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Vlad Dracia
Posted - 2011.09.07 19:27:00 - [1]

Edited by: Vlad Dracia on 08/09/2011 23:55:31
Selling myself:

* All Races Frigs at level 5
* Caldari and Minnie Cruiser 5
* Caldari BS 5
* Awesome Tengu pilot with all sub-systems at level 5
* Can Fly Loki
* Decent Gunnery Skills, can fit t2 small and t2 medium projectile+Arty
* Great missile skills
* Can fly Caldari Carrier with decent support
* Can fly Hulk and fit t2 crystals
* Excellent Research

* Can fly Golem with Mauraders at level 4
* Can fly Logi 4, AS 4, HAC 3, Recon 4, Inty 4

* Able to fly Gallente Freighter 4, just needs skill book to be able to fly JF.

* Can run numerous Level 4s with different agents including Sisters of Eve, Corporate Police Force, Spacelane Patrol, Tribal liberation force. Also can run level 5s with a few different agents.

* Security status of 4.75, can travel all over empire space.
* Current clone has a full set of +5's
* 2 Jump Clones with no implants currently installed.
* Remap is Currently up

I receive ISK on this toon, auction ends on 14th of September at 10 PM PST. I will pay for transfer etc etc.
Minimum Bid: 8B
Buyout: Make an offer
Reserve Hidden
Happy Bidding!

Vlad Dracia
Posted - 2011.09.07 23:03:00 - [2]


Vlad Dracia
Posted - 2011.09.08 15:14:00 - [3]

Daily Bump!

Drakhar M'zan
Posted - 2011.09.08 15:58:00 - [4]


Posted - 2011.09.08 16:30:00 - [5]

9b b/o

Vlad Dracia
Posted - 2011.09.08 20:14:00 - [6]

Originally by: Smultronbar
9b b/o

Too low of a b/o I will accept it as a bid however.

Vlad Dracia
Posted - 2011.09.08 23:56:00 - [7]

Character has been sold, thanks for your bids!


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