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Ends Journey
Posted - 2003.07.04 12:26:00 - [1]

Server still not up 40 mins after the end of the down time? Its 5:40am here in Seattle, which is 12:40 GMT. Somebody forget to mention extended down time? Usually the server is late about 15 mins but when you start going over 40 mins its time to think about communicating with people about it.

Max Power
Posted - 2003.07.04 12:27:00 - [2]

It is currently 12:25 GMT - so 25 mins late. :)

Posted - 2003.07.04 12:27:00 - [3]

5.40am?!?! Why don't you get some sleep my friend and come back later!

Imperial Shipment
Posted - 2003.07.04 12:27:00 - [4]

I suspect the (database?) updates to correct the problem with the factory slots is taking longer than expected.

Ends Journey
Posted - 2003.07.04 12:32:00 - [5]

Really? When I posted this it was 5:40, and my little clock is tied directly into the atomic clock in Denver... it should be accurate. <peers over at clock>

Edited by: Ends on 04/07/2003 12:34:02

Posted - 2003.07.04 12:32:00 - [6]

My clock says 13.33. So it aint 40 minutes yet I don't think.

Ministry of Craft
Posted - 2003.07.04 12:37:00 - [7]

You know, I feel very very sorry for CCP because they are in a no win situation.

Players whine cos of the changes
Players whine when new bugs appear
Players whine when something is added and we aren't told about it
Players whine when something goes unexpectedly

Players whine when CCP take extra time to care for the servers and look at solving some of the issues.

Players whine too much!

Posted - 2003.07.04 12:41:00 - [8]

Hey Ends, I'm in Seattle too. Small universe eh? Must be those new highway gates...

I posted this at 5:41 on my network synced clock.

Band of Brothers
Posted - 2003.07.04 12:44:00 - [9]

10 mins and were back :)
Server starting up

Captain Stern
Stern Brothers Ltd.
Posted - 2003.07.04 12:45:00 - [10]

I think anyone that uses the word WHINE should be shot and... you know the rest.

That word should be considered in the catagory of other four letter words that are not appropriate here and I think anyone that calls someone a whiner is the highest of insults and deserves no respect from me.

Rather than calling someone a whiner, try maybe to eleviate their concerns by answering a question or something. The reason people post here is because they have a right to, it's called freedom of speech, if you don't like it don't waste time responding to it, and people WHINING about whiners are no better.

If you aren't part of the solution, you are just part of the problem. SAD.

Posted - 2003.07.04 12:46:00 - [11]

Well, if they bothered to test the patch first they could have avoided most of these problems. Most of the problems are so blatant, there is no way they could have missed them, IF they actually tested them.
Once again, it's a vacation day and the servers are still not up. This patch should have been postponed at least a week and it should have been focused on 2 or 3 changes. It is never wise to put so many changes into one update.

Homo Erectus
The Initiative.
Posted - 2003.07.04 12:49:00 - [12]

The downtime doesn't bother me. I schedule other things around it.

What bothers me is that CCP says their downtime is an hour when it's never an hour.


Here are a couple options.

You can either say that downtime will last for 2 hours and have it up before the 2 hours, or you can actually get the server up by the time you say you will.

It is not good business policy to say you're going to do something, and fail to follow through.

What you do when you say downtime is going to be 1 hour, and it's really 1.5-2 hrs, is the same thing as lying.

Once again, downtime doesn't bother me, lying does.

Captain Stern
Stern Brothers Ltd.
Posted - 2003.07.04 12:52:00 - [13]

Anyone think of Scotty on Original Star Trek?

Always tell the captain it will take longer
than it actually will, then when you finish early, it makes you look like a miracle worker in his eyes.

Anyone remember that? Well, it's a good rule of thumb here. People are all looking at CCP because they are always late on a 1 hr downtime, not early on a 2 hr one... hmm...


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