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Ryven Krennel
Knighthood of the Merciful Crown
Posted - 2011.09.09 01:57:00 - [1]

I received this message from your member, Saeger1737:

From: Saeger1737
Sent: 2011.09.08 16:43
To: Ryven Krennel,

I Dare you to come Find us..... and as the Diplomat of STAR MANDATE I ALSO SAY KISS MY ASS.... mwhahaha

if you guys ever leave Huola

This raises a few questions. Firstly, are you such undisciplined savages that this idiot is your diplomat? Secondly, I think everyone is well aware that we spend an exorbitant amount of time outside of Huola, as part of our ongoing war, and how you can continue to spew this sort of garbage is beyond me, please clarify.

As part 2 of this message, I approached Saeger about the matter of a personal duel between the two of us, and every time I am met by some excuse as to why he won't meet me for it. Perhaps he has bitten off more than he can chew?

So, I have this request: Pick a 'diplo' with some diplomacy skill. Honor your duels.

This war is going nowhere, however, since you seem resolutely set on avoiding any sort of fight. You try to attack our members with drakes while they are in unfit punishers. You run from solo Dominixes. We can end this with a single duel. Send out your 'diplo.'

Raphael Saint
Knighthood of the Merciful Crown
Posted - 2011.09.09 07:39:00 - [2]

Edited by: Raphael Saint on 09/09/2011 07:39:12
Some background to those interested:

Star Mandate is an ex-Crusader corp whose members were seen supplying support (through use of remote sensor boosters and the like) to TLF ships and heavily suspected of passing along intel of 24IC movements to the TLF. They've also agressed several crusaders, a couple of such incidents here:

In light of these offences, the Knighthood attempted diplomacy, but as you can see in the post above, interaction with the Star Mandate diplomat quickly broke down and so war was declared by the Knighthood upon Star Mandate.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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