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Posted - 2003.07.03 21:04:00 - [1]

After loging on post-patch today i found that i no longer had any of my factory slots. To make matters worse all the slots in the station have been gobbled up and my corp is now without any production capacity. Thanks a lot guys, i could handle loosing my cruiser to a warping bug but this is just taking the ****.

I'm not relocating to another system and i can't go on without factory slots, so unless something turns up in the next few days i don't know what i'm supposed to do. Petition time methinks.

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2003.07.03 21:13:00 - [2]

Don't be a dumbass, relocate and stop whining.

Posted - 2003.07.03 21:29:00 - [3]

Relocate? Why should we? We've been based here since week 1 and i don't see why we should have to move just because noone could log on after the patch to re-rent our slots which shouldn't have been freed up in the first place.

If it comes down to it i'll stop playing rather than relocate, and i'm not trying to use that as any sort of leverage, it's just that i'd rather drop it than go to the trouble of moving everthing we own. Besides which, theres just about zero chance of finding office space in a good sector near us.

Posted - 2003.07.03 21:38:00 - [4]

we lost research slot currently in use, this sucks...

Gulliver Foyle
Posted - 2003.07.03 21:50:00 - [5]

I don't know why that happened to you. Unless you had more factories rented than skills (corp shouldn't matter) or hadn't used the factory and were just squatting, the factories shouldn't have disappeared. Mine didn't. I had 3, still have 3. As for the lab that was in use, yikes I guess chalk it up to another glitch.

Posted - 2003.07.03 21:56:00 - [6]

It happened because all the billing started working retroactively.

Posted - 2003.07.03 22:00:00 - [7]

i lot my 4 labs but managed to get them back before they were all taken. V lucky on that one.

I've sent off a question via the petition button so hopefuly something will get done. I'll post back any results.

Greyhound Digger
Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2003.07.03 22:04:00 - [8]

This is not normal. We have been, so far, charged 3 times for rent for our Corp factories. 10 minutes after maying the last rent, I logged in to check the factories, and they were all UNRENTED, despite all being used at the time. SO I;ve rented them again (thankfully), each rent has been 80,000 isk each, for 8 Factory Slots, EACH time. I smell a rollback in the air.

I have heard rumores that their turnover timer is set at 3 hours and not 30 days. This made us loose 3 of our 4 research slots as well, as they have been rented away from us.

Posted - 2003.07.03 22:07:00 - [9]

Yeah we lost our factory slots too and it is a WAY fast turn over rate. I have heaqrd 30 minutes and 3 hours. I am thinking they need to fix that on maitnance. or something... who knows.


Posted - 2003.07.03 22:42:00 - [10]

We too lost all of our factory and research slots...even ones in use...sounds like that unfortunate term ROLLBACK may be in order....

Posted - 2003.07.03 22:47:00 - [11]

Yes 3 of the corps prime factory slots were unrented these all get used on a daily basis. I managed to re-rent 1, then installed a job the bp vanished and there is no sign of the job runing in the slot. We have lost other slots which are also used at regular intervals. We have lost valuable research time on BP currently installed as the slots have been un-rented, not to mention being billed 2 -3 times for the same slots.

So it looks like we have all been shafted again, p****d off is not the word.

Petiton, how the petition system does not allow for this it's sh*t, it is not possible to speak to anyone as the stuck character optition will be deleted if used for anything else. The only thing you can do is file a bug report and never hear anything again.

Customer support is a pile of death.

Edited by: Morpheus on 03/07/2003 22:51:58

Posted - 2003.07.03 23:20:00 - [12]

cornexant corporation lost every single lab and factory. including a lab that was 4 days through a bship copy.. ejected bp and cancelled lab... all were under corp and all were paid up..

"due to a big complain among players, unused and unpayed factory slots were released. There should be enough slots available for everybody right now. Please check it out. Best regards, GM Aeryn."

above doenst seem to indicate in use slots should be targetted..

Well, XXXXX, you said those factory slots were paid for, so you must know who paid for them, don't you?
Best regards, GM Aeryn.

well dun.. the CORP paid for them.. as stated in corp journal..

"I saw that you paid some bills the 29.06 however, did you pay all the bills for those factory slots?
If you haven't paid any bills in the past that could be the reason why you lost the slots. Please pay old bills and then you'll keep your newly rented slots.
Best regards, GM Aeryn.

i fail to see how a corp with no outstanding bills can lose EVERY slot at once due to mismanagement....

something bad happened in the patch.. and in game staff are bordering on rude while dealing with it...

all i want is 6 of our 20 slots back.. and my lost research time... i have deadlines to meet!!!

Posted - 2003.07.03 23:42:00 - [13]

Yep same here Cornexant, went to dinner with no outstanding bills, came back and al our lab slots had dumped, like you losing 3 days on a bship copy. outstanding bills now in the corp journal but hey less than 2 hours to payem thats crap. Major balls up, well done CCP :( At least we managed to get slots back in our critical locations but the cash we spent recently in preparation for expansion has been completely wasted. Sometimes I wonder if they do any prepatch testing :/

Posted - 2003.07.04 00:44:00 - [14]

I am so mad I could spit! The took my research slots and factory slots. I had a ship bp in the middle of a copy and they dropped it out with the copy and took my slot........As a production person for my guild with all my bp in this system ccp crewed not just me but my guild. We had multiple production charcters in different locations and the same event happen in all locations...........nice code writing guys! No @#@%# way you tested this!

Posted - 2003.07.04 01:04:00 - [15]

I even lost slots I payed for last night and used earlir today. I have had it with this CCP screwing you over.

Clarity of Purpose
Posted - 2003.07.04 01:25:00 - [16]

the only ones not shafted where on to clean up right after the patch and wouldn't understand about seniority or earning something.I was using my slots,I want them back..

Calladen Nimitz
Todaki Innovations
Posted - 2003.07.04 02:21:00 - [17]

The multiple rebills aren't a glitch at all. If you look at the date on them they are past due bills. You weren't being billed like you were supposed to be all this time you had those slots.

Hellmar pointed this out in a chat (actually Pann from Hellmar).

The problem is the bills are sent every hour until they are current. I lost my two factory slots (in a really bad location) but was then able to get four labs and four factories (in a great location) with no turnover. Then again I logged on an hour after the patch while most US players were at work.

The big problem here is the past due billing not being presented all at once. If people/corps were billed ONE TIME for all the past due slot rent it wouldn't be a problem. Give them 12 hours to pay it or something. But billing once every hour? Good grief people have to sleep.

I sympathize with the people who lost slots I know I was very angry until I found open ones later on (had to look for a while).

Calladen Nimitz

Trimax Trading Corporation
Posted - 2003.07.04 02:40:00 - [18]

I to seem to have lost all my slots except for offices, and three new slots I was able to get after the 11:00-13:30 patch. I was all paid up at the time I logged off for the 16:00 fix ( 15:57 GMT). Went to work. Logged back in about 1:00 gmt ( 9PM LOCAL TIME ). Saw the notice about billing error. Paid over 450000 in back rents & now have no factories, many of which have been used daily, all used within the past 2 days.

Since this problem was caused by a billing error there should have been some grace period of a few days for us all to pay-up. The fact that I had to be AFK for nine hours should not cause my corporation to lose all my production resources. Also the new requirements that a slot be used during the rental period should not be used retroactivley on rent periods that expired days or weeks ago.

I do hope this can be worked out. Either as a rollback with the back rent-due billings released in a manner that allows a period of time to pay, or some other fashion. I can not think of any other way to resolve the issues caused by this mess, except for a rollback, since all the pre-16:00-fix slots are now rented by others, and I have spent close to half a Million paying rent on resources I no longer control.

JP Beauregard
Pilkington Communications
Posted - 2003.07.04 03:56:00 - [19]

What really ****es me off to no end is the fact that the bills were issued consecutively. Being gainfully employed in real life, I have to sleep at some point during the night. I just can't sit in front of my pc all ****ing night to wait for another bill to be issued by a totall fuxxored accounting and billing system eager to catch up.

My small corp lost all lab and factory slots in Luminaire tonight. There is chance in hell we can get them back. The company is ruined, dead and forgotten.


Better still, even if I could find replacement slots sometime today, chances are, I couldn't rent an office and use them with a corp hangar.

I'm not in the habit of criticizing game developers. But in this case, Hellmar and gang, one piece of advice: Let your hamsters do the design and programming for the next patch. They couldn't do any worse than you sodden dumb-ass shmucks.

Ashen Black
Posted - 2003.07.04 05:52:00 - [20]

After patch this morning I log on, see that I now owe the money for my one factory and one lab slots, so I pay them. Now I have just logged back on and both slots are rented to someone else. And I even had a BP in the lab slot being researched, and it had been in use for over a week. They were both Slot 12 in the Ono system testing facility.

So I guess that's it. Unless they rollback or something, I'm sure they are not going to force someone out of my two slots. I have been royally screwed, especially since I paid out of pocket to get the two slots in the first place.

Are others having this happen to them? I am so frustrated right now. I had all the money saved up to pay any backpay needed, I had work that was going to be getting done in both slots. I didn't hoard slots, I only had the two (one of each). I just don't understand how this could of happened.

Advanced Solutions
Posted - 2003.07.04 11:34:00 - [21]

I keep hearing people suggest that they own factory slots when no one is allowed to own factory slots. To suggest you have any more right to a slot rented to someone else other than you is not justified anywhere. If you ever didn't pay a bill on a slot (even if you made it current before the patch) then you had violated the terms of your lease. Sure you could exploit it and not pay it (pretty much everyone did) but this does not give you any authority over those factories.

I see a lot of corps with great amounts of wealth complain about this patch as it was essentially land reform to change a property imbalance. The impoverished complained for 7 weeks but never got a rollback. They never had access to the unearned priveldges everyone whining on this thread enjoyed. If you want a proper rollback roll the server back to Day 1 and have at it. Despite complaints of "fairness" I think what you are aguing for is exactly the opposite.

The Illuminati.
Pandemic Legion
Posted - 2003.07.04 11:56:00 - [22]

hey sarcerok (or however u spell ur name)..


pls k? bye thx!

Advanced Solutions
Posted - 2003.07.04 12:14:00 - [23]

Wow Stavros, you used the word "However" and it's more than two syllables. Maybe I was wrong about you.

Posted - 2003.07.04 16:27:00 - [24]

While I can totally understand the massive frustration of all those who lost research and factory slots, there are also many more I'm sure who now have the opportunity to use one for the first time. Once all this settles down with the correct billing system in place the flow of slots between people shoild be a lot fairer than the last corrupt system. Plus I read there are now double te available slots and those who lost out "unfairly" should be compensated.

Edited by: Sagat on 04/07/2003 17:21:56

Zatar Braxana
Gemini Industries
Posted - 2003.07.04 17:42:00 - [25]

Well, I for one think its hilarious that all of the squatters have finally gotten the shaft like all of the people who've been searching for factory and lab slots for weeks!

If you guys were exploiting a bug that let you have them for free, that's even worse than squatters!

Thanks for making my day, CCP!


Posted - 2003.07.04 18:28:00 - [26]

I got so ripped off. Lost an omen copy which 1 hour (YES 1 HOUR!) away from completion. Thanks a lot.

HomeBones II
Posted - 2003.07.04 23:05:00 - [27]

Exploit my ASS. I guess anytime CCP screws up their code it is our fault and we should be held accountable. Their game doesn't send the bill, so we're "exploiters?" My bad. Guess we should be writing the code for them. Then maybe we wouldn't be getting screwed so much.
Hell, I paid bills for slots I don't even have anymore because I was tired of looking at the damn bill! No way to delete it, must be hard to code that ability, so you're forced to either look at it everyday, or pay a bill for a slot already rented by someone else. This game gets wacker and wacker by the patch. They shouldn't justify their screw ups viz-a-viz "story line." Mel Gibson movies have better story lines than this.
Test server my ass. They should have a one day "test" day on the main server. So that every time a patch is about to come out, they run a test of it on the main server for 24 hours. Then they can find and fix the bugs, we wish, and everyone will have 24 hour notice of the impending anal rapage. I'm not as mad about getting ****d, as I am about not having the chance to grab some lube first. Nice work. But I should've known better, than to trust these guys. Good luck on your Crowd Control People...because the crowd is getting smaller and smaller as we realize you Can't Code Properly.

Chaotic dynamics
Posted - 2003.07.05 06:11:00 - [28]

This change was very insensitive of CCP. Many people spent a long time getting those slots and were using them, and they were ripped away.

Yes I know people were camping slots, but now the only thing that changed is who is camping the slots. All you have to do to retain your slots is build one unit of ammo, or research something... easy to camp slots still.

This "solution" was very poor, and the communication was even worse.

Violence Reborn
Mad Martins' Mining Corp
Posted - 2003.07.06 12:06:00 - [29]

Dont relocate. Just wait. Only a complete idiot will keep paying for factories they're not using. everyday after maintenence login and check the slots, those not use in last 3 days will be free.


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