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Ordos Humanitas
Posted - 2011.09.09 09:54:00 - [1]

Ordos Humanitas (TPOG) is a democratic corp, run by directors who listen and we are looking for pvp, mining and industrial pilots to join us and our alliance to strengthen our position in 0.0.

Part of a growing alliance in 0-0 sec, with own systems and stations. Our members cover all TZs Euro, US and Aussie and are all mature, friendly, helpful and easy to get along with.

At present one of the top performing corporations within the alliance, a position we want to keep!!

What we offer:
Access to 0-0 space with fully upgraded system for isk making
Corp buying policy at good prices for PI, ore and ice
Ship replacement scheme
Small corp roams with access to large fleets for major pvp battles
Mining ops with good bonuses
Manufacturing facility, capable of cap building
Good logistics set-up for moving equipment out to 0-0
Training in any aspect of pvp you are not sure about
Alliance and Corp forums and killboards
TS3 server

What we are looking for:
Generally good all-round players
PVP pilots with experience or the will to learn
Good self sufficient industrial and mining pilots
Pilots who know that in 0.0 pvp comes first and ISK making second
Pilots with about 5 mil SP or more (Battlecruiser t2 fit should be possible)
Regular participation in Eve and also in corp and alliance ops but we know RL comes first.
The will to fight and die repeatedly if it is needed.
Active Communication, whether on corp and Alliance chat or on Teamspeak, we like to chat!! (we understand if you don't have a mic, or
have difficulties with voice communication in english. Ability to join TS and Mumble at least to listen in ops is necessary though)[/*][/list]

We will require Limited API and User ID before acceptance

Join the ingame channel "TPOG public" for a chat or convo in Euro TZ Maconie, Chiradavi, Thomas Serenaya, Aussie TZ Aelith Dev


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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