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Posted - 2005.03.07 18:23:00 - [1]

I am having trouble destroying the devastator drones in the Rogie Drone Harrassment mission. I have been told that using an assault frigate is the best way to achieve this, but is it possible to penetrate their shields without resorting to an assault frigate (as I currently lack the skills). At the moment, I am using a Ferox to perform these missions.

I can manage the other drones in this mission, just not the devastators.

Morsus Mihi
Posted - 2005.03.07 18:35:00 - [2]

I was doing it with no problem using a destroyer (catalyst).

Posted - 2005.03.07 19:12:00 - [3]

Edited by: Ankanos on 07/03/2005 19:13:23
change to a full missile setup if you having issues killing them
with guns..
i've used a ferox with 4/3 guns/misls, with no problems.

i mount 1 tracking gizmo in mid and 1 in low, plink from 30km with plutonium with no problems... and sick 5 hammers on'em for good measure.

EM or Thermal missiles work well on its shields.. and wear
an EM girdle on your shields... if you let the buggers get inside
15km-20km, you could be singing the blues soon after...

more fun in a celestis tho, if'n youz ask me.. :)


Alejandro Zapata
Posted - 2005.03.07 21:15:00 - [4]

I was doing it with no problem using a destroyer (catalyst).

Wow, I bet he appreciated all that help...Rolling Eyes

Now maybe for some useful information.

Not sure if the Eve-I stats are still correct on drones, but according to the site, the Devastator is 'weakest' against EM and Thermal Damage. 60% on both.

Hope that helps.

the united
Negative Ten.
Posted - 2005.03.07 21:22:00 - [5]

Kestrel works just fine.

Posted - 2005.03.07 21:22:00 - [6]

Edited by: ErrorS on 07/03/2005 21:22:44
start attacking from a distance with iron ammo. once they get within 20k or so, switch to antimatter. I can kill 3 devestator drones this way.

webs also come in handy for missions with drones.

Dead By Dawn
Posted - 2005.03.07 21:31:00 - [7]

Erm this may be a bit over kill, but i just steam in there with a raven & pound the **** out of everything with torps & cruise. ( mainly torps ) :P

They dont move that fast, & just fire enough & they will go down quicker than jordans knickers...

That is if u got a bs that is :/

& the price of torps is soo cheap nowdays, who cares, you'll make a tidy profit @ the end of it. to easily outweigh the cost of the torps lol

Posted - 2005.03.07 22:31:00 - [8]

Keeping the drones at a range is not a question, as they are within 10km as soon as you warp in. I've tried smartbombs, but you can't damage them enough in the time you've got before shields and armour are stripped away.

If anyone can suggest a good anti-drone ship and config for level III, I would be grateful.

DarkArch Corp
Posted - 2005.03.07 23:19:00 - [9]

I just used a Caracal, and EM heavy missiles, seems to work for me, but you may need to raise your heavy missile skill a little.

I find caracals take care of Drone missions pretty effectivly

Tribal Liberation Force
Posted - 2005.03.07 23:24:00 - [10]

I do this mission without much problem in a Ferox. I have a setup of 4 250s and 3 heavy launchers. I use anti-matter up close and Iriduim at a distance. You need good a shield tank and skills to tank them while pounding them with the heavy launchers and 8 drones. Once they are close the hybrids need to be moved to a different target as they will just miss.

Marion Quicksilver
Morning Star Industries
Posted - 2005.03.08 05:33:00 - [11]

This is my FAVORITE mission at the moment. Has anyone else calculated the amount of zydrine and megacyte this mission gives you?

I run it in my battlecruiser with 4 720's and 3 heavy missiles. I send 3 thunderbolts and pound with the 720's with Proton ammo. Their shield tank is tough, but once you get through that the damage you're doing should finish them no problem. Just set for keep at range with an afterburner, and you'll be fine.

Posted - 2005.03.08 05:38:00 - [12]

i managed too do this mission in a thorax setup for anti frigate duty with a medium tech2 rep on auto. The key is 2xmedium cap battery's and a named or tech 2 caprecharger in the mids. hardners, plate, cap power relay and med tech 2 rep in lows. Sick the drones on em and watch the fire works.

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2005.03.08 09:37:00 - [13]

I use:
4x 'Malkuth' Heavy Launchers (Scourge)
1x 'Arablest' Assault Launcher (Defender)
2x Medium Afocal Laser [Small] (InfraRed)
2x Large Shield Extender I
1x Additional Thermal Hardening I
1x Additional Kinetic Hardening I
1x 'Clarity' Medium Shield Booster I
4x Shield Power Relay
5x Vespa Drones

The Devastators are a ***** to do, and with my setup having two of them on you at once can be quite a pain.

My normal tactic is to warp into the deadspace, and align myself back along the acceleration gate path I've come in on (for some reason that seems to be where the fewest enemies are) and slam it upto max speed. Target the devastators at 60km and start spamming missiles, at 40km tell your own drones to get involved, and at 20km use your lasers (they have decent tracking).
Normally if you get a group of Devastators coming at you, there may be some smaller drones in the group, always take these out first as they can rip your own drones apart.

Brutor Tribe
Posted - 2005.03.08 10:45:00 - [14]

You have problems with devas in a ferox?

Errr you might want to re-evaluate your setup.

Use :

5x heavy launchers with EM missles(except for the strain domination drone,switch to kinetic)
2x 250mm guns,long range ammo
AB,med shield booster II,3 resists
4x BCUs

Stay at 30 km or so and spam missles and guns.Piece of cake.Dont bother orbiting.

Posted - 2005.03.08 15:00:00 - [15]

Edited by: Linkdeadd on 08/03/2005 15:00:54
I was having trouble with the strain domination drone at the end as I wasn't doing enough damage in my 'rox' but I will giv it a go using Scourge heavies and see how I get on.. Thanks

Cutting Edge Incorporated
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2005.03.08 15:48:00 - [16]

For lvl3 missions I use a Prophecy with

Highs: frig size pulse lasers, medium smart bomb and an assault launcher with defenders.

Med: T2 10MN abs, Webby, named cap recharger.

Lows: T2 Med repairer, 2 hardeners, 3 cap relays.

With this setup I can run everything almost indefinetely. Since the drones like to come close, I web them and shoot them down. The smart bomb takes out the quick orbiting drones.

If you aggro another group when there are a few drones left in the previous group you can basically sit at your warp in point and pick up all the nice drone loot :)

Posted - 2005.03.14 18:25:00 - [17]

Webbers are extremely useful, stop those drones in their tracks and missile them to death


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