last for 60 mins .. but dont risk it , be sure to refresh containers at regular intervals if you are mining.

Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2003.07.05 21:52:00 - [3]

containers last longer then 60 minutes but I dont now for sure how much longer I had once the container for 1.5 hours.

Wil Rufus
Posted - 2003.07.06 00:47:00 - [4]

Any drone that is abandoned can be scooped up at any time, all you have to do is imobilize it as per the tutorial.

You can actually scoop up any drone, so long as you imobilize it first, but if the owner is about you will probably find yourself in a pretty ugly situation fast <g>

EmKay Skywalker
Intergalactic Transport and General Workers Union
Posted - 2003.07.07 07:49:00 - [5]

Since my computer crashed when i did my tutorial missions I never botherd to finish it. Hence i didn't learn how to immobilize drones, how do you do that?
I wanna be a drone thief ;-)

Deep Core Mining Inc.
Posted - 2003.07.07 10:52:00 - [6]

Shoot them until they stop moving but before they blow up :)

Jai Resyk
Liberty Inc
Posted - 2003.07.07 15:07:00 - [7]

So if I cruise up to a roid belt in my Moa, shoot up someones drones to immobilize them, and steal them - is that considered to be an act of aggression? Will my sec rating be affected and the cops appear? If not, then the poor ******* who owns them would have to attack me or lose them, and thus risk their own hide as the aggressor.

Has anyone tried drone theft as an occupation?

Sadistic Savior
3vil Enterprises
Posted - 2003.07.08 00:37:00 - [8]

Drones are considered abandoned if you get too far away from them. If you cant see them in your drone window, you are too far away.


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