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Posted - 2003.07.04 01:48:00 - [1]

multi frequncy on a little npc frigate 1 gun 7 shots average dmg around 15 ,1 shot did 95dmg

surly this cant be right at 10km !

as for right at othere end of crystal radio ones that give 60% range bonus average dmg is anywhere between 0.5 65 @20-25km

Vector Saheed
Posted - 2003.07.04 01:51:00 - [2]

Mate - no idea what you're smokin' but its ruined your english.

Try that again using Queens pls.

J0urneys End
Posted - 2003.07.04 01:57:00 - [3]

How many dmg modules did you have? What type? What level is your surgical strike? Part of the patch fixed the bug with surgical strike that added up the dmg multiplier wrong. It makes it alot harder to one shot kill pirate cruisers now. I went from 10x dmg to 5.5x dmg on my guns.

Another change was the range multipliers. The Optimal range for a heavy laser with multi freq crystals is only somewhere near 7k(depending on your skills).

Lastly they fixed the tracking on weapons so hitting a frigate with your big guns is going to be difficult now.

Posted - 2003.07.04 01:58:00 - [4]

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Posted - 2003.07.04 02:03:00 - [5]

yea ill egnore the gimp

as for skills
gunnery level 5
medium laser level 3
sharpshooter level 4
surgical strike level 4

as for any low slots been used with weapon booster ive tried 1 stamp heat sink and it seemed to make average dmg worse

Posted - 2003.07.04 02:11:00 - [6]

Vector Saheed

cant think of anything else to say except i been up since 10am this morning ,and it is 3am now and sleepy
but hey you keep up that good work what would the boards be without you and your friends


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