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Posted - 2003.07.04 12:01:00 - [1]

As a semi-noobie (I began reading the forums for a while before creating Shwak) in EVE I have come to the conclusion that they are not only a welcome addition to the game, but are neccessary!

I been playing EVE for a bit over a week. I have enjoyed my online time very much, interacting with various people while online from around the world. Sometimes working together, but mostly freelancing and building capital. I have been recuited by a couple of corps, but have not joined any yet. The way I am building my capital is by mining the outlaying regions of space. Sorry, mining in 1.0 space may be rewarding for your pocket book, but BORING! So, I seek the rare ores out in the unclaimed regions. It is a bit difficult doing this by myself, but sometimes have help with other independent players like myself, once you know who to trust. Mining the unclaimed regions, I have to risk all that I have to NPC pirates and PC pirates. I am careful, and neither one have caught me yet, but both have made it fun.

The PC pirates add a whole new layer to this game. I have to watch the local channel to see if any pop in to my system while mining. Use the map browser to display ship kills and pod kills in the last 24 hours. In short, knowing that I have real live people who might come after me add excitment. So, in that way they contribute to MY enjoyment.

Now, the augument about you loosing much time and effort when your ship is destroyed is BOGUS! Money is EASY to make in this game, in part to the pirates, which I will get to latter. Not as insanely easy as Freelancer, but I am making 200-600k per gaming session with my equipment I have now. When I upgrade to a cruiser, should be able to double that just by mining. A entry level crusiser is just a few days mining. Another day or two and you can nicely equip it. Knowing that there are PC pirates, and the tactics aginst them, will keep the gaming enjoyment alive as I study the cruisers and thier various equipment slection with player vs player combat in mind. I bet a LOT of players in this game are training, buying, and equiping their ships for Anti-piracy. Corps are developing alliances and building military arms just for this role. In short, a lot of players who would by now be bored brain dead just money making are now *****ing and moaning about the pirates, building their characters and corps to defeat them, and if the woke up and smelled the coffee, would realize they they would have stopped playing EVE by now out of boredom. EVE is now FUN for them, and I am sure, fun for the pirates!

As for the ecomony, here is where the pirates are also good for EVE. Pirates destory ships (and get their own ships get destroyed too) and equipment. Ships and equipment need to be replaced. Building Ships and equipment require minerals. And I am one of the 100's of players mining because there is a market for them. This is espically true for Mega and Zyd that I mine for. Buy orders for over NPC prices are everywhere.

Seems to me there is a nice cycle here. The pirates stir up people and help the ecomony. Players who quit just because their ships is destroyed and they were pod killed are taking this game too seriously. Clones will save your skill building time and if you forgot too buy one (or ship insurance, for that matter) before venturing out of the station, thats your own fault. So is lacking the funds to to buy one, since making money is not that difficult.

So, give the pirates a break and recongize that they are an important and neccessary part of the game, adding flavor to this game which would be dull, dull and more dull if not for them.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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