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Nicko Findlay
Posted - 2011.09.08 18:31:00 - [1]

As I was mindlessly shooting npc's I was pondering something. Why not have racial skills? You can train either an offensive skill or defensive, maybe both but then have you ship limit which on can be active at a given time, probably using a mid slot module. These can only be placed in a race ship of your race. Industrial ships can have an industrialists bonus.


Offensive: Optimal frequency: Through a quick prayer and epifany you "percieve" the best laser setting and get 1-5 barrages based on skill level of perfect laser hits on your current target, Cool down of thirty mins afterwards.

Defensive: Pinpoint Defense: You swith your computer targeting from enemies to incoming missles and for 30 - 2.5 mins your ships shoots down incoming missles, but cannot target enemies ships. Cool down of thirty mins.


Offensive: Warp Missles: Your ships warp drive activates and creates a small scale version of a warp gate launching your next 1-5 volleys of missles at the enemy at warp speed making hits near instant, negating velocity evasion.

Defensive: Reactive Armor. For the next 30 seconds to 2.5 mins based on skill level you are unable to target enemy ships but your ships missles are launched and stay in orbit arount your ship and act as a barrier to block incoming missles.


Offensive: Power surge: For 30 seconds 1-5 of your drones fire at twice their normal rate. Cool down of thirty mins afterwards.

Defensive: Drone huddle: For the next 30-2.5 mins you are unable to target enemies and your drones return to orbit and intercept incoming enemy missles absorbing the damage that would have been done to you. They leech the extra targeting power not being used to keep their shields at min.


Offensive: Trigger happy: Your next 1-5 barrages fire a double shot but are prone to the same penalties of every other shot. Cool down of thirty mins afterward.

Defensive: Scrapper: for the next 30 seconds to 2.5 mins you magnative your hull sucking in nearby space junk that when struck by incoming missles absorbs the damage and breaks away. You are unable to target enemies as your computer is constanly tracking junk and sucking it towards you.



Offensive: Reverse polarity: You reverse the polarity of your mining modules and eject ore at enemies in the area creating a magnetic anomly disrupting their targeting. 1-5 enemies jammed momentarily based on skill. 30 min coold down afterwards, Also loss of ore when fired. Higher qualitie ores jam longer then lower quality.

Defensive: Hide: For the next 30-2.5 mins your ship approaches an asteroid and uses it as cover against incoming missles. You are unable to mine during this time.


Offensive/Defensive: Jettison Cargo: Shoot out 1-5 pieces of predetermined non essential cargo that have the same iff module as you do they will then act as decoys and absorb 1-5 incoming groups of missles. Cargo is destroyed upon jettison.

Just an idea. It'll probably be shot down but help refine it it could be interesting.

Joe Risalo
Posted - 2011.09.08 18:53:00 - [2]

Very WoW'esk

Also kinda off topic from CCP's goals of trying to design a functional game that could very well be a possible future.

Your suggestions of little temporary buffs kinda falls out of the realistic approach and makes it very kiddish or WoWwy...

Plus I'd imagine it would be quite difficult to balance with current scenarios.

Sobaan Tali
Posted - 2011.09.09 01:56:00 - [3]

have you tried boosters yet? The nice thing is, they arn't racially dependant on your ship...e.i. you can use an exile pill on a tengu (not that that would be smart at all)


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