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Wigglez Rubmetumi
Posted - 2011.09.08 23:31:00 - [1]

1) Okay so when you start the game, you automatically have a clone that saves up to 900k of your skill points. Lets say I die. I get sent back to where I originally started the game. When I get warped back, do I automatically get fitted into another 900k skill saved clone? Or am I in that medical clone or whatever it's called?
2) If I have implants on myself and then die, do I lose those implants? Is there any way to make sure I don't lose them? I've heard of jump clones. Is that the same thing as going to the med station and saving my skills? Or is that something else?
3) I know you lose skills points if you die and the clone you had saved has less skills points than your... original body? How does the game take out those skills points?

What I'm trying to understand is how all of these clones work. And if saving my skill points at a station with that option in the top left is the same thing as a jump clone. I'm planning on getting some +4 implants and do not plan on wandering to low/null sec anytime soon, but I understand there is still the risk of being podded. I just want to make sure I don't lose 100mil in implants from not being well enough educated.

I have read but even that seems a bit confusing to me. I"m just trying to understand the different types of clones if there are more than 1 type. I mean... are we always a clone? Or does our real body exist somewhere else. How do we lose implants exactly?

Esna Pitoojee
Knighthood of the Merciful Crown
Posted - 2011.09.09 15:55:00 - [2]

1) When you die, the medical clone that you have purchased (if you did) is consumed to allow you to retain up to the number of skillpoints that medical clone is good for and you are automatically dumped to another 900k clone. Should you die again, that 900k clone will be "consumed" (though you'll immediately get another one free), of course loosing SP if you have more than 900k. Buy another medical clone fast, unless you favor loosing SP next time you reclone.

2) Normally, if you are podded in a clone containing implants, you loose those implants. Jump clones allow you to move yourself to another "instance" or "copy" of you clone which can contain a entirely new end seperate set of implants; when you die, you will ONLY loose implants associated with the clone or instance you are currently in. However, ALL jump clones regardless of which "instance" you are in or where you are, will feed into the same medical clone - including location and skillpoints kept.

3) The game substracts by reducing the level any given skill is trained to; it may reduce it partway, resulting in a suddenly partially-trained skill. I do not know if there is any method to how it selects a skill to reduce.

Reginald Ruettelplatt
Posted - 2011.09.09 16:27:00 - [3]

Edited by: Reginald Ruettelplatt on 09/09/2011 16:33:40
What Esna wrote, i'll just make some things more clear since the clone-stuff was confusing to me at first.

If you're worried that you might lose the implants you've got installed in you currently active jumpclone then you can create/purchase a new jump-clone at a medical station that is located in a station associated with a corporation you've got a standing of at least 8.0 towards.
The new jumpclone won't have any implants installed as long as you don't "jump into it" (make it the active jumpclone) and plug any into its head, and your old, previously active jumpclone along with all its installed implants will be "stored" as soon as you jump into the new one. Now your newly created jumpclone is your active, implant-less one and if you die in the new one you will still have your old jumpclone available with all your implants you had installed in the old jumpclone.
You can only switch between jumpclones once per day though, so if someone pods you in your newly activated, implantless jumpclone shortly after you activated it, you would re-appear at the station where your medical clone is stored and you would have to wait nearly a day before you can jump back into your "backup" jump-clone that has the implants installed.


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