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Posted - 2011.09.07 08:00:00 - [1]

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Genesis innovations is a EVE-Online Corporation that specializes in Mining ops, Research & manufacturing/invention.
We are a friendly corporation, with our eyes set on expansion.
We are an independent corporation and strive to make isk to move on to the bigger dreams.

Contact: XPS730
Channel: Core-Tech Public
Recruitment: Xps730, Ratical, neblam

Join our friendly and social group of members and make new friends for life. We are currently looking for New & seasoned players
as our line of work is skill-intensive. No offense is meant to lower-skilled players, everyone starts somewhere.

Our main focus is on
☼ Hi-sec fleet Ice and mining ops
☼ Manufacturing, invention, Research

We are looking for
☼ Miners, Industrialists and Researchers for our OPERATIONS division
☼ Fighters for missioning division
☼ Traders and Haulers for our OPERATIONS division

We have the fallowing
☼ Orca and freighter support

We realize that even players may be new industrial life and we are fully willing to train new members in the
art of flying the right ships and accessing the full potential to mining

We operate in Amarr

5,000,000 SP entry requirement and Limited API checks apply.
Also we require the use of Team speak 3 and can proficiently operate shield Tanks.
Lastly we highly value the ability to be flexible, self sufficient, self motivated, and willing to adapt and be active
within eve both as a player and as a corporation member.

(We live in Hi-sec Amarr space)

We are currently focusing on recruiting members with the following talents:

If you can fly a Retriever and up
If you have extreme levels of experience in either of the following
- Marketing Talents and High sec Trade
- Blueprint invention (any race)


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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