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Soren Audeles
Posted - 2011.09.09 15:11:00 - [1]

First, let me apologize ahead of time if this idea has been previously mentioned. I did some backtracking and did not find much outside the commonly suggested Salvaging Drone or half measure to prevent ninja salvaging. That and I am still rather new to EVE, so please be gentle.

1. Restoration Drones: Instead of drones acting as replacement salvagers and, I believe, trivializing the profession, why not use drones as a form of salvage enhancement?

Details: First, Restoration drones function superficially in the method of regular drones. They have control range, bay and bandwidth requirements, structure, armor and the like, but are weaponless and cannot be ordered to interact with anything save a wreck. And of course are modified according to pilot skill, rigs, and modules.

What restoration drones do is they are deployed to, as their name suggests, 'restore' a wreck within their control range. The drones travels to with loot range of the wreck (2500m or closer) and runs a timed cycle (not unlike a regular salvager) with a percentage chance of success, modified by the salvaging skill (or a similar new or existing drone skill).

The cycle represents the drone using a sort of "mini-salvaging laser" to expose semi-intact compartments or loosen salvageable parts of the wreck. In essence, 'preparing' the wreck for salvage.

The Restoration Drone has, as aforementioned, a chance of success and the results come out to that similar to using a regular salvager:

1. Restoration Successful: The pilot is notified ([wreck name] has been successfully restored). The name of the wreck on the overview changes, adding the "Restored" title to both the wreck name (IE Restored Gistii Haunter Wreck)and the wreck type (IE Restored Angel Small Wreck). In this instance the wreck will offer a ranged and random amount of extra salvage components when salvaged.

2. Restoration Unsuccessful: The pilot is notified ([wreck name] was restored unsuccessfully). The drone restoration attempts fail. The drone will run another cycle automatically, like a salvager, until the restoration is successful or the drone is ordered to do otherwise (or the pilot exits control range, in which case it will stop and return to orbiting range).

3. Unable to Restore: The pilot is notified (Unable to restore [wreck name]). In this instance, the wreck is too badly damaged and though it can be salvaged, it cannot be restored. The name in the overview changes, adding the "Damaged" title to both the wreck name (IE Damaged Gistii Haunter Wreck) and wreck type (IE Damaged Angel Small Wreck). The wreck can no longer be interacted with by restoration drones but can still be salvaged as normal.

Other details:
Activity: If a drone successfully completes a cycle (is successful in restoration or the wreck cannot be restored), like a combat drone automatically acquiring new targets, it will move to restore the closest wreck, so long as it is within control range and the drone is of proper type to do so (mentioned below). If no other wrecks that can be restored are in range, the drone will return and orbit.

Sizes:Restoration drones could come in different sizes, able to restore larger wrecks depending on the size of the drone. Small drones for small wrecks, medium drones for medium wrecks, and so on. Keep in mind that each size is exclusive. A medium drone could not restore a small wreck (or a large wreck obviously) or a large drone restore a medium wreck. The idea behind this is that, for example, the tools (salvaging lasers and other cutting/restoration implements) used by a medium drone are too large and imprecise to properly restore a smaller wreck (as they were made to part larger medium wrecks), and not large and powerful enough to properly restore large wrecks.


Soren Audeles
Posted - 2011.09.09 15:14:00 - [2]

Edited by: Soren Audeles on 09/09/2011 15:30:54
Edited by: Soren Audeles on 09/09/2011 15:30:41
Tractoring while Restoring? Like salvaging while tractor beaming a wreck, it is definitely possible. However tractor beams (especially those from a Noctis) could quickly outpace larger restoration drones. In keeping with that, only small restoration drones would have the speed to keep up with a tractoring wreck while remaining within restoration range (2500m)

Restoration Rigs? Rigs and/or modules could be introduced that affect the performance of restoration drones. This could include upgrades to the cycling timer of restoration (increasing the speed at which drones restore wrecks), the range of restoration, chances of successful restoration, or a small percentage chance to recover even more salvage components at the expense of cycling timer speed.

Restoration Flag? Could restoring a wreck flag it as owned? In other words, that it could not be ninja salvaged (unless abandoned of course) by others once restored? I don't know on this one.

Drawbacks to Wreck Restoration? Time. Restoration adds an extra layer (in the form of waiting, having the appropriate size drone etc) to the salvaging process and while it adds the opportunity for a more rewarding salvage experience, like salvaging on the whole, it can be seen not worthwhile in some instances (since a pilot could be just as easily beating down another mission and making comparable amounts of ISK in the meantime). Smaller drawbacks include the ISK sink in purchasing Restoration drones and the necessity to load the proper mix of different sized restoration drones to fit the mission you are running, and waiting for drones (especially heavier and slower ones) to fly out to especially distant wrecks to work their magic before being beamed in.

However this does further necessitate the need for a dedicated salvager, especially on higher level missions. It also offers disincentive to passive salvagers (salvagers who salvage and/or tractor using their combat ships). If they begin to replace their combat drones with restoration drones they lose damage potential and the ability to quickly dispose of smaller enemy ships. That and restoration drones are just as susceptible to enemy fire as the next drone.

Overall I think it would be a decent layering onto salvaging as a profession, made all the more worthwhile to dedicated salvagers particularly in higher level missions and complexes.

Thanks for reading and thank you in advance for any constructive feedback!


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