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Rote Kapelle
Posted - 2011.09.07 18:48:00 - [1]

Mission Statement: For the first time in our 2+ years corporate history STIMULUS is opening recruitment in the EU TZ. Historically we've directed EU TZ applicants to our sister corps in Rote Kapelle and limited our recruitment to AU and US TZ's, but inevitably we've gained some skilled EU TZ capsuleers and they've appealed to their director overlords to bring fresh meat to the table, hence this recruitment drive. Note: We are still recruiting Aussie pilots as well at this time.

Who we are: visit your user settings to enable images.

STIMULUS is the founding corporation of the Rote Kapelle alliance, an alliance of small gang combat corporations dedicated to providing an environment where members can log in and partake in small gang PvP (6 to 20 pilots) around the clock. We seek pilots dedicated to excellence in small gang warfare, continuous tactical improvement, and violence.

What we do:

STIM specializes in small gang combat operations (6 to 20 pilot roams) primarily in null and low security space. We embrace a NBSI diplomatic philosophy and operate in regions most likely to guarantee regular conflict, for it is through violence that we tell the story of our cause. Presently we are based in Northern Syndicate with roams through the region and into Cloud Ring, Outer Ring, Pure Blind, Fountain, and Placid. We also utilize limited deployments (bicycle rides) to vacation destinations we believe will yield abundant target clusters.

We also hold our fellow members to a standard of excellence in combat, providing copious discourse on ship fitting strategies, tactical awareness, after action reports, and fee free poddings to any members attempting to mine under our banner.

We are an excellent home for would-be and veteran combatants. All of our operations and infrastructure are geared to keep our free captains in gang, in space, killing those that would claim space as their own.

We are also an RP-lite corp, but our prime directive is combat.

What we do not do:

We do not claim sovereignty of space as the very notion of ownership is anathema to our free post-human philosophy. As such, we do not partake in the menial tasks of the common imperialist, laboring within POSís or stripping jewels from asteroids.

We are not a viable home for industrial interests.

What STIMULUS Offers:

* Adrenaline pumping, lag-free small gang PvP

* Logistical Support to move member assets into and out of theater

* Experienced FCís and PvP training

* Post-Op critical review of tactics and fittings to ensure future success

* TS3 Server

* An active and well commented Killboard and Forums

* Leadership dedicated to a well decorated killboard

What STIMULUS Requires of Prospective Recruits:

* A willingness to focus exclusively on combat operations when gangs are active (no bearing while gangs are out)

* A desire to be the best in New Eden at small gang combat

* Full integraion with Rote Kapelle member gangs and on comms

* English speaking

* TS3 capability

Player Contacts:
Cerui Tarshiel - EU Recruitment Officer
BlackHelmetMan - AU Recruitment Officer
Verreuckter - US Recruitment Officer (Invite Only)
Cyphodias - Recruitment Officer
Leboe - Recruitment Officer

STIMULUS public channel = STIMULUS
** Joining Channel and Asking for a R/O is quickest way to get in touch, R/L wins sometimes, and our R/O may not log in for a week**

Rote Kapelle Killboard

Rote Kapelle
Posted - 2011.09.08 05:16:00 - [2]

New thread is up.

Meet us in out Public channel: STIMULUS
Feel free to mail me anytime, for interviews I am available within the EU TZ.
Also; awesome pew meat wanted.


Rote Kapelle
Posted - 2011.09.09 10:53:00 - [3]

To the top.
Recruitment is and will stay opened; AU / EU TZ expert combat pilots wanted.
Small to medium gang, high skilled engagements to be had.
Nanoships, aswell as highly tanked armor, fist-ships to be used.



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