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Steven Walsh
Posted - 2011.09.09 08:08:00 - [1]

Doesn't fit in the title, but I'm seeking an established 0.0 corp/alliance to join. Must have sov and station, be mature, active, welcome to miners/gatherers, and have upgrades in system. Hidden belt(s) preferred, but not necessary. As this post is lengthy, if you don't fall into the above, you can skip all this. I'm in US Central time zone, and am an active player.

I currently own 3 accounts, 2 of which are nearly a year old. I am currently transitioning out of my current corp whom I have made several friends in, but we just have different visions of how we wish to play EVE.

About my pilots:
My main pilot has just over 17m SP, with my main areas of focus being Caldari ships, gathering and refining. As for industry, I have every <ore type here> processing skill at 3, and can refine ores at 100% efficiency in stations (standings aside). However, this pilot's current training focus is not industry, but developing skills toward the piloting of Caldari ships and the support skills necessary to fly them well. For PvE combat, he flies a Tengu rather effectively, and for PvP I tend to lean toward T2 frigates, as they are typically pretty cheap yet can be extremely effective. I've recently fallen in love with the Kitsune, as I love to be the support as opposed to the guy who nukes everything. However, I am currently training him to use the Caldari Marauders and Black Ops ships, and am approx. 1.5 months away from learning Marauders 1.

My second pilot has been trained to support my first pilot, and has just under 14m SP (13.96m at time of writing). He does so typically in an Orca, with strong Leadership skills, able to fit Warfare links or Mining links for nearly any situation. He can soon (1.5 days from time of writing) anchor medium bubbles as well, and is about a week out from anchoring large ones as well, should the need to move/use them arise. He can fly T2 Caldari Industrials, and could pilot a Charon, however I lack the funds for one currently. My main goal with this pilot is to make him an excellent Rorqual pilot as well as a JF pilot, as they are invaluable in null-sec. He's my Leadership and logistics (not the repping kind) specialist.

My third pilot isn't anything of real note, as it's very new. 2m SP new. It's an Amarr pilot, but is going to be fully focused on PvP oriented combat, with the Abbadon as the first ship she's going to "specialize" in. She's currently in one, and is nearing the ability to use T2 large beams/pulses(small lasers 5, 9 days to med lasers 5, sharpshooter already 5, no beam/pulse specs trained yet). She will most likely be sitting somewhere in high sec until training to fully T2 fit the Abbadon. I'm not going to limit her to the Abbadon, though, and might just decide to make her a Dread pilot in the (very) long term, but will be primarily an Amarr pilot.

I also have a friend who plays, but works a lot, and we always fly together when he gets time to play. He's primarily a gatherer right now, but is focused on combat skills, and will be learning how to fly Minni ships since he loves the idea of being a long range artillery ship laying down heavy fire. He's kind of like my side kick, and would mostly just help me harvest and do PI.

I'm reaching the character limit, so I'm going to come to an end on this post. If you would like to learn more about me, and possibly recruit me, please contact Steven Walsh in game, via private convo or send an EVE mail my way if I'm not online and I will get back to you at my earliest opportunity. I'm undergoing an intense training schedule at my real life job, so please understand if I don't respond until Saturday 9/10 or Sunday 9/11. I have TS and Vent, mic and headset. Looking forward to replies. Thanks for reading this.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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