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Dirty Addict
Posted - 2011.09.09 10:24:00 - [1]

So last couple month until i can remap for fun stuff, Min/Gal combat..

Below is what i have left to skill, anything missing or i should extend on?
Thanks in advance..

Current Skills

Warp Drive Operation V
Afterburner IV
Afterburner V
Biology IV
Biology V
Science V
Minmatar Defensive Systems IV
Minmatar Defensive Systems V
Minmatar Electronic Systems IV
Minmatar Electronic Systems V
Minmatar Engineering Systems IV
Minmatar Engineering Systems V
Gallente Defensive Systems IV
Gallente Electronic Systems IV
Gallente Engineering Systems IV
Evasive Maneuvering IV
Evasive Maneuvering V
Fuel Conservation IV
Nanite Control III
Nanite Control IV
Drones Rigging III
Drones Rigging IV
Thermodynamics III
Thermodynamics IV
Astrometrics I
Astrometrics II
Astrometrics III
Astrometrics IV
Acceleration Control III
Acceleration Control IV
High Speed Maneuvering III
High Speed Maneuvering IV
Neurotoxin Recovery II
Neurotoxin Recovery III
Neurotoxin Recovery IV
Astrometric Pinpointing I
Astrometric Pinpointing II
Astrometric Pinpointing III
Astrometric Pinpointing IV
Astrometric Acquisition I
Astrometric Acquisition II
Astrometric Acquisition III
Astrometric Acquisition IV
Astrometric Rangefinding I
Astrometric Rangefinding II
Astrometric Rangefinding III
Astrometric Rangefinding IV

Completion: 13/11/2011 02:29:22

Posted - 2011.09.09 14:43:00 - [2]

If you want to get into PI there are a few skills that use Int/Mem.

Dirty Addict
Posted - 2011.09.09 17:04:00 - [3]

Nah.. Combat only :)


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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